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edited October 2010
Here it is finally truly autumn. The weather shows low 60's all week. The leaves are all on the ground. The air has a bite. Everyone has their hoods up. All the ladies' nice boots are on full display.

Is it true autumn where you are? I bet not if you're in L.A. Because there is no autumn there. Also if you live on the equator, there's no autumn. I hope never again shall I live in an autumn-less place.

I just got a sourdough starter from Bri (from the band BFF, who lives in my town now, isn't that awesome), and I'm going to make some sourdough crusty loaves. I'm going to make apple pie. I'm going to get all the spices for wine together so I'll have them ready whenever I need them. I got out my cowl; I got out my wellies; I am ready to wear the fancy-ass wool coat I got for cheap at the thrifty store. Brand new J-Crew full length heavy wool coat with toggle buttons. 12 bucks! What!?

I wrote a to-do list for finishing my dissertation but it's still sitting unused beside me, as I dink around with my blog, write emails, look for jobs, etc. I don't care.

Autumn! Autumn hath come! We are all so blessed in the autumn time. The coziest of times. The heaviest of comforters on the bed. The steamiest of glasses. The hottest of coffees.


Guess what I am going to put in my soy nog? I am going to put in mid-shelf vodka that I personally infused with real vanilla beans. The vodka tastes like buttery vanilla cake. Inside of the soy nog I think it will be a very delicious treat.

I also made spicy ginger vodka. These are both excellent autumn sippers.

That is all.
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