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They Need A New 33 1/3 Book, You Could Be Famous

edited January 2012
Bloomsbury is thrilled to announce a call for new proposals for the acclaimed 33 1/3 book series, previously published by Continuum. (Bloomsbury acquired Continuum in July 2011).

The series - each volume of which focuses on one popular music album of the last several decades - started in September 2003 and has so far published 85 titles. Books in the series so far have taken a wide range of approaches, on subjects ranging from albums by the Kinks to James Brown, from Bob Dylan to Prince, from the Pixies to Public Enemy, and from the Beastie Boys to Celine Dion.

In these new proposals, we'll be looking for original research, for stories in the history of popular music (recent or otherwise) that haven't been told too often (if at all), and for perspectives that will broaden and develop the discipline of writing about music, as read by a global readership of music scholars and fans.

Proposals will be considered for books about any album that hasn't already been covered in the series, or isn't already under contract. (The Wikipedia page on the series can help with this.) Your choice of album is precisely that: yours. Titles in the series typically sell 4-5,000 copies or more: if you're convinced that enough readers around the world would rush out to buy your book, then go ahead and persuade us!

All resulting books published in the series as a result of this call for proposals will be published under the Bloomsbury Academic imprint during 2013 and 2014. (All existing titles in the series will also be re-branded as Bloomsbury Academic titles, in due course.)


  • Alex! Do it!

  • Everyone should read Carl Wilson's book about Celine Dion. Very very highly recommended.
  • have often thought the world (or myself at least) should know more about the making of Death Certificate. might be worth a try.
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    ugh shut up or make it real
  • edited February 2012
    Would you care to expand upon that remark, Mme. Thread?
  • I said, put your money where your mouth is.... And give me that book!!!
  • I really prefer D+ to Beat Happening. #puttingmymoneywheremymouthis
  • Thanks for clarifying. ;)

    (Tough room.)
  • Alex, with all due respect, I was trying to sweet-talk DrJ just as graciously as I could into applying his time, experience, and reputation to this most worthy endeavor, while emphasizing that it would be met with great celebration on the behalf of myself and countless others.

    Okay, okay, I'll start a topical tumblr account... you know, the kind that starts with "F" (and not for Fan).
  • I noticed DJ that you posted a video of a Colosseum-style heavy rock group on your blog, c. 1982, with the tag "B.H.?" Like B.H., the band was from the N.W. Were you making a comment as to the greater tone of popular music from the environment?

    Thank you
  • Something like that LT. NW. 1982. Watching those dudes I was just thinking about the different creative youth factions in that particular historical moment (people my age, like Calvin, turned 19 that year). Thinking about antitheticals, you know?

    I like that they namecheck The Sonics and The Wailers (so did we). I like the way they talk about 'the industry' checking out what's going on in the NW. It's amusing to see people telling that same story to themselves decade after decade and across genre after genre.

  • I dug how they were like "we are a Colosseum band. We'll play a tavern if we have to, but..."
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    Yes, absolutely!

    Please find below, another document from this era.

    This represents the antecedent to corporate 'alternative' music, AKA 'New Wave', another antithetical commercial style of the time.

    What position did Beat Happening occupy in this social and commercial context?

    Theirs was a style occupied more or less by Hardcore Punk Rock. BH were pioneers in the anti-macho, anti-masculine-violence variation on the Hardcore style.

  • Yay context!!
    I think that popularly it is not appreciated that BH are bad ass. They get put into the twee pocket and that is that.
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