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Moving Cross Country

edited May 2011
Yo dogs

what is the best way, in your opinion, to move across the country? This shit is morbid expensive. U-Haul is $1500, pod is $2,000. WTF mon.

We don't have much furniture--a couple of chairs and a bookshelf, really, which we'd be willing to get rid of anyway. What we have tons of is books and kitchen stuff.

Shipping seems like the best bet. When I moved to Iowa I USPS'd everything and it was a huge pain the ass and they lost some of my boxes but still it ended up only being like $400.

What do you guys think? Is there a secret I don't know about? In terms of shipping, which vibe do you prefer? I have read mixed things about USPS, UPS, and FedEx and now don't know who to trust!!!

Or, lets say a person did want to keep their meager there a way I am totally overlooking for getting it across our lands? Probably not, right? But anyway, all info is appreciated. I like to "brainstorm."


  • Sometimes people share a truck.
  • edited May 2011
    Well you have some choices.
    Can you pack everything so a gorilla can toss it across the room? Here's who you can call:
    Oak harbor freight
    Yellow freight
    They _will not_ cover damages,even if you insure. they always say they do but experience proves otherwise. but make sure you buy the insurance so your stuff gets there in one piece *wink nudge* shipping depends on size weight distance and insurance value, call for a quote, play them off eachother. I would not recommend this route.

    Plycon van lines is a blanket wrap service. They will pick up your stuff and wrap it in a blanket, deliver to your house or receiving warehouse(you can save $50-100 using a business dock). Shipping depends on size distance and insurance value. Minimum charge is $400 IIRC. These guys move $1000000 cars and deliver fine furniture with no scratches. I would recommend this route.

    Fedex freight and ups both have good services. it helps to have everything on a skid(pallat, etc). Both are pretty competitive and comparable prices. Make sure you pack well because they are not necessarily gentle movers.

    There are hundreds of independent drivers out there dying to get your business, open any phone book and you'll find them. I know one guy you could try but it depends what his schedule looks like. He has 5 of 5 stars for successful completion of jobs, 3 of 5 stars for professionalism. PM me if you want this route, there's more to it.

    Obviously if you can do the packing it will save you a lot of money. Here's what you should think about getting:
    Packing tape
    Packing blankets
    Cardboard corners
    Double thick boxes
    Wood pallat
    Some kind of strapping

    Wherever you are there will be a packaging supply company and buyingthrough them will be much less expensive than home depot, etc.

    I work in furniture manufacturing. Part of my job is to know everything about shipping big heavy delicate things thousands of miles away.

    Do you have a car? Would you consider getting a hitch installed? Buying a trailer? Check the prices of trailers where you are and resale at your destination. Might be fun.

    Also, sentimental attachment can be tough. Is it grandmas china hutch or your first Ikea bed? Furniture, like cars, like cellphones, are replaceable. Only keep the good stuff.
  • If we had a car this would be moot. We have moved with a hitch before, it was mellow.

    this is GREAT info, thank you so much. I will discuss with my old ball and chain.

    We are all about packing ourselves, driving ourselves, whatever. Our only concern is cost effectiveness. We don't even care about shit getting broken. We're selling all our furniture except two desk chairs.

    You gave me so many options, some I had never even heard of!

    THANK YOU! Crowd sourcing works!
  • One idea we had was to see if renting a suv and cramming everything in there was better than an actual moving truck.
  • Look at Amtrak. They do freight for super cheap- that's how our own Astral Hellion moved out here if I recall.

    I think the cost of renting a car (SUV) in one state and returning it in another is prohibitive but maybe not? Maybe still cheaper than uhaul?

    Good luck you guyz!
  • Maybe you should just buy a KINDLE

    ; - )
  • Maybe you should just buy a BURRO.

  • current plan is to sell everything, ship our books, and cram everything into an SUV. This is still expensive, but we are going to be driving, somehow, no matter what (due to dog), and in terms of driving this is the cheapest idea yet.


    Life is easier when you own a car!!!!! TOUGH SHIT
  • Steal a car.
  • 1. pack up apartment
    2. charter boat
    3. take the panama canal
    4. ???
    5. profit
  • 6. land grab
  • why rent a SUV instead of a minivan? with gas prices at what they are, this makes sense.
  • well I checked the "SUV or Minivan" option when I rented it online...I guess I call to specify which?

    Minivan is better gas price?
  • better gas mileage. maybe. and as a proud minivan owner, i think you'll be able to stuff more in a minivan than a SUV. but i suppose that really comes down to make and model.
  • We moved from NYC to Portland via this minivan method.
  • I am moving via Amtrak from Seattle to DC. it is gonna be like 1/6th the cost of a uhaul!

    I am stoked! You can take 400 lbs of stuff for free per person! After that you can ship up to 500 pounds through their express shipping thingy. No furniture, and you're not supposed to ship electronics or valuables. Maybe since you have the snoopy, you can just send yr books and stuff via amtrak express shipping and keep the computers and tech nerd stuff with you?
  • but last time I researched this, Amtrak said you could only bring two suitcases!
    This seems very cool. Do you have a link? Because seriously, 3 years ago when I researched Amtrak was like "ABSOLUTELY NO SHIPPING EVER"
  • You could hijack a freight train.
  • it does depend on what your local stop is, whether they have luggage service etc.
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