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Who are you?

edited May 2011
Folks, I don't know what happened. Maybe it was the twin peaks thread, or the Vanilla transition, or the fact that the Columbia is about to flood, but at some point I stopped being able to tell who most of you are. It's made UHX a lot less fun. I mean, the occasional switch is cool - but only when I can eventually figure out at least the people I know IRL.

What do you think, could the June theme be "my real name or at least some very obvious clue to my identity that even freddy can figure out"?


  • How about my user icon... does it work to this effect?
  • edited May 2011
    I have changed my name and pic accordingly


    (if this still doesn't help, it's me, ribsy)
  • my name's michael
    nobody really knows me because all i do is troll message boards
    i do, however, have an amazing talent of meeting someone and then remembering exactly what we talked about the last time we saw each other. so if you meet me IRL maybe we could start something.
  • This is Josh.
  • (sorry)
  • As Calvin would say, FUNnnny.
  • This is Shayla
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    I am Gary Lacrosse. A lot of people on Here know me as "Just Gary" or "Gary." I have a weekly TV (Radio) show called "Conversations by Gary Lacrosse," where I interview Special Guests and discuss Special Topics with my co-hosts, Richard and Andrew. These questions come straight from my Personal Journal.

    I have never lived in Portland, but I thought, "Why Not?" and I moved There. Then I thought, "Why Not Move Again?" Then I thought, "Why Not Keep Movin'?" Since then I am Coming Back to Portland. (IIIIIIII'm Comin' Back! - ha ha, (Punk))

    Who are you? Who is "Ed Chigliak"? Where's Calvin?


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  • I'm Willow. I'm not even truly a Nuggets fan.
  • I am meg, the one who rarely flosses despite new years resolutions to do so daily.
  • I am Josh. I don't floss. I don't even resolve to floss. If god meant me to floss he would have come to me in a vision
  • My sister is a dentist. She disapproves of my oral hygiene habits.

    I mean, I floss sometimes. Whatever.
  • I'm Charlie Whitehurst.
  • I am Alex. One of my goals this year was to floss more. I now floss about 3 times a week, which is 3 times a week more than I used to, but could stand to improve this, obviously.
  • Thanks everybody. Learning about your flossing habits has been the key to figuring out who is who. For the record, I was really good about flossing every night for a couple of years, but now that I have a baby whose diapers I have to change, it's hard to feel like I've washed my hands enough to want to put them in my mouth. Consequently, my flossing habits have declined. I'll just take money for future dentures out of my son's college fund.
  • GROSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I feel bad that I pick up dogshit in a bag 2 times a day and often don't wash my hands at all.
  • edited May 2011
    My first name is Rich, last name starts with a J. I am not a Dr. This is not a picture of me. My flossing habits could definitely stand to be improved.
  • where is judah? and why is the second string quarterback of the seahawks on this list (dalas)???
  • I'm Sarah. I'm usually some owl or owls, to keep meself semi-recognizable.
    I got that owl blog.
  • I am a lady who lives in Anacortes.
    But I really like being called Joey.
    So I won't tell you my real name.
    (easy to find out anyway)
  • edited May 2011
    I NAMED YOU THAT, didn't I??? Now I can't remember for sure. I love giving nicknames that stick though.
    Like my nickname for Steve, "Dingleberry Dan," which everyone calls him now.

    Your husband is called Bill, sometimes you are called Jenny too
    Joey is better though
    like a wee kangaroo in a pouch

  • edited May 2011
    You named me that, it's true.
    I like new names for people.
    I like calling Steve "Seth Rogen".
    I like calling Zombie "Tina Fey".
    I like calling Mike "Orlando Bloom".
    I like calling Alex "Flint".
    I like calling Claire "Julian Assange".
    I like calling Rich Jensen "Rick Jensen".
  • Those are all fantastic nicknames.

    Also you can call Steve "Stove".
  • We called Gus "Gruss" but he didn't like it

    WHY NOT?


    I have also recently learned that claire dislikes being called "Clam," which I have been calling her for YEARS.

    People deserve to be called nicknames they like.
    I pledge to be more respectful in the future.

  • I like to call Jona "Jenny"
  • In college I was called "mega P.G." The P.G. stood for "poop girl." I would rather not go into the circumstances that lead to this being my college nickname, but I DID NOT POOP MY PANTS. That's for sure.
  • edited May 2011
    Clam prefers to be called "Scrappy."

    And if you think I'm not dea* serious, "You got another thing coming."
  • Flossy, sounds like you should have joined Dump Club with Rimsy and Katy D!
  • i am also an Anacourtesan and i "know" very few of you.
    sometimes people call me 'Sinner Kin'.
  • I enjoy when Zomb. Ap. calls me Sally!
    I think anyone in their right mind would LOVE to be called Scrappy.

    Many permutations on Mellows, Smellows, etc. are tolerated and enjoyed.

    One time I had a restaurant job where I was dubbed "Porkchop" by the chefs... no context, no idea why, it just stuck. I don't really mind being called Porkchop, but I also have no affinity for porkchops so it would make more sense, in terms of what I actually like, to call me Marshmallows or Pizza or Pancakes.
  • I think any name that sounds tough and cute at the same time is easy to like. "Scrappy" is awesome that way. To me "Joey" sounds tough, but maybe I am mistaken.
  • I like Scrappy and Joey so much. I also love Sally but now I am thinking "Porkchop" is the way to go. YOU JUST LOOK LIKE A LI'L PORKCHOP!!! I also call you "Smello" in my phone.

    I mostly call Jona "Bones." For a long time he was called "JC Stixx" by a surprisingly large number of people.

    Adam has many nicknames but I mostly call him "Alan" or "Aldar." In my phone however he is "Reggae Moth," which shows how old my phone sim card is.

    My brother calls me "Garbage Face."

    I call Jae "Jimmy" which I think she likes and I also like.

    All are welcome to join Dump Club, by the way. It's easy. First rule of dump club is we don't talk about dump club. etc. Third rule of dump club is you gotta take a dump
  • I'm here!

  • edited June 2011
    WHAT'S A "JUDAH????""

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