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Television Programs You Shouldn't (also some you Should) Watch

edited October 2010

Remember how we were talking over on the old UHX about TV! That was a great thread.

"Chuck" had just brought up how good she thinks Community is and I AGREE! The Season 2 premiere was INCREDIBLE! So smart! So meta!

.tom just made a cool list why people don't watch his favorite show The Venture Bros. which he understands but wishes more people watched the show. Maybe more people do watch it and he just doesn't know?

I'm so excited that Eastbound & Down is back!
Are people watching Boardwalk Empire?
What do people think of the new Will Arnett show from the makers of Arrested D.? I liked the first episode and think it has a lot of promise.

Louie just ended season 1 and every episode would leave me feeling so grateful and shocked that this show was on TV. So sad and SO FUNNY at the same time.


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    If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch you should get the Miso app. Then we can all track our TV shows together.
  • Venture Bros. is currently my favorite show on television and rivals The Simpsons in my all-time list.

    Loved Louie.

    Here's what's on my currently watching list (keeping it positive):
    Adventure Time
    An Idiot Abroad
    Children's Hospital
    Regular Show
    Sym-Bionic Titan
    Ugly Americans
    Venture Bros.
  • I have also been loving Adventure Time! It's my nephews (8 years old and 12 years old) favorite show. It's pretty funny and great looking!

    Yes and yes to Children's Hospital and Delocated as well! I am behind on both, though. Just downloaded the first ep of An Idiot Abroad (its Karl Pilkington from The Ricky Gervais Podcast).

    I love The League on FX (its a comedy about fantasy football but not really about fantasy football with Paul Scheer and Nick Kroll and Jon Lajoie and Mark Duplass (of mumblecore movies).

    I never finished Bored to Death season 1, but I think I'm going to and season 2 is just starting.

    Modern Family makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

    Sons of Anarchy makes me want to wear leathers and sell guns.

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    I love the insignia so much on Sons of Anarchy.


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    also I just watched my first episode of Regular Show and it made me laugh and it was about coffee. A few years ago I was pretty averse to cartoon shows but now I was so many (The Life and Times of Time, Archer, Adventure Time, etc.)

    Adventure Time

    The Life & Times of Tim
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    @pete: awww...thanks for referencing some of my posts! Sometimes I feel like a bit of a ghost.

    @diane: Awesome!
    Let's see what happens when I try to share a favorite Venture Bros. moment on this new fangled board
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    Whoa! Cool video embed.

    I don't think you are a ghost, because I don't feel very haunted.

    Here's Running to Wilde episode 1. It's the show from the Arrested D dudes starring Will Arnett and the totally awesome Peter Serafinowicz.

  • Venture Bros is another one I want to watch on DVD.
  • I watched Running Wilde and had a few laughs. It's kind of corny, but I guess it's my cup of tea, and I'll add it to my office/30 rock internet comedy hour!

    I also just started watching PEEP SHOW. This is great.

    Louie is also good! are they doing a 2nd season?
    Also, I started watching Terriers (on Hulu), and I think it has potential!
    sweet embed action!
  • Yes, you are actually insane if you do not watch Peep Show. It is one of, if not the most perfect show ever. AND IT'S AVAILABLE ON HULU SO YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE.

    I couldn't be more confident in a recommendation.

    Louie will have a 2nd season, yes. The first season was great. Acting was weak sometimes, but the risks he took were incredibly bold and made for totally original television.
  • I've been meaning to try out Community. Peep Show? I've never heard of this!

    This is what I watch/download:
    Breaking Bad
    Mad Men
    Eastbound and Down
    30 Rock
    Aqua Teen Hunger Force
    Squidbillies (maybe my favorite cartoon!)

    RIP The Wire and Xavier: Renegade Angel, which latter is maybe the most brilliant and twisted show ever ever.
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    And It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia might get added to my list!
    (how do i make it do?)

