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Today you are 34. Another year closer to your goal of being a rich retiree. A silver fox. You are that to me already. Well, a salt and pepper fox. But still. Foxy.

I hope you like your money cake.


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    What? THIS GUY?

    This guy!!!!!!!!!!! 34, what an old man, what a sly silver salty fox indeed. What a cool money cake!

    I think of Mike whenever I see:
    - briefcase
    - man in suit
    - punk-looking army dude (rare!)
    - My New Filing Technique is Unstoppable
    - Arthur Gelb's memoir which I still haven't finished reading
    - the internet
    - the stock market
    - a classy republican (more rare!)
    - a cigar
    - whiskey
    - really any kind of fine liquor
    - my wedding photos
    - stuff
    - other stuff

    What a great human to know in your life. He makes life so much fun for everyone around him. He married me to my beautiful life partner! Dude has played a pretty major role in my life all things considered, to say nothing of Jamz Foods Productions. I am honored to call him friend and broker--he got me a great deal buying euros from Jona. We skinned that dude alive.
  • Happy Birthday KMMMMM!

    For your birthday, I bought you a majority share in Dr. Glugel's Powdered Butter Co. Now, it's your chance to show us what powdered butter can mean in our lives.

    Did you know that KMMMMM is a Taurus sun AND Taurus moon? That means his inner and outer lives are in total agreement. And, as the sensible, honorable Taurus.
  • Aw man, Mike is the best at what he does because he invented this kind of human being and there don't seem to be any competitors in his sector. I rely upon this man for so much; he's like a Cool Project soldier of fortune but all you have to do is meet him for coffee. Never has one man been down for so much for so many and made it all happen.

    Mike, I'm sending you 5 bitcoins for your birthday, dude. Let's figure out how that eff that even works.
  • Mike Merrill is.............

  • Ha! I love a Good One, Michael Merrill is...

  • edited May 2011
    A month or so ago I was at a hardware store in southeast Portland. I was searching for drywall anchors that could hold up the weight of the liquor shelf at the MKSM office. I had been in the store a few years ago when I lived in the Clinton Street house we called Rip City, but I was not that familair with the layout.

    When I walked in, I noticed that they had made several changes in their counter layout and floor plan. They had reorganized in order tooperate with fewer staff. They seemed just as busy as I remembered. I also noticed off to the left of where I walked in something that hadn't been there before – a red and yellow popcorn machine. A serious looking contractor wearing his toolbelt was at the counter waiting for his parts was enjoying a bag of popcorn.

    After I asked about the anchors someone went to find them for me I went over and got myself a bag and filled it with popcorn. When the counterperson came back, I jokingly said, "You know, with this popcorn, I wish the service was a little slower." We both laughed in that way where it's forced but not awkward.

    As I walked outside, another guy was getting out of his truck. He looked over at me and said, "Is there any popcorn left?" "A little," I said. Hmmmm, I thought, maybe there's something going on here. This guy has his choice of hardware stores. He clearly had the popcorn in mind when he made his choice.

    The real question this incident raises is this - What extra mile things are you doing to entice people to choose you? What are you doing to help people enjoy the wait? There are invariably waits in all projects. What are you doing to make people look forward to coming back? It reminds me of the outline I have for the second chapter in my upcoming eBook, Make Twice as Much and Be Three Times Happier, which is titled "The E is for Extra Mile."

    In the first chapter, "Your Life Matters Only As Much As You Say It Does," I make the case for reliability. All relationships are based on trust and reliability. The primary way we build trust is by demonstrating our reliability. We erode trust by breaking our agreements and failing to deliver as promised. "The E is for Extra Mile" is about proving ourselves by being reliable in our increasingly competitive marketplace, you must find ways to go the extra mile. The "extra mile" are those value-added things you do beyond what has been contractually agreed to, beyond your "normal" offerings, that people see as "free." You may never have thought of giving away free popcorn as going the extra mile, and yet it is. It's not in the contract, it's not in the agreement, and certainly there's no requirement for free popcorn. As you find ways, little ways, to help people make you their first choice, you will win again and again.

    I bring this up today because I am turning 34 and the work that has led me to this point will soon be codified in "Make Twice as Much and Be Three Times Happier" and this community is a large part of how I've been able to create this plan in straightforward, plain language and colorful anecdotes. I learned how to treat people so they will keep coming back as satisfied customers by learning from all of you and I'm in your debt (not literally, but I may give some of you free copies of the eBook).
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    This guy is one of my all time favorites. There are honestly times when I randomly think to myself, "Hey, glad I met that Mike! He makes my life better." Also, he covered my ass when it seemed VERY LIKELY that Google would sue me. Can't wait to read the ebook.
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  • oh Mike. Make Twice As Much And Be Three Times Happier.
    I love you so much!
    Three times as much
    And I am five times happier
  • you seem like a DICKIW (dude i could kick it with)
    i like your thinking
    happy belated
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    EUROS! True baller.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FELLOW TAURUS! (I don't even know what that means but it means we are close somehow in personalities if you believe in that sort of thing)

    Mike, you are a jewel in our crown.
    We are so lucky to know you and for you to help us make our shit happen!

    I did some image searching for just the right thing, and better than any be-suited gentleman is this result from the word "dapper":

  • Sorry to be a day late, but happy birthday Mike! I am proud to be your friend and a member of the fine UH community you helped create!
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