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So this happened

edited May 2011

Suggestions? Replacing the screen costs $99. I don't really want to shell out so many clams right now. It's still functional, but the screen is slowly chipping off, so I don't think it will last long.

Any one have an old iPhone to sell me?


  • My screen is also cracked, though not quite as severely.

    I think I was told $199 to replace it. But it still works, so I'm just going to wait for the next version to be released and upgrade.

    If it works OK, you can put a piece of clear packing tape over it. That will hold the chips in place until you find a replacement.
  • edited May 2011
    you could try this
    but it sounds like it might just screw it up all the way.
    see comments.
  • Someone told me there's a guy in town who fixes them for less... but I can't remember who told me that..
  • i think the real problem is how you broke the phone.
    just because they ran out of pralines and cream ice cream doesnt mean you can try to google so hard to find the corporate manager's phone number you break the phone.
    not cool. not cool at all.
  • I threw it off the balcony at the boathouse!

  • yea, im not a sailor just a guy on a yacht
    sorry, i cant hear you, i've been swimming in my money bin and my ears are full of gold dust
  • "the boathouse"
    not house boat.
    big difference
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    look at lil jimmy all balancing stacks on his head
  • This just happened to another iphone. Such a bummer. Did you figure out a solution?
  • Well, people sell DIY "replacement kits" online for $8, and I'm thinking of trying one out. But the chances of me actually succeeding in doing this myself are pretty slim.
  • We went to the Apple Store today and they just did it for free because the phone was only two months old.
  • Lucky you! I was not so fortunate when I visited the mac store. :(
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