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Fancy Ladies Dress-up Talk (Again)

edited November 2011
Ladies. And interested gents.

I have a job interview, and it's in 2 weeks, and my wardrobe still has a couple major holes. I need help!

- the interview is on the east coast, at the end of november, so it will be snowy and freezing, but I will also need to be walking around campus
- I have to wear a suit the first day
- I have a suit (pants, not skirt), but I'm interested in footwear. I have black heels that look nice with the suit, but I'm thinking snow+cold maybe = could I get a real fancy pair of black boots and wear them under the suit pants instead? Can you wear fancy boots with a suit or do you have to go heels?

Second issue:
- can you wear a black cardigan over a black top, or is that too much black?

Third issue:
- my second day I will wear pencil skirt and hopefully the aforementioned boots. BUT: in terms of legs + skirt, you should wear some kind of nylon or stocking right? Not just for the cold, but isn't that professional? One of my colleagues told me this. So my question is, what kind of hose, in terms of opacity and color? Do you go black?? But isn't that kind of FORMAL? But nude feels so weird, right? Or is that just my horrible Texas upbringing traumatizing me toward nude support-hose forevermore??

These are my main issues, I would really love feedback upon them. Especially the boot question. Are boots with suit-pants okay, and, if so, can you show me any boots you think would be appropriate, but that also have some sort of softer/sturdier rubber-type heel, as opposed to a precarious stiletto vibe I might slip and fall in??

Is there a fancy vegan-shoes store in town where I might find such a boot?

Ok and IF you think one CAN'T wear a big ol' boot underneath a suit pant, what are my other options in terms of dealing with shoes? I obviously can't walk half a mile in the snow in high heels, right, that's not normal???



  • I don't think you should risk boots with suit pants unless they are like, ankle boots and I don't think that's what you want. Wear low heels and the blisters will be the price of professionalism. Black on black is fine but why are you wearing a cardigan instead of a blazer?

    Boots with pencil skirt is great- wear sheer black panty hose. That's a good in between! Try Biviel boots, Soft, Clarks, etc for comfy and cute.

    GOOD LUCK!!!
  • Ok, I had a bad feeling about boots with suit. What is wrong with it though? Is it that it looks weird, like if you sit down and your pants ride up and then there's this weird long expanse of boot there? I could see this being awkward.

    But high heels in the snow, tromping around campus? I wonder if there is some way to deal with this. How do business ladies in the midwest or whatever deal with this?

    I feel like blazer with pencil skirt makes me look like a gnome. And the second day of the interview you can go a bit more casual. But I'm definitely going boots with pencil skirt, and thanks for the recommends!!

    Also great about the sheer black, because that's what I already own

  • Oh! I thought you meant cardigan with the suit pants and I was confused. Cardigan with pencil skirt is just fine. I think all of campus will be shoveled well so the snow won't be too much of an issue. Just watch where you step.

    I think people may argue that boots with suits could be okay, but I say play it safe.

    Do you have any nice jewelry to offset the all black ensemble? or perhaps a scarf?
  • edited November 2011
    Sounds like someone needs to visit my friends,Elisha, Daniel, and John: AKA THE BROOKS BROTHERS. There was just a sale on women's accessories, not sure if that is still happening. I bet they could solve your problems and it would cost less than $500. (or maybe just a little over...)
  • edited November 2011
    Boots and Pants:


    (that picture is pretty big)
    (also, this outfit costs more $500)
    (in fact, it's $175 for the shirt, $350 for the cardigan, $1295 for the jacket, $350 for the trousers, and $750 for the boots)
    (so that's $2920)
    (i imagine this is not very helpful. if you have $3000 to drop on an outfit you wouldn't need a job)
  • That's a hot look, though.
  • It really does say "Why would I get a job, taking care of my horses keeps me pretty busy as it is."

    I think that is the thing about boots. They are a working shoe. So to wear it with a suit, you have to strike the right tone. I was thinking ankle boots too.

    But I am sure on the east coast educators wear sexy boots all the time. I have been pleased to find that a sexy boot is pretty mainstream in the office. If your interview was down in the south west you could sure wear a horsey boot in any season.

    I could see it with the right dress, but I just don't see a boot with a suit. I'm sorry!!!!!!!!
  • Sometimes I like to flip through the latest Brooks Brothers catalog and pretend they are my friends. The problem is I can't help but imagine we're a bunch of assholes. Not to each other... just to all the... how do I say it... "lesser people".

    Probably good that I'm not rich.
  • I have already spent a good $600 on my professional wardrobe, I am not about to spend $7 fucking 50 on BOOTS. What the fuck world am I even living in?!

    Well I have gotten PASSIONATELY OPPOSING VIEWS on boot with suit! One of my professor lady friends says yes, she does it all the time! Another says NEVER! And you both say NEVER!