    (ed. just needed an img src= tag)
  • Venture Bros.... more like Challenge Bros.
  • Venture Smothered
  • I am sick in bed and have watched the following items:
    Peep Show
    Top Chef Just Desserts
    Law & Order Los Angeles (I know, but the front page of Hulu is tempting when your brain's glazed)
    Australia's Next Top Model
    House Hunters International (boring but informative)

    So bored!
    Too sick to really seek out more good shows like Boardwalk Empire.

    Don't recommend L&A L.A.
  • Oh, and Project Runway!
    A great episode in a dull season! Mondo was already my fave, with his little tap-dancing outfits and love of loud colors.
    It's nice to see some drama that isn't manufactured by the producers or a whiny contestant... just human stuff that's real, and really brave.
    MONDO <3
  • Oh my god, you don't know how stoked I am that you provided that Sunny In Philadelphia gif. I was googling around yesterday trying to find exactly that kind of image. I laughed so hard I cried when that part happened.
  • About Project Runway:
    I feel you "the_owls". Mondo was also my favorite. Definitely a strong character with his own bright and smart personality. I got a little carried away watching him and even though it's just TV I respect that he made his announcement to the judges and everyone once it had been established that he had done the best pieces. He is a bad-ass dude.
  • OK Boardwalk Empire's getting added too, looks like.

    Treme, anyone? So authentic! So unsatisfying!
  • This thread is definitely now the 'Television Programs You Should (also some you Shouldn't) Watch' thread. Hooray for keeping it positive, kids.

    Got me thinking about my all-time favorite television *moment*. This one's tricky.
    I think it's this:

    Y tu?
  • I think I agree with yours.

    "The fingers thing means the taxes."
  • Does anyone watch Fringe?
    I'm trying to get in but it's kinda boring/goofy so far. Should I keep going?
  • I started a few eps but dropped it. The science was too magic-y and goofy. Maybe it picks up?
  • I also dropped it, but some members of this board love it.
  • Another candidate for best moment:

  • fringe takes half a season to start getting good.
    it's kind of worth watching just for the season finale of s01.
    it's a total dork show -- certainly a guilty pleasure for myself.
  • Well I love the X-Files but you sort of can't do that over again, right?
    It feels a little re-hashed to me.
    Dollhouse was so good because of the character complexity, Fringe seems to rely on a lot of coincidence to move the plot along.
    I'm not sold, but sick enough to keep watching for now!
  • i am currently enjoying...
    big C
    idiot abroad
    boardwalk empire
    30 rock
    modern family
    venture brothers
    ONE PIECE! (
    bored to death
    two big fat ladies (old)
    raising hope
    sherlock (over)
    running wilde

  • 2/3rds of our household is really into Veronica Mars right now. I am the holdout. Just not convinced.

    I am wrong about there not being Venture Bros fans around! I feel less alone on this and happier! Modest nerd out: I love what they are doing with Hank this season in VB. Who knew he had so many talents!?
  • The best free TV on the internet is right here:
    Endless ways to spend your screen time healthily.
    I recommend this as a little taste/treat:

    "Sawing for Teens"
  • I had no idea their was going to be a fourth venture brother season! I was so happy when i learned about the fourth season last night, and we immediately jumped right in at episode 11. SO MUCH GOING ON! Arch now a bodyguard?! Henchman is all buff and hairy and his skinny buddy is a ghost? BROCK IS FIGHTING PIRATES!

    I love that show... but i really have to go back and start the season from the beginning.
  • I watched the third episode of Boardwalk Empire last night, and I am still pretty bored with it. I know I'm supposed to like it, but I'm not sure if I actually do.
  • Whoa Leland was on Mad Men!
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    Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy!

    Also, choice line from Boardwalk Empire last night:
    "What's 'motherfucker' mean?"
    "I suppose it's a schvartze word."
  • I like the Boardwalk Empire so far!
    It looks great, I'm pretty into just looking at it.

