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YoursTruly's reaction to this Tucker Max article


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    first of all, good job Forbes, for misspelling Stephenie Meyer's name. No biggie, just one of the most famous authors in global history! Not like you can afford a copy editor, I guess, FORBES.

    I think this article is pretty interesting. I'm coming to realize that the prevailing thing I'm really feeling when I come across people like Tucker Max is pity. Yes annoyance and wanting to kill them (Iowa City!) but mostly just, how fucking sad to be that way, to be just not really a person in any kind of meaningful sense of the word. And I think it's pretty profound that after being rewarded SO MONUMENTALLY for those very qualities he's still able to be like "whoa, I think I hate myself" and talk honestly about that and then actually make those changes. It's kind of epic!!!!!

    His thoughts on trauma and abuse and how they get perpetuated in your grown up relationships...shit is super wise. His thoughts on pedophiles! Where did this guy come from? It's strange.

    I think it is HILARIOUS that he randomly got into Freudian psychoanalysis. OF ALL THINGS?!?!?!?

    Then the last couple pages of the article get really tedious. "I realized I needed to feel my emotions" etc. "As Scarlett continues to feel her emotions blah blah, what a wonderful domestic scene" pretty funny

    I do like to be teased by a confident man, I'll be honest. All my friends tease me.

    I would probably be friends with this guy but I bet he's still completely batshit insane. And it is kind of annoying, on the one hand, to have yet another article about Men Realizing Things.

    "Man Praised For Helping To Raise His Own Children"
  • I tried reading this but realized after two pages I just didn't care.
  • I mean, that's another way to look at it.
    I only read the whole thing because I was specifically asked to. Like I said, it got boring.

    "Man figures out there is more to life than scoring ass and puking"

  • Haha yeah! I thought that might be part of your reaction. The only reason I thought it was worth reading myself is because this guy is such a role model for assholes.

    I also assume there must be some percentage of Forbes readership that is obsessed with money the way TM is obsessed with p***y (to use their symbol). I wonder if this will have an effect on even one of those guys and wake them up a little bit.

    The number of typos in this article drove me bonkers.
  • it is truly unreal
    I've noticed a MAJOR falling-off in copy-editing quality, generally and across the board, over the past several years. The New Yorker has been egregious, especially since they're also always publishing self-congratulatory little cutesie talk-of-the-towns about how badass and scary their copy editors are. TOO BAD ALL THOSE PEOPLE ARE NOW DEAD


    Yesterday I read some new full-color free Portland music magazine and in an article they both stated Big Freedia was from PDX (???!!! she is only the most famous maker of New Orleans Sissy Bounce but whatevs, that's an issue for the non-existent fact-checker) and then they printed "color pallet" instead of "color palette"....there were a lot of other mistakes...I am embarrassed on their behalf. Like, I get it, affect vs effect can get confusing but PALLET?????

    Every time I see a mistake in the New Yorker I feel proud, weirdly. Probably because they are so fancy and renowned for their accuracy. Every other publication I just groan and think "What is this world coming to?" and then yell at the kids to get off my lawn.
  • I just saw a mistake in Thrasher, the author used "imbedded" rather than "embedded" in an article, and I was mad for a second, then I was like "IT'S FUCKING THRASHER, WHO AM I FOOLING?"
  • Oh also, re: teasing, it's funny because I came to this same conclusion this past year. It was while watching Jersey Shore, which is so educational. I saw how Pauly D was always teasing girls and making them smile and I was like "Oh, that's what they mean when they say they like a "sense of humor" or a "guy that can make them laugh," they mean they like getting teased."
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    the other day i overheard two middle aged business sharks sharing their feelings with each other
    one said his best friend had just succumbed to a long term illness, and the other tenderly shared that his family member had an illness. then one was like "my wife cries... i'm like, "what good does that do?"' They were having a heart-to-heart, about not knowing the deal with crying. It was eerily beautiful, almost like they were innocent babies.
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