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Need a Nice Place to Stay Feb. 10-March 10 in Portland

edited January 2012
I have a nice house that needs a subletter!
It's 2 bedrooms.
Let's talk about it!


  • I can vouch for it being nice. (just don't go into the basement! it's haunted)
  • This person is interested! (This person being Zoe of Cleveland, of the Internet, of Dream Beam, etc) I'm trying to move to PDX asap and this might be a cool opportunity for me to get out there. LET'S TALK.
  • Strong debut.
  • I know how to make a grand Internet-entrance (jk)
  • Dream Beam in PDX? KEWL.
  • (there isn't actually a basement, that was a joke.)
  • I actually do have a haunted basement. It is like beyond Blair Witch territory, seriously.
    I should charge $75 a night for thrill-seekers
  • What's so haunted about it? I totally do not believe in that stuff any more. I bet I wouldn't be scared.
  • It is horrible.
    It is a pitch-black, wet, dank hole. The floor is dirt. There are sort of walls but then if you turn on the light (hanging naked bulb) you can see beyond the wall there is more dirt? Like the basement is sort of just these lightly-tacked-up boards and all around them is just the earth. Totally where a serial killer would put someone/their body(ies). Also, MAJOR SPIDERS.

    It just has intensely bad vibes. I won't even look toward the steps to it when it's nighttime and I'm doing laundry

    I bet if I shut you in there with the light off you'd be scared in like one minute
  • Sounds like a wager!
  • Sounds like a good place to keep root veggies and/or worms.
  • Zuckerburg would be so scared he'd like drop dead in one minute and then there'd be even more hauntings!
  • I bet kmikeym could not be afraid.
    That's not a fear of h'antings, that's, like, a real world fear

    Really good call on the root cellar, KoaC, I am so scared of it down there it never even occurred to me that it could be useful.

    My feeling says that it's way too damp to be a good root cellar though. Aren't root cellars supposed to be cool and dry?

    Don't need worms no more now that the city picks up everything. GO GO GADGET CITY COMPOST
  • I would not last down there. I hear the wifi is terrible.
  • I could last one minute easy. The spiders are definitely the worst part of this.
  • edited January 2012
    Here is everything you need to know about spiders by Bruce Haack

    Spiders are insect cousins
    And there are spiders by the hundreds of dozens
    They lay many eggs
    Have many kids
    And their scientific name is Arachnids

    I once saw a spider who was very cute...
    He was using his silk as a parachute.
    My friend Co.D. helped put out this rerelease on Mississippi Records.
  • image

    To me they're just the height of beauty and logic
  • Once some bad people gave drugs to the spiders
    Just so they could see how fucked up their webs would be

  • This one says it all

  • Please do not give the spiders any Schedule 1 drugs before I am locked in with them.
  • So this thread reminds me of an interesting fact I learned last week, due to the fact that I now have a client with what I think I will end up diagnosing as a "specific phobia." (A specific phobia is basically like your good ol' fear of spiders or germs or elevators.) Since I all-of-a-sudden have to figure out how to treat someone with a specific phobia, I started doing some reading on it, and I find this fascinating: If a mom has a specific phobia that is animal-based, her kids are more likely than other kids to have animal-based phobias, but not necessarily of the same animal. And if mom has a situational-based phobia (like a fear of being in a crowd), her kids are much more likely to have situational-based phobias, but not necessarily about the same situation. My sister does not find this fascinating and chalks it up to social learning, but I don't agree. I think if it were learned, it would be "a learned fear of spiders" not "a learned fear of one particular animal, but not necessarily spiders."

  • edited January 2012
  • that is CRAZY. Wow! What would that even mean???
    It's chemical, and passed down? How does the chemical distinguish between "animals" and "any other category?" That is fascinating, I agree with you, your sister is crazy
  • My grandmother was terrified of lightening and birds.
  • edited January 2012
    My mom was very fearful of spiders. She made me very fearful of her fear of spiders. Nothing was scarier than being around her when she thought she was being chased by a spider or spiders.

    I say 'was' because she got over it in her 40's. I asked her how she got past her fear. She said, "I figured out what spiders meant to me and what I was really afraid of." I didn't ask what she was really afraid of. It seemed too personal. My hunch was some Freudian shee and I just left it where she left it. Maybe that's weird, but that's how it is with my mom.

    Ghosts and spiders are about equal in my fraidy scale. I have to think very super extra-rational thoughts to blot out all the irrational ghostly fears that come up when say, I have to go down into an old basement in the middle of the night to find a battery or put some clothes in a dryer. There is a basement in my life now where I have to go down nasty old stairs and then wave my hand around to find the pull chain to turn on the single dreary lightbulb in the laundry room. The worst moment comes when I have to turn my back on whatever is down there, snap the light off and make it back up the stairs (before it gets me).

    I'm not a very good adult sometimes.
  • this is how I feel about geese
  • One time there was a rat in my garage and now when I flip the light on I'm always on guard because he could be anywhere.
  • last night I dreamed I ran over a skunk
  • "before it gets me"

    this is a tight call.
    i'm so worried about when it's finally gonna get me :(
  • Whenever I look out of a window at night, I imagine a horrible scary face looking in : - (
  • Me too.

    When I was little I thought it was going to be a PIRATE. What's up with that?
    I no longer find pirates frightening, or have any clue what sparked this.
  • I sometimes set little booby traps in my room before I go to sleep. I'll slide my laundry basket in front of the door so if a bad guy comes in he'll make a racket tripping over it and I'll have time to open my window and leap out.
  • That remind me of James Bond in Dr. No putting his hair across the closet doors with his saliva.
  • edited January 2012
    Wanda, that is the smartest thing I have ever heard.
  • I do that too! Laundry basket! Sometimes bottles stacked up.
  • I guess we shouldn't post our secret defense mechanisms on the internet

    also I got a dog
  • Have you thought getting a gun? Just for home defense?
  • I have! Here is how that thought process went: "Isn't it fucking insane that people get guns for home defense???"
  • "Hey honey, I've brought something into our home that's 65% more likely to kill one of us than an intruder!"

    "How many times have you been in the kitchen, needed the shotgun, and thought 'dang I left it in the living room'"

    "I guess the next place he robs better have a RAMP! Ha ha ha"
  • edited January 2012
    What if you had a gun, but no bullets? Or just blanks. I bet if you fired blanks at a burgler he'd run away.

    What are the stats like for swords?

    Or learn to box. Or invite your brother to live with you and he can have a gun in his room.
  • You guys reminded me that when I was a kid I was terrified that a vampire would enter my room during the night (possibly assisted by grappling hook) and bite my neck. So I always had the covers all the way up over my neck at night.

    Is that new Harry Potter haunted house movie going to be scary?
  • Sword story:

    "As Samir Tawfik lay on an office floor at Georgia Tech, awaiting a death blow from a sword, he asked his assailant one question over and over."
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