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Kentucky Schroeder's Iron Shoe Classic & FREE FOOD & BEER

edited August 2011
Hey guys!
In one hour at Columbia Park on Lombard we will be playing horseshoes!
It's a fine sport!
Also, food is being prepared by the Lucy's Original crew (it is free to you!)
Check out this menu!

Veggie Beet Burgers
balsamic pickled beets, avocado, butter lettuce and caper berry pesto (goat cheese optional)

80/20 Beef Bacon Burgers
gorgonzola, butter lettuce and tomato-peach Jam

Summer Succotash
corn, green beans, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, sweet onion and shell beans

Spicy Baked Beans
pinto, black, butter, garbanzo and kidney beans baked with onions and peppers in spicy bbq sauce

Jalapeno-Lime Kale Slaw
lacinato kale, cabbage, carrot, red onion and jalapeno with lime dressing

Sliced Watermelon

Blueberry-Black Pepper Cornmeal Pie
lemon cream and basil

Vegan Coconut Peach Rice Pudding

Peach-Mint Julep Popsicles



  • That was some great iron tossing.
  • edited August 2011
    super fun event Steve. That food was wonderful. The whole thing was just a great way to spend a summer Sunday evening. Good job! Nice to meet some of you other dudes and ladies also, even though I still don't know who any of you are here.
  • I had so much fun!!! It was totally my favorite kind of event--afternoon/early evening, very desultory, beers and amazing food, playing a weird game, laughing real hard.

    Thanks so much to Steve and Mike for making this amazing event happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also congrats to Steve for winning the whole shebang!

  • This sounds really wonderful, and I'm a total boner for not coming.

    Excessive heat/bright sunlight makes me wilt!
    Moaning, writhing, complaining, and clutching my sweaty head made for a fun afternoon at my house.
  • It was completely shady at the park (we chose the location for this reason!)
    So pleasant!
  • The big shocker of the day for me was that 2 horseshoes BROKE during the competition!
    Sparks flying!
    It was a heated competition.
    The Katy vs. Zombie Apocalypse match was so dramatic!
  • o yah didn't my bf shatter a shoe?
    He is like Samson, with his long hair and great strength.

    Miss Me**ows, I know it's one thing to climb out of the hot pit, but once you do, be glad of the knowledge that Columbia Park is as cool as a cellar with its huge trees!

    My favorite part was when I dug around in a cooler and found a chocolate soda (it said "97% FAT FREE! GET CREAMED!")!

    Thank you Urban Honking
  • Wait, RCH you were there????? I literally did not even see you.

    That is how big/exciting this event was!

    Were you seriously there?!?!?!?!?!??????? WTFFFFF

  • Haw haw! I think you waved to me.
  • memory's going huh
  • edited August 2011
    Wow. I missed this. Was on my way back from Summer camp in the mountains. Sometimes 'off-the-grid' is not 'all that'.

    Funnily enough, I entered into a horseshoe tourney at camp. Got a ringer but lost the match. Ringers are cool.
  • So sad I missed this event. Matt called me from the park and I said, "I don't even want to hear anything about it" because I was so jealous.
  • I met that damn old Ukiah and he is SO NICE
    like a big soft stoned whale
    I would like to use him for a footrest of a stormy evening
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