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Portland Documentary

edited October 2010
For my senior project, I am planning on creating a documentary focused on the people of Portland and some of the amazing locations that we have. Do any of you have an suggestions for places that I should go to, and would anyone be interested in setting up an interview that I could include in the film?


  • Hey Justin!

    Will there be a focus of the documentary more specific that Portland? Muisc, nature stuff? Not that the doc can't focus on more than one aspect. I'm just thinking about narrowing down some of the possibilities for suggestions.

    Locations I would be interested in learning more about around Portland:
    Sauvie Island
    Forest Park
    Delta Park (and when it was Vanport City)

    Music stuff that would be interesting:
    the history of all ages venues in Portland
    Meow Meow (talk to Todd Fadel)
    17 Nautical Miles (Todd P.)
    Robot Steakhouse
    The Artistery (Aaron Shepherd)

    Also, like I said before via Twitter/email I'm totally down for talking to you.
  • I would like to know what happened to the McDonald's in Pioneer Place... it isn't there anymore. Portland kicked it out.
  • That thing about the kid at Parkrose.

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