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computer support

edited October 2010
hey dudes
i have a specific question that broadens into a general question:

my mail has been janky for about a week. It won't send, basically, or it sends sometimes and not other times. Just now it has been "sending" (with the turning wheel indicating action) for 24 hours roughly, and when the wheel stopped spinning suddenly there were 7 emails in my outbox, ranging from emails I'd sent yesterday afternoon to this morning, and none had been sent. This is just the latest example of this sort of thing.

BUT, when I go into actual gmail, it sends fine.

So, what is going on? And then my broader question is, I don't even get what "mail" is, I suddenly realize. How can it randomly have a problem? Are there people out there "working" on it or is it just something I have to ride out or is it something only I can fix? If mail is broken for me does that mean it is broken for other people too, like when a site is down or whatever?

Obviously I don't know anything about the internet and I have been shamed enough for this so please refrain from shaming me more. If you can.

also can you fix my mail.

I am applying for jobs right now and I would like to know my shit is getting sent yo!!!!!!



  • I don't know a lot about this. But it's related to outgoing mail servers... I've had some problems with this...
  • Laura had/has issues with this as well. I think it is some poor communication b/w Gmail and Mail? My fixes include restarting Mail, restarting the computer, going into Mail and fake editing the settings for the account... The last one Mail likes most I think. It gives it a reason to refresh, shake off all the confusion, and get back to work.
  • Flint will help, ask him!
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