    Treme bored me to tears, and was a little too schmaltzy for me. It was so NEW ORLEANS you guys! I didn't make it past a few episodes. Just not taut enough, you know?
  • My main beef with Treme was that musician couple with the Dutch asshole and the violin player who's eyebrows I found to be way too expressive.
    Bad patterns over and over and over is not my favorite thing in TV shows.
  • Totally saw Leland on Mad Men, totally didn't quite believe it!
  • I also lost steam on Treme. After a few eps I got really sick of the music. I DON'T LIKE THAT MUSIC.

    Gimme hardstyles.
  • Yeah that couple was pretty terrible. There just didn't feel like there were any stakes the way there were in the Wire.
  • It's weird because I watched the whole season of Treme trying really hard to like it. I don't know, I still have a feeling it might get better with time. Maybe not. I am not a huge fan of the music either but somehow I manage to space out whenever it is being played. There are definitely interesting aspects to the show. But maybe I am not desperate enough to keep watching.
    The thing with that couple is that I didn't see the point. They weren't part of anything. It felt like teen drama filler.

    I agree that "Boardwalk Empire" is very pleasant to look at. It reminds me of "Poirot", which I am obsessed with, just because of the styles and the era. I think it is going to be exciting to watch.

    I remember how at first I only watched Mad Men because I thought it was cool to look at. Beautiful colors. And then one day everything got so wild and crazy and my mind is blown.

  • Yeah I watched every eppy of Treme. I think David Simon was going for a completely different way of experiencing a television program, which could have been cool, but I just didn't care for the characters. I get that the whole thing is centered around the city being bound together by music; I get that every character storyline is centered around the recovery of something deeply lost, I just didn't think it was terribly effective.
    I feel like part of why I really loved The Wire is that you have to fight your pre-conceptions to love the characters, to see their true humanity. In Treme it seems too obvious for some reason, too easy. The characters were predictable.
    Did it get extended to a 2nd season? I did enjoy parts of it: sets, locations, even most of the acting I thought was pretty good. I would keep watching, I think, just to see if the characters own up.
  • OMG WORD TO THE WISE: don't eat food while watching ep 3 of Boardwalk Empire!
  • I had to look away from the screen during that scene in Boardwalk Empire and just listen until it was over.
  • Did anybody get into Bored to Death? I watched the first two episodes and was actually BORED TO DEATH.
  • Great lists!!!!

    I really want to see Bored to Death but haven't made it happen.
    Lots of these I have not heard of.
    Lots of these I enjoy.

    This weekend I watched Season 1 of Parks and Recreation and I was so surprised by how bad it was at first and then how great it was at last. Never have I seen such a distinct line of greatness in a show. GREAT!

    Here's an example of TV I watched recently for the first time that I thought was the biggest pile of shit probably ever:


    What is the deal with fans of that show? Why do they like it?

    It's like, a guy in a papier maché bug costume and then somebody punches him and he goes "boiiiing!" and falls down and then somebody else says "that guy really BUGGED me." Then later with the witches addicted to witchcraft orgasm and hell opens up and demons on motorcycles who are "evil" because they dump over trash cans??? What the fuck am I even watching? Worst show ever, though I appreciate it's got girls in it.

    That is all.
  • simpsons (recent)
    ren and stimpy
    concert dvds
    evening news
    talk shows
    lord of the rings

    these are pretty much the only ones I watch regularly
    other than that:
    funny super bowl commercials that my son taped (compilation)

  • I was ok with Bored To Death cause it felt like a real TV show TV show. Like "Monk" but not as stupid. The new season just started.
  • I love monk!

    also Iforgot to add earlier
    Law and Order regular version (classic)
  • tim and eric
    check it out with dr. steve brule
    the state dvds
    old mr. show sketches on youtube
    30 rock
    curb yr enthusiasm
    peep show

    (i pretty much only watch comedies and skateboard videos)
    (i did like the wire, though - need to finish season 5!)
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