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Sally and Alan's Cats Are WAY TOO MUCH

edited October 2010
There is only so much a human's heart can handle
flickr injects the beautiful poison straight in
my guts are aflame
my eyes bleed pure tears
they are truly the king and queen of kittens


  • One of them is sleeping in a box, the other one is stopped in his tracks staring at a toy that is on the OTHER SIDE of the glass coffee table.
    Dummy keeps pawing at the glass!
    How long should I make him wait before I help him?
  • image

    you mean these guys????
  • do they even have names yet?


    that guy is too floppy! and that lady is too fancy!
  • He has a long name because we cannot agree on names.

    Charleston Marcel "Spooky" Chew

    Mostly called Spooky.
    I was gunning for Marcel, Adam for Charleston (chew).
    I just think he's kind of a french guy, that's all! Very slinky and dark.

    Her name is even more of a jumble. Adam insists that her name is "Lady".
    To me, that is not a name but a nickname!
    I think her name is Snack or Peach or one of about 8 other things. Will be narrowed very soon.

    They both alternate being floppy and fancy.
  • Lady Snack is a good name; why not compromise?
  • Lord and Lady Chew-Snack.

    Lord Marcel Charleston Chew and Dame Lady Snack

    these are my suggestions
  • Little Snacks chewed through my computer cord and now it's broken.

    What kind of a Lady does that???
    These guys wear me OUT!
  • that's what you get when you get babies of anything

    "you gotta give a little, take a little, and let your poor heart break a little
    that's the story of, that's the glory of LOOOOOOVE
  • #andthenews
  • edited October 2010

    David's greetings to Samello, Alder, Moose, and Baby JoeJo
    and all of you

  • btw, lady snack is just a LIIIIITLE too post-alt-hardcore-fem-sex-posi-wave for me

    i mean, for my cat's name.


    not very lady-like

    LIL' SNACKS, on the other hand, reminds me of mini pretzels and chip crumbs and other cute things.
  • Fiddy snacks...
  • well excuse me for living
    Meet Charleston "Spooky" & George "Snacks"!

    Spooky is the black one, George is the grey one.

  • South Cackalacky.
  • George for a lady! I have ALWAYS SAID THIS WAS COOL and people scoffed. Now you have redeemed me before all the world.

    Excellent names!!!!!!

  • image

    Spooky & George like to nap.
  • Update: George is ill and currently at the vet getting tests done. She is a very sad lady.
    Please send little G. your kindest thoughts today!
  • image

    Guess who climbed a tree this weekend!
  • that lady with her upside-down hand!?

    Sally is George going to be okay? I HATE THIS
  • George is not so great.
    She had an x-ray and some blood tests, and they tried to draw fluid out of her swollen belly. She got a saline injection, which is like a cat I.V., as well as some antibiotics.
    Gigi has a fever and is sleepy and sad.
    Tomorrow we will get results from the blood test and stool test, and a special radiologist will go over the x-rays.
    They didn't figure anything out today.

    We sat at home all day, watching the clock tick. It's the worst.
  • I am sorry about your little cat, I hope she'll get better quick.
    I am glad you didn't name your other cat "Marcel". I adopted a traumatized cat and named him Marcel last year and he got super confused and ran back to his old neighborhood (four small blocks away) and hates and scratches people. We have seen him a couple times, in October, then in May. He lives under a porch and wants to only hang out with other cats. People put cat food down there for him.
  • I'm glad to see these other funny cat faces up in here!
    Show me more, everyone- show me all the funny cats.

    Georgie and Adam are sleeping on the couch together.
    Spooky is sleeping in a basket.
    I am eating lasagna and feeling anxious.
  • This friend is named Sammi. My parents foster adopted her for the summer in Idaho and then when they left for Florida found her a new home with the nice solo man in his late 60s who lives across the street and really needed a buddy.


    She only has one eye but that doesn't slow her fun friskiness down. She's also a funny talker, sweet, and great at catching rodents.
  • edited October 2010
    This is James whom we've been cat sitting. He likes to meditate.


    Here we are cuddling by the fire.


    He is the most clumsy cat I have ever known and he can't jump very high. But he has the sweetest high meow with which he constantly greets you.
  • He also likes to kiss you on the mouth with one paw on your cheek. Especially while you are eating. No tongue kisses.
  • Lil G and i got in a lot of snug time after her long scary day at the vet. we are all pretty much crushed right now. never, ever google anything related to cats and swollen abdomens unless you want to be similarly and completely crushed.
    so sad for our lil guy. she can barely do anything but find a warm place to sleep all day. :(
    nothing we can do except hope that she wins out over whatever virus is in her, but she is so small she might not be able to :(
    hoping the tests and experts come back today with some sort of good news, but right now, the outlook is not so bright :((((((

    light a candle for lil georgie snacks, guys. she's having a rough time.

  • please keep us posted on this!
    Such a sad way to start a life together...
    I hope so much she pulls through.
    Poor sweet little baby.

  • we will... one more trip to the vet will confirm if its the bad virus or not, but all signs are pointing to it being so, which is/will be very sad.
    thanks for yr thoughts n love and gifs dudes
  • I have been thinking about your cat and I am wondering how she is?
  • edited October 2010
    She is not good.

    Georgie has a virus called FIP that is aggressive and has no cure.
    We will try to keep her comfortable and fed until she seems too sick/pained/bummed and then she will have to move on. This could be in a few days or a few weeks, but she seems pretty uncomfortable already. How do you even decide?

    We are all really bummed, to put it lightly. I've been staying home from work to be with her and help her eat, but all she really wants is to be petted all day long and to be in warm blankets on a warm lap.

    George, too cute for this world.
  • I am so sorry to hear. That is so intense, going from the excitement of getting a brand new pair of kittens to facing this rough shit with a baby animal...
    I sympathize with you for all the "what ifs" presenting themselves and the difficult decisions to make. My best wishes go to you.
  • thank you.

    wishing hard, making peace.
  • I'm really sorry this is happening. Such a harsh thing to happen to such a cute guy.
  • So harsh like Joey said, so terrible to happen right at first, when coupled with the excitement of finally making it happen with a kitten, just starting to get to know your guy...I mean, it would never be easy but it feels especially sad for it to happen right away like this.

    GEORGE. We love you!

    We love Alan and Sally too, even more.

  • image

    this is from when she was still frisky.
    look at that face!

    we mustn't forget Spooky, who is still here and doing great.
    he is healthy and crazy and about to be smothered with extra love.
  • I really wanted to meet her :(
  • The homie is in our hearts. Half calico face mutha. Coolest looking dude.
  • I lost my kitty Bruce to FIP a few years ago- so scary and hard and so terribly sad. I'm sending all my loves to you guys!
  • :( So, so sorry you guys.
  • It was a nice, quiet, rainy-peaceful day for her to exit. She got many hugs and kisses and she wore a jaunty bow to meet her maker.

    Spooky is sad and attentive... he knew something was wrong. I feel incredibly sad, but also relieved that she is not suffering anymore.
  • you did it so good!
    you did the right thing and you did it well.
    I am so proud of you guys.
    I love you and your snoopy and your snoopy who has passed.
  • This thread is making me double sad, because we used to call our bird who recently passed "snoopy." Also "green gonzo."

    Gotta get another bird soon, there's definitely a hole in my life.
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