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A Thread About Kittens

edited October 2010
If anyone recently has acquired new kittens this would be a great place to tell us about them.



  • syringes filled with a mixture of water and soft wet food
  • Today our butler stretched his body, licked his lips (we have been wiping his drooly little mouth), and washed his hands.

    Wellness must be near!
  • image

    these are the little dudes, with the tuxedo-ed man on the left being our butler and the grey puff on the right our lady/duchess.
  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    I was with a friend who found a turtle on the sidewalk last week!
    We were like "uh, where did you come from?" and we put him way back in her garden to chill out.
    She made some posters that day and it turned out it had escaped months prior and been living outside in her neighborhood all the while.

  • edited October 2010
  • After four days of force-feeding our Butler ate willingly!

    I don't know how he couldn't smell that food, because I'm sick and I can smell it a mile away, but he seems to have finally realized it's for eating.
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