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Housing Thread

edited October 2010
I have a friend who is looking to move into a place by himself. He's done with roommates. He doesn't want to deal with a management company. He doesn't have any pets and is looking to spend up to 700-900. Let me know if you see anything good.


  • That sounds like the place where I live! I'll let you know if anything opens up.
  • Claire and I want to move out of our apartment on Missisippi and Shaver, right across the street from the Fresh Pot. Let's talk!
  • where are you moving??????
  • Our neighbors are renting out their place from January to June.


    750 square-foot two-bedroom located at Peninsula Park Commons, available for rent beginning December 15, 2010 through June 15, 2011. Gas heat, wood-burning stove, and electric stove. Our preference is to rent it fully furnished, but partial or no furnishing is possible. Contact Kelly at or 503-442-7165.

    Community features include:
    • A common guest house
    • A bike barn for bike storage
    • Edible landscaping, with vegetables, kiwis, and fruit trees
    • Community-oriented design makes it easy for residents to share other resources such as yard tools, a BBQ, and internet access
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