    I really want to go boot but now I am deeply torn!!!!!!!!!!!!

    regardless I CERTAINLY would not tuck my goddamn pants into big old horse boots, I'm not CRAZY.

    Academic job interview style is actually famous for being very musty and correct, I don't think you are supposed to rock a newfangled fashion icon vibe. You go with the string of pearls and the reasonable gray J Crew suit without a crazy color underneath.

    I have literally been told by a member of a search committee that sometimes people are vetoed simply because of what they are wearing. Like the committee just gets so tired and addled that after a certain point they're just like "oh, was that the guy with the lime-green pants? YUCK" and that's it.

  • for the record anyone can do anything
    it's an art
  • L_T is right, but also: never wear boots with a suit. It's not an issue of expanse-of-boot inasmuch as the way a boot's silhouette will mess with the way your pants ride around the calves.
  • ok. I have heard the voice of my ladies and I will obey!

    Yes anyone can do anything but not in the context of a job interview with a very established set of fashion guidelines.

    That's just straight-up facts. If I showed up wearing a ghost costume they would not hire me no matter how awesome I looked.
  • Really baggy cargo pants, Airwalks, and a white tank top.
  • edited November 2011
    How about this for a classic Yours Truly conundrum? Classic because of how I am such an idiot!

    For whatever reason tonight I decided to try on my suit, and it turns out since I have lost a bunch of weight due to newly-terrible unusually bad eating habits that I am ashamed of to begin with and now feel even worse about, IT NO LONGER FITS!

    It looks like I am wearing my dad's suit. It is literally UN-WEARABLY BIG.

    So now I have NINE DAYS to either get the entire suit tailored to be a whole size smaller, OR I have to buy a new suit. This suit cost $500. And it's almost Thanksgiving, when presumably tailors are overbooked and/or on vacation.

    What a fucking situation! The suit is J Crew--I've heard the downtown J Crew does badass tailoring, anyone corroborate this? Or otherwise know of a really good, dependable, fast tailor? I will pay basically any amount of money. Also what are the odds that J Crew will exchange the entire suit for a different suit, even though I've cut the tags off? Any thoughts on this? I am terrible at all of this, I never get stuff tailored and I never exchange stuff. Also, can a tailor even take an entire suit down an entire size, is that a real thing?

    All input is welcome, I have to deal with this TOMORROW.


  • Babygirl! All that suit needs is some quick tailoring and have I got the man for Y-o-u. His name is Salim Karam, he is located on E Broadway very close-in, and he is a beautiful genius man, has made all of my pants perfectly-fitting and he works FAST and for a very affordable rate. Call him up, he is YOUR MAN for this job: 503-288-3817
  • edited November 2011
    Also, uh, if you're gonna be spending 1300 bones on a jacket that shit had better be some comme de garcons or whatnot. BB sux for girls. GREAT FOR BOYS AND MIKEY THOUGH.
  • This recommend sounds very promising. He does a fancy job? Suit-fancy?
    I will call him tomorrow, thanks!!

  • He's gold star, in my experience! Yes!
  • ok, this is great stuff.
  • Do it, girl!

    A good tailor can fix almost anything in less than nine days. I've had suit pants made a size smaller! Tailoring is SO FUN it's gonna fit so good now!!!!!!!
  • I also suggest bringing it back to J Crew- there's a good chance they'll exchange it for you. Just say you bought it, took the tags off, and lost a bunch of weight. 80% chance they'll exchange it for you. I'll go with you for moral support if you'd like!
  • I went to Salim and he was so great! Such a profesh. He's building me a new suit basically. Changing it from flared leg to straight leg, taking the whole thing down a size, hemming it, etc. "You need a belt," he said. I hadn't even thought of that!!

    It's supposed to be done the day before I leave. I'm pretty scared it somehow will not get done or will be done weirdly, but still, so far I have very much enjoyed this recommended activity!

  • This thread makes me feel nauseous at what an incredibly tacky dresser I am. At this point in my life, I have virtually zero understanding of acceptable clothing practices. My response would have been: "Go with the boots! Of COURSE they're fine!"

    Do stylists for normal people even exist?

  • YEAH GIRL YEAH! Dude is a total baller, I knew he would come through for you. Also: HE IS A MAN OF HIS WORD. Rest easy, it'll be ready. This development makes me so happy.
  • This is why lady threads should be here and not in their own forum. I will definitely also go see this dude about fixing some pants.
  • he was so cool!!!

    "you want them real skinny, like that?, that's too skinny"

  • Werd up MZ, feeling good about how we look ain't a gender thang it's a HUMAN THANG. Let's help each other!
  • that is so deep and awesome and heavy.
    "I am an asset to this campus. You are not."
  • Wow. That letter gave me the chills.
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