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Scary Movies

edited October 2011
so many!
The movies that have legitimately scared me the most in my life, and that remain scary to me:

Night of the Hunter
The Exorcist
The Shining
Night of the Living Dead
28 Days Later
Blair Witch, don't even front!

I love scary movies and have seen so many, but these are the ones that still give me the howling fantods, even after all these years/viewings.

I am not super susceptible to the terrors of the classic horror franchises like Friday the 13th/Freddy Krueger's Dream Warriors, but the first Halloween is pretty fucking incredible. DONALD PLESANCE

A great scary movie that doesn't twist my guts up but is still pretty creepy is SUSPIRIA

Best soundtrack EVER, thank you Goblin!!!!!

then there's this, which I haven't seen, but this trailer very effectively makes me want to:

"I saw a priest, who by hanging himself, opened the gates of hell"


  • Filled me with the all-time greatest sense of existential fear and despair

    Grizzly Man

    The Body Snatchers 1993
  • I haven't seen any of these!

    But I read The Road and it definitely should be on this list if the movie can access even an inkling of what I felt whilst reading it
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    Body Snatchers 1993
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    "Alice was too old to play with dolls and too young to make love. Brook Shields as you've never seen her before. She was too beautiful to play with boys and too young to play with boys. So Alice began to play... with death."
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    All horror movies are about that uneasy time between a young lady's girl hood and her woman hood. Because are you supposed to f*** her or what?? It's so confusing that it's creepy.
    I can't do a sex-murder-woman-hatred-mommy-issues movie these days, it's too real-world scary for me!!!

    I guess night of the hunter is one but that's different
  • "All horror movies are about that uneasy time between a young lady's girl hood and her woman hood. Because are you supposed to f*** her or what?? "

    Totally true. To say nothing of Carrie, which is about, like, girls start menstruating and then ARE CAPABLE OF THE MOST POWERFUL EVIL ON EARTH, a.k.a. fucking but lets not just come right out and say that

    I mean, I love that Carrie's rampage begins after she is literally drenched in blood (and the story begins with her beginning to menstruate). Lets just literalize this age-old terror shall we
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    The Sentinal

    It is about a nice lady who moves into a fancy apartment. Her neighbor in the penthouse is a priest who has to stand guard at the gate of hell!!

    "She went to a party with three dead murderers." "Doesn't everybody?"
    "No one's lived in that apartment for three years."
    "I swear to god I'll kill ya. I'll KILLYA!"
  • Did I glimpse Christopher Walken in there for a second??
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    Carnival of Souls

    This is about a beautiful lady who is a little addled after a car accident so she decides to move by herself to a different town and take up work as a church organist near an abandoned carnival.

    I guess it is about the vulnerability that a beautiful lady has when she is single. I seem to watch a lot of this type of horror.... what am I, Zakk Peningten?
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  • Walken plays the detective! He knows there is something fishy about that apartment lived in by the immobile, blind priest.
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    1942's Cat People is pretty incredible, deeply trippy and awesome sound design

    Has a super top-shelf single lady dame who solves the mystery and is not afraid!!!
  • I love Willem Dafoe but I heard there is some major d*** carnage in Antichrist so I haven't gone for it yet. The trailer looks great though.
  • The Descent.

    Also, have you guys ever read stories on the Internet that scared you? They're usually best (worst) late at night, when you're all alone on the computer.

    Like Ted's Caving Page or creepypasta.

    one of my favorite creepypasta stories
  • ohhhh! THE DESCENT! So scary!!!!!!

    I haven't read scary on the internet but I've read millions of books that scared me.
    Reading the Shining in middle school was the only time I've ever actually felt my hair stand on end

    I can not watch Antichrist, though I too am intrigued. I like the creepy/disturbia scary as opposed to the "dick-cutting-off" gore splash scary

    although I do love to watch a zombie pull somebody's guts out
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    Cat People looks amazing. The main star is a great actress. And the pool scene is just extraordinary looking, her head floating in the middle of the pool, with like a spot light on her face.

    "Could I have my robe, please?"
    "Gee whiz, honey, it's torn to ribbons."

    I like it when the little cat growls at her and she is offended, but when it runs away she laughs and shrugs her shoulders.

    The descent is great. I like that mostly nothing happens. Like it is pretty much a climbing movie. But it is scary as freak!
  • the descent is so scary even before anything scary has happened. Gary kept yelling "but why would anyone DO THIS" just during the fun spelunking scenes

    Becko you would LOVE cat people, I can't believe you haven't seen it. So much good My Girl Friday type single lady stuff! That lead lady is AN ARCHITECT. Not an architect's secretary--AN ARCHITECT! And she's got a crush on the male architect whose girlfriend is secretly also a panther. And she saves his life with her brassy derring-do!

    It is so incredible.

    Then there is this AMAZING scene with a scary bus

  • "Dontcha want me to walk ya home?"
    "No, thank you, I'm a big girl now and I'm not afraid."
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    I remember reading about a kid, on a bulletin board archive, who was ****ed by getting electrically shocked near a utility pole. He was chatting on IRC at the time. I believe he was tinkering with the electricity. It scared me then and it scares me now.

  • "Unfinished Sweet" by Alice Cooper. It's about candy and the dentist. Very scary!

    "St. Vitus' dance on my molars tonight"
  • I'm reading Ted's Caving Page now!
    What's going to happen?
  • I read that Cave page too! A pretty good piece of writing.
  • The Descent looks scary. Caves are scary. Tiny tunnels are scary.
  • if you are even a tiny bit afraid of caves I will urge you NOT to watch the Descent because HOLY CRAP
  • OMG you guys, watch Antichrist. It is mostly not shots of dicks being mutilated.

    "It's just a movie."
  • I find LvT insanely off-putting, which I know is the point, but it's like so off-putting to me that I can't even bear to watch his films. They are all terrible and I hate all of them so much. And I know I'm supposed to hate them, but then that's too confusing for me to parse. Also since seeing The Five Obstructions I just can't do it, I can't do the LvT world you guys, I don't know
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