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so word is they sold to corporate entities...

has there been any confirmation of this?


  • Don't think they were actually sold, just took some new investment from some rich dudes, but doesn't seem like a change in management.

    Things have been oddly quiet since last Tuesday/Wednesday though.
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  • I heard they were bought by Pepsi.
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  • image
    "I didn't sell out son. I bought in. Keep that in mind."
  • word on the street is they were bought by Arby's.
  • well it's not exactly like your friend's band. there are other coffees that 90% of the company is not owned by Folgers or whoever. your friend's band i assume fills a specific void that other bands don't. while there are other good coffees.
  • All good coffees taste different, memyselfi.

    No two coffees are exactly alike.
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  • of course they all taste different just like stumptown has several different flavors. other local boutique coffees that aren't as establish can do the job.
  • Hmmmm.

    But if every coffee tastes different, then they all fill a specific void (like you were saying about bands). Also, each coffee shop/company has a distinct interior design, brand, logo making each coffee experience somewhat unique. Some people are more passionate about coffee than they are about music, so I think the coffee/band analogy can work pretty well.

  • I guess. I definitely don't have that kind of a relationship with my coffee as I do with bands. I don't drink Henry Weinhards anymore. I still like Guided By Voices.

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  • Yes, I was working at Coffee People when Jim (from the coffee cup) resigned from the board of directors!
    We got a fax to our shop from Jim himself explaining, in letter form, that he was stepping down as director because had found God and was going to pursue church/spreading the gospel instead of running a coffee chain. We all thought it was prank, but it weren't!

    Later they sold the whole thing off.

    I made so many of those mocha shakes (Black Tiger anyone?) and got shake all over myself, it's hard to enjoy this beverage even 10+ years later.
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    totally remember the selling out of coffee people!
    Coffee people was where I first learned to drink coffee. Began with the VELVET HAMMER (is that what it was called? Mocha thing?) and graduated to SOY LATTE.

    The soy latte is the gateway to regular coffee!
    The mocha is the gateway to the soy latte.
    The velvet hammer was a very good mocha.

    That's very wild/amazing/hilarious about the guy getting Jesus. What do you think he's doing now? Is he a millionaire? Does he still have Jesus????
  • Tough to say if he still has Jesus but they do now run a single coffee shop on 48th & Fremont with a bad but cute website.
  • That's it, I'm switching to Dew!
  • Maté, y'all. It tastes like sweet grass and the rush is there, but mellow.


    I do a cup every mornin'.
  • "Jim and Patty may be a couple of the oldest baristas in town but they are ably assisted by attractive young people who know what they're doing." GOOD ONE!
  • "Order a "Jesus Latte" and 100% of your purchase will go to Sonrise Christian School in Ghana."
  • I heard that Church of Scientology bought Stumptown!!??
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  • Sometimes I do the yerba mate instead of coffee because I think if you have to drink one or the other later in the day, coffee makes it harder to sleep. Definitely a different feeling. The one bag of yerba mate I bought years ago is still quite full, though.

    andy found a 2 cup moka pot at Value Village for $5, which has made our lives so much better. Previously we only had a 1 cup, which led to arguments about who got to use it and the annoyance of having to do the whole process twice if you both wanted moka pot coffee.

    I still want a weird laboratory looking vacuum pot thing!


    20oz of espresso is intense.
  • WOW! (cold drip)

  • I still have my Coffee People travel mugs, and recently found some punch cards in my car!!! Coffee People was such a huge part of my perceptions of Portland before I moved here (I visited a bunch in the mid-late 90s, and the notion of drive thru cappuccinos BLEW MY MIND, in the midwest you often had to drive upwards of a half hour to get a latte, in those pre-Starbucks everywhere days), and I am glad I can still go to the airport and get my Velvet Hammer shake.

    Thank goodness for decade-long airport leases!
    (I assume this is why 2 CPs remain at pdx)


    everyone is losing their minds on the internets as if fugazi just signed to interscope.
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  • so... now what

    what has meaning ????
  • weed cafes
  • Did you guys ever go to Anna Banana's, speaking of old-school Portland coffee joints?

    I would play scrabble and smoke cigs in the basement of the NW Portland Anna Banana's all the time in high school. Drink a chai tea with a shot of espresso in it, still a very good drink in my opinion.

    Oh man, or COFFEE TIME? Hang out at 2AM in a booth, surrounded by hanging beaded curtains, shooting the breeze with hippies and kids from middle school? These establishments essentially trained me in the lost art of Portland Funky.
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  • Anna Banana's is my daily. They employ multiple older bearded men in their mid 40s, each with their own easily recognized command over a crusty discman plugged into the overheads. Gnarly acrylic "dream paintings" cycle out on the walls every month. And they STILL have so many "FU George Bush" stickers and newspapers clippings up everywhere. I feel like if a couple of Japanese teenagers got off a bus and handed me a piece of paper that read, "show me the Portland 90s," I'd consider taking them there first.
  • Let's talk about real Oregon coffee.


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    If this means that Stumptown will be available in the recently *$-popularized Instant form... who can lose?
  • THE PIED COW. RIMSKY'S. These are the places that teenagers from Gladstone, Oregon went on the weekend in 1995. At least, I did. LOVED ME some Pied Cow. It's still there! Went to Rimsky's for some weird reason a few months back. Really sucked.
  • A more detailed rundown of the Stumptown investment deal came out today in WWeek, should anybody care:
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  • I kinda think Oregonians are all gonna start receiving dividend checks annually because of this wonderful windfall of our black gold slinging brethren like the Alaskans get for oil.
  • So many hours of my teendom were smoked away at Anna Bananas and Coffee Time.
    I'm pretty sure my first latte was at Coffee Time.
  • Anna Bananas all the time, circa 1994-96!
    Rimsky's at night, Dots later at night (when it was still all ages), Denny's by Lloyd Center in the middle of the night.

    Smoked a lot at the An. Banan. ! Read my books of beat poetry there, drew in the shared sketchbooks, drank berry mochas (barf) and generally hung out when I was supposed to be in school. Mocha truant.
  • I had BREWED AWAKENINGS aka "Brewed"/"br00d" and Denny's.
    I thought sugar and cream was for moms... my drink was "Iced Coffee."
    Our patronage inspired the local Denny's to decree a time limit on how long you could hold a table and drink coffee (no food).

    Then I forgot about coffee until 3 years ago when I ordered an iced tea from Ms. Mellows and she served me an iced coffee. What happened when I was a teen is that one night I took one too many No Doz. For many years after this event the slightest influx of caffeine would send my body into a near-allergic protest. As an adult I suffered greatly on a 4-hour drive from LA, where a dear host had served us a single cup of coffee. Well Ms. Mellows was newly installed at her post. When I understood that I had before me not tea but coffee, I didn't have the heart to return the foul brew. So I took a chance... and it didn't hurt me. So I have this mistake to thank for my current knowledge of the fact that coffee is the bomb.

    I think I never told you this story!
  • I never knew!

    If I had killed you I would be SO SAD, just fyi. You shouldn'a drank it!
  • A note from Duane:

    (He probably should've had this ready to release whenever news broke of the investment/acquisition/whatever, you know?)
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