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edited August 2011
Just cause its the hottest day of the year and no one is on the internet doesn't mean we're not gonna celebrate the greatest person in the world's birthday.

She saved me from a pack of wild dogs once!

She wrote the majority of the TLC album CrazySexyCool! Isn't that crazy?

She taught her dog to bake cakes.

She speaks all earthly languages fluently!

She won the 1998 Rocky Mountain Yo Momma slamfest.

And she is smart and thoughtful and fun and funny and nice and quick witted and helpful and a turd!

Franklin and Gary and I and everyone else in the world loves her!


  • I know her from the internet!
    she seems pretty rad.
    Happy Birthday to her!
  • She lived through a shark's bite!

    She's a wonderful friend who loves all her friendies!

    Her favorite picture is of Grunty expressing his shock towards pizza!




    Literally everyone in the world loves her, including me.
    Chapeau, my friend.
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  • She is a very cool and smart human.
    A true comedian.
    A patient insightful friend.
    A supportive peer.
    A mellow yet undoubtedly strong lady.
  • Thanks you guys!!!!
    What a weird birthday---34! Not even a real number!
    I really like all these images
    and all these notes
    and all these memories of people I love who are still in my life!!!! WHAT A GIFT

    God bless us, every one!
  • ps RCH are you kidding me with those kephri photos!
    I thought she had a bug's head, not a bug FOR A head.

    holy shit!

  • her sensual carapace
  • It's like a reverse birthday 'cause Rimsdy is back in Portland and we get the present.
  • Best writer around, always making me laugh with her internet postings.
    I sure am hoping to hang out with this lady irl some more soon!
    Happy birthday ZA!
  • She makes this place go. It's neat.
  • Happiest Late Birthday!

    This thread comes up first when you do a google for "1998 Rocky Mountain Yo Momma slamfest." CONGRATS ALL!
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    Wow, ZA, without knowing it I spent your birthday listening to your song on the first marriage records comp over and over again while getting lost crossing the 11th street bridge and getting stuck in baseball traffic. on your birthday i am grateful for the gift of song you have given us all!
    "voice of our generation"
    "our dylan (except not sexist and not annoying and not bad at singing)"
  • what song is it? I don't remember!
    It is probably not much like dylan, but I'll take that fucking compliment my friend
  • What a gal! The greatest!
    So happy you moved to where you belong! So happy to call you neighbor and friend!
  • YEY!

    one of the best humans!

    I had fun banging around LES with her!

    Now she lives in North Portsland in a cute little cottage with her cool family!

    I hope you get your fancy library card back!

    Or maybe for your birthday it was found by a mallrat and they went to France and decided to pursue only the finest Francophone/Franch literature!

    Wouldn't that be something???
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