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What % of your Gmail storage are you using?

edited May 2011
If you use Gmail, look down at the bottom of your Gmail window and see what it says for "You are currently using X MB (Y %) of your Z MB" and post it here. I'm curious how much of the free storage from Gmail the average Honker uses...

Mine: You are currently using 3802 MB (50 %) of your 7587 MB.

My oldest email in my Gmail account is from May of 2006.


  • You are currently using 3098 MB (40 %) of your 7587 MB.

    My oldest is June of 2005.

    I try to delete the junk.
  • I'm at 15%, oldest message is from August 2004.
  • 16% - but my email address is part of a larger hosted account that has 5 other addresses on it. not sure if the 16% is for that specific address or for the whole account.
  • edited May 2011
    You are currently using 4414 MB (58 %) of your 7580 MB.

    (I also have another gmail I use for signing up for junk, plus my work email, plus a secret one I use for projects where I can't risk being identified.)

    Oldest email is number 135130 from April of 2008, which seems weirdly recent. I think I have older archives somewhere?
  • You are currently using 4274 MB (56 %) of your 7587 MB

    oldest email: 09/10/04
  • 46%
  • Is anyone going to buy a G**gle ChromeBook??
    I can't wait!! I haven't been so excited about a computer in ages.
  • andy and I are getting some electronics device to test for market research. we don't know what it's going to be yet.
  • "You are currently using 6099 MB (80 %) of your 7588 MB."

    Guess I send a lot of attachments.
  • I got one more meg than WHITEHURST.
  • Main Gmail: 2020 MB (26%)
    DoS account through Gmail: 657 MB (8%)
  • 566 MB (20 %) of your 7588 MB
    oldest: 6/10/04
  • You guys. You got me going on a "reading my oldest emails" jag. This is hilarious and embarrassing!!!
  • The old spammish email: 40% 11/22/06
    The sleek new(er), more choosy, model: 35% 9/4/08
  • 1%
    i get rid of everything
  • I'm using 85%!! Crap!

    I don't even know how to get rid of it. Do you just delete your whole trash?

    I do like being able to search for insanely old emails though

    What to do what to do

    Oldest email is from Aug. 31, 2004

    It is to Gary

    It says "I totally have gmail. This is your girlfriend."

  • Since Gmail can't sort by size, the best way I've found to look for large files to delete is create a custom search using has:attachment or filename, combined with a date filter, something like:

    has:attachment before:2009/01/01


    filename:(mov OR avi OR ppt OR ai OR mp3) before:2009/01/01
  • good call!
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