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Television Programs You Shouldn't (also some you Should) Watch



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    Thanks for link! Looks tasty! I need a new show!
  • Flossy, I don't get it either--I watch it at Steve's house and he is magic with the internet!

  • "And so to Lord Carnarvon. I have seen his bedroom actually, because it is part of the Highclere tour. I stood at the doorway, behind a rope, gawping at Lady Carnarvon's turquoise boots. A woman stuck her head over my shoulder and said, "Yuk – the carpets!" That is, for me, why Downton Abbey works. It's our ancient national sport – peering at the toffs, with longing and disgust. The house, when Downton Abbey is not shooting, is full of pictures of the Carnarvons, laughing."
  • Did they even HAVE downtowns back then???
  • "Cons: Unclear why his father likes him so much."
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    "Pros: A genius."
  • patton oswalt is obsessed with DA and tweeted some funny stuff too like

    "I never had an Anna to braid MY hair." -- Willie Nelson, feeling maudlin on the tour bus.

    Oh FUCK you, Edith! Fuck your crappy, peplum-effect plum dress and HELP CARSON!

    I was given a white feather when I refused an extra order of Crazy Bread from Little Ceasar's.
  • A South London woman recalls her brother being out with a local scout group when he was handed a white feather and told to ‘go and fight’. Deeply embarrassed, he enlisted in the Navy that night, went to sea and was drowned in the battle of Jutland. He was 17.
    The grandfather of historian Francis Beckett was exempt from military service because he had three small daughters. But after being ‘white-feathered’ in the street, he volunteered as a rifleman and died of wounds in 1918.
    Beckett’s mother, one of those three daughters, never forgave ‘that unknown woman who gave him a white feather, and the thousands of brittle, self-righteous women all over the country who had done the same’.

    Read more:

    That is so bad ass.
  • "In other words, a teenager, sassy and full of herself, a breed not unknown today. Then, as now, they often hunted in packs and can have given little thought to the deadly consequences."

    Funny, but PLEASE CAN WE GET AN EDITOR UP IN THIS PIECE? "can have given"
    The Daily Mail sucks so bad.
  • Times sure were different back then. Can you imagine a white feather making you feel so shamed that you sign up to die? It's just so crazy to try and put yourself in that mindset.
  • edited February 2012
    So tonight during Downton all I could think about were starched collars. I really want a suit like a forward thinking industrialist c. 1920.
  • I read an interview with the cast and all the male cast members were complaining about the starched collars, and making jokes about how they were the most horrible hellish experience!
  • p.s. how completely hilarious was that Downton parody commercial on SNL last week?

    "Do you love eavesdropping? Then THIS is the SHOW FOR YOU. Whatever anyone says, a third person always heard it....JUST BEYOND THE DOOR."

  • Yeah Alex, it's a long running comedy show on Youtube.
  • edited February 2012
    I gotta say, last night was a bit over the top with the William v. Mary thing. What was he saying? "Boohoo. Boohoo. My dearly betrothed's last dying wish was that I marry you and be happy. Therefore.... it is impossible! Boohoo Boohoo."

    Fucking English!
  • I hate William. But are you perhaps talking about MATTHEW?

    Please don't mix up our tragic suitors!!!
  • and yes, that was what he was saying

    i have to say I agree with him. If I was engaged to a nice man who caught me telling another man how I longed to not have to marry him (the first man) and then he (the first man) died tragically while using his last breath to selflessly beg me to be happy, I would feel like such a piece of shit that even looking at the second man would probably make me barf

    get ready for the christmas special
  • The Christmas Special is like more drama than the whole season 2!
  • I thought the Christmas Special was going to be fluff. But there were so much major plot points in it.
  • it was great. The BBC knows its christmas specials.
  • Right? The Office and Extras Christmas specials both made me cry and I cry like once a year.
  • I figured out why too, because it always gets me when a character drops their mask and is like "I'm sorry I keep fucking up, please love me!"
  • yeah. matthew. heh.
  • I will probably never watch Downtown Abbey, but this is an interesting read/data analysis of language problems in the show:
  • edited February 2012
    What I don't get is why the abbey isn't even downtown!?

    Weird, huh?

    What's up with that?

    Go figure.

    No doubt!

    Don'tcha think?

  • Watch Black Mirror, y'all! New British SciFi.
  • If you are experiencing Downton withdrawal(and enjoy history), may I recommend

    (KB of Hark, A Vagrant got me hooked)

  • I hear something called The Gay Superbowl is on today.
  • Inspector Lewis and DS Hathaway are coming back! Four new shows in July!

  • YES!!!!!!
  • Aaron Sorkin's new drama, The Newsroom, starts next month.
  • just watched all of 'Party Down' and 'The League' on netflix... loved them!

    Now we are getting totally into EUROVISION!!!!!!! Anyone know where to find old ones?!? I feel like i have been missing out on this for the last 30 years! I recommend the UK version, the Brits have a long history of not really caring, and the announcer this year was pretty snarky and bad and funny and ridiculous and callous and dumb and sounds just like one of the guys from IT crowd (but isn't).
  • Now combine them and watch the Father Ted episode about Eurovision on Netflix.
  • edited May 2012
  • oh yeah! i forgot about that show... i watched the first two episodes, loved them, then forgot to keep watching. I will definitely check it out.
  • I'm like a year and a half behind you TV pros, but GF turned me on to a thing this morning that I'm now going to have to ride for a while. The Killing. Creepy, awkward female-led police procedural (written and directed by ladies, I believe). Set in a very very wet and gloomy version of grungetown. US adaptation of the Danish original. Netflix instant.
  • It doesn't even TOUCH the Danish version, so if you like it I suggest you switch over!

    The US one starts awesome and then gets shitty and then season 2 seems okay.
    Danish is the best!
  • edited June 2012
    KOOL to know!
  • Just watched first three episodes after this thread. How do I watch Dutch version?
  • The first episode of HBO's "The Newsroom" is on YouTube:

    It's good.
  • SVU

    Do do-do-do Doooo.... Dooo....... DO DO doo do-do-do dooooooo......
  • edited June 2012
    I like Skinner a lot!

    Also I need a scotch.
  • Oban 14 is what they celebrate with at the end. Just FYI.
  • I watched some of this News Room show. In its production aesthetic, I found it incredibly campy. When Jeff Bridges does his "America isn't the best" speech, I found it evocative of John Galt's 200-page monologue in "Atlas Shrugged." Nonetheless, in its message, I found satisfaction.
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