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lawn mower

edited June 2011
I think long ago there was a conversation here about lawn mowers...? Now I can't remember any of that info.
We are moving into a place where we have to mow the lawn.
We don't want a gas lawn mower.
Advice? Do push mowers really work? Seems like they surely don't, but maybe?
Anyone out there mow their own lawn and have non-shitty-gas options to tell me about?

I hate the noise of a lawn mower as well as the gas. WHAT TO DO? Besides rent a herd of goats, which actually is a great idea, I need to look into that


  • The North Portland Tool Library has an electric one you can borrow. But then you have to have a car to transport it, which sounds like a pain in the butt. Surely you could just ask around and borrow a neighbor's?

    We have a push mower. Seems to work fine for our very limited lawn mowing needs.
  • It would be super hilarious if you borrowed our push mower by bus.
  • ha ha!
    this is cool about the tool library, i love it!
    maybe will make friends with neighbors and borrow......that's a good idea too.
    there are free ones on craigslist, so i guess it's worth it to get one and see if it will work--an old timey push mower I mean.
    If we get the blades sharpened.
  • Chickens.
  • I had a very large yard in Anacortes that I mowed with a (rusty) push mower. It worked. Took forever. But cut the grass really short so I didn't have to mow as much.
  • Push ones suck, especially if the grass is at all wet, and you also have to rake up all of the grass! Boo! So hard! Takes so long!

    Electric ones work better, but then you have to deal with the cord, and you are still using up valuable electric energy, which has to be generated somewhere, AMIRIGHT?

    My solution: live in an apartment where I don't have to deal with that shee (although in all honesty I really miss having a yard and growing things).
  • We have a neighborhood guy that cuts the grass. It's cool. I hate that chore.
  • Once I had to clean up my wild, blackberry-ridden yard at the end of summer with nothing but a machete and a broken edge trimmer (having about 3 inches of plastic string for a blade), a shovel, and a rake. I somehow hacked the grasses down with the dull machete and the 3-inch whirling string. I cut the blackberry vines by stabbing them with the shovel until they broke apart. I used a rake to just smash the ground until the grasses fell out of it.?
  • Really prepping for the future, huh?

    That reminds me!
    I'm gonna be making some blended cocktails in October but not sure that my plug-in electric blender makes sense in the 2nd decade of the 3rd millennium? You know? We've come a long way, baby!

    I'm wondering if anywhere here has any leads on me borrowing one of these:

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i would ride that thing to heaven and back
  • You can just hire this lady. She has a pedal-powered smoothie business, of course.
  • I used to use a push mower, but it was really hard to use if the grass had grown even a little too tall, plus it gave my lawn such a choppy haircut. Now I use a corded electric mower.
  • i use a push.

    while it doesn't give you the tidy lawn motorized lawn mowers give you it does the job as long as you mow it regularly.
  • wow... so you just push the thing, and it cuts the grass, with no motor, no combustion, nothing?
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