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edited October 2010
In honor of Canadian Thanksgiving today:

This is gonna become the 2nd of the fake trailers from Grindhouse to become a real movie! AMAZING. Movies are getting weirder!

White Meat, Dark Meat, All Will Be Carved.
The voiceover is amazing!


  • I'm trying to get a Sharksgiving going with some close-by homies but so far they aren't biting.
    Want my crans, my fake turks, my graves, my pies, my stuffs, you know the drill, my spiced mulled wines and ciders, what's the deal yo, gimme my SHARKSGIVING
  • I'd like to come over for Sharksgiving, if that's alright.
  • I enjoy promoting and partaking in Sharksgiving.
  • I don't actually have a way to get there.

    But I would if I could! A midwestern sharky with some nice friends sounds so good.
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