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Isn't It Cool That There Is UrHo?

edited October 2010
I was just thinking how weird and cool it is that for all these years there has been this website community zone complete with totally active message board hang-party where like 70% of my life's favorite people hang out all day long. How did this happen? It is so great.

I really want to thank the Founders and the Bosses who keep it running, and keep updating it and making it weirder and cooler. Why do they do it? They don't get paid, they just do it to make a project, and then we all are here using a thing they make, and now we are all making it in our own ways. It suddenly struck me as amazing.

This site has made my life a lot better in general. I have made so many friends, learned so much, and honed a weird writing style with my blog, AND, especially since moving away, it has kept me sane by helping me feel slightly more in touch with the important people in my life.



  • It is so very cool.
  • What these people said.

    ( true.)
  • I agree! I like that I feel so at home with, and so affectionate towards, UHXers, even though I might not be #1 friends with each of them IRL. It feels like a kind of family in a good way.
  • Ahh! That is so nice. Thank you! I love URHO and I'm so glad Mike & Steve let me in on their wierdly-named secret project in 2001. I'm so, so, so excited for everyone to see the new version and armful of truly awesome new blogs. YOU GUYS!

    such an important community! fun creativity!
    thanks so much guys for working so hard on this thing!
    I can't wait to start my blog again!
  • Can't wait to start the bloggin'!
    Urho, I have blogged on you for 4 years. What a beautiful thing.
  • Me too! Can't wait to go a'bloggin once more.
    I think I have been blogging for 8 years??? Can that be true?
    It would be a whole record of my adulthood had I not deleted hundreds of entries a bunch of times.

  • Front page looking so fresh!
  • New URHO is really nice! Great work, to all of you.
  • I did not mean to sound ungrateful in my "scared of new things" comment in the new UHX thread! UHX is one of the best things in the world, and even though things are new and I will never know who's who (I never did before, either!), it really does make my life so much happier. THANK YOU for UHX!
  • I still don't know all of who is who but I hope to figure it out soon.

    I get the bosses mixed up, except Uncle Pete Martell.

    I am not sure about a couple Peaks names and a couple non-Peaks names.

    All will become clear

    the owls are not what they seem but sometimes they are
  • I AM ME.
  • ME TOO
  • KmV, that reminds me of chat rooms.

    I M ME

    I thought the chat room environment effected everyone like it was Walden pond.

    I AM ME
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