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Crowd Sourcing: Groin Pull

edited May 2011
Lets talk ideas for how to continue getting some sort of cardio exercise when you have a pulled groin muscle and you're not supposed to use your legs for ANYTHING BUT MINOR WALKING for many weeks apparently!

Can't stretch it, so most yoga is out
can't run
can't swim
can't bike
can't jump

??? cardio????/? WHEREFORE ART THOU? Can do pushups or whatever, but how to get the heart really a-thumpin'?

any brilliant ideas?


  • What about water aerobics?






  • hot pix
    but no
    way too much pulling of the problem area!!!!!!!!
    I just did 80 situps and called it a day
  • pull ups?
    push ups?
    "work your delts"
  • If you have access to a gym, could you go on the elliptical and just use your arms? Or would that be too much stretching of the legs?

    Couldn't you swim and just not use your legs? Put them on top of a kickboard or something? That would get your heart pumping FAST.
  • whoa, that last one is a strong call.
    I could try that.
    It is crazy though, once you have something like this, you realize how much you use that one muscle. I'm always re-pulling it, just putting on shoes or shifting positions in my sleep. Gnarly! Sick of it
  • remember when the simpsons kids were like "im gonna swing my arms like this and if you get in the way, it's your own fault!"

    do that, tell your friends and neighbors to watch out
  • you could take a drumming class
  • "ok pie, I'm just gonna go like this...and if you get eaten, it's your own fault!"
  • do a bicycle machine with your arms
  • I've been doing 10 minute iron-pumping workouts. My butt and thighs may sag but my delts and biceps will be RIPPED
  • is that john mccain doing water aerobics?
  • Throw footballs.
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