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Scanners who scan negatives

edited June 2011
I once had a scanner that scanned negatives. I also once had a job where I could do this. No longer though.

I have a few (3) rolls of film I want to scan. Does anyone have a scanner they'd like to share?

(Preferably in Portland before 6/10)


  • If it helps. One of them was an underwater camera which I took to Kaui.
  • If you don't find someone with a neg scanner (and your film is still uncut), Quick Stop Photo aka Picture Preview on Hawthorne will scan it to a disc for 5 or 6 bones per roll? They might also do it with cut rolls, I'm not sure. But I take all my processed bxw film there for scanning.
  • I scan medium format negatives.
    My scanner can supposedly do 35mm but it always looks like garbage to me.
    You could probably take them to Fred Meyer also, they have a good machine that does it!
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