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edited October 2010

People are confused, but I don't really know how to fix that. A lot of people don't want to use their own name, so people are always going to be confused.

BUT, I call to an end of the Twin Peaks theme.

If people want to participate I call for a Basketball theme in honor of the NBA season starting a week from today and Spirit of 77.


  • In honor of my personal best at pop-a-shot I claim my own name for the basketball theme!
  • I choose to honor celebrity coach Jerry Tarkanian out of a simple hometown pride
  • I choose to honor The Teen Wolf who was very good at basketball, also fucking

    I kind of like being a bit confused by who is who, and I like the warm flush of friendship I feel when I identify someone just by their vibe.

    this is rimsy a.k.a. Leland a.k.a. J. Walter Weatherman

    We will change and change and stay the same

  • Tark the Shark!
    No cooler basketball coach ever, maybe!
    Also no other coach was known for having the nervous habit of biting/sucking on towels

  • that habit is so famous that EVEN I HAVE HEARD OF IT
  • I am going with The_Denver_Nuggets because although I find many of the current players to be gross/weird I am from Denver and/plus I love their logo. Also "Nuggets" is an amazing name for a team.
  • How bout this guy:

  • Is he a troll?
  • A TROLL???

    He's a cool miner dude living in the mountains of Colorado never shaving his cool face but getting excited for Nuggets basketball and wearing basketball shorts while panning for gold!
  • edited October 2010
    I'm into the new theme.

    Toni Kukoc is, arguably, my favorite player of all time. Chicago Bulls, Milwaukee Bucks, doesn't matter. He used to come into the store I worked at back in Illinois and buy Cigar Afficionado Magazine from me. He has enormous hands.

    Excited about basketball starting up. Playing in my first Fantasy league ever, so we'll see how that goes. Otherwise, GO BUCKS/BULLS/MAGIC.
  • Miners are basically trolls.
  • Is it too soon to say that?
  • edited October 2010
    I love this theme.

    I'm Pau. Gasol. AKA Gordon AKA Matthew S Spencer.
  • How weird are basketball mascots in general? @toni and I were talking about this. Most are weird indiscriminate creatures.
  • Maybe we should start another book club and read Sacred Hoops.
  • I have to admit, I always find the confusion confusing. I changed mine to zin. But I'm keeping my peaks pic.
  • edited October 2010
    I just watched an amazing basketball movie called "More Than a Game".
    Heart warming! Great story about scrappy kids, including LeBron James, playing together from age 10 on. Made me feel so pumped.

    I'm not changing my name, though. I like being myself, the owls.
  • BLAZE is the worst mascot. I seriously hate him.

    That head?
    The wacky tail?
    His head looks like a fancy basketball shoe. He's really annoying.
  • Television/B-Ball thread crossover!!

    Did you guys see the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary about Vlade Divac, "Once Brothers"? Toni Kukoc is in it. It was really good!
  • maybe every time we change our theme we could reintroduce ourselves (as certain people (ahem: ME) have been doing all along, e.g. "Hello I am Teen Wolf née Leland née J. Walter Weatherman")??? Maybe we could create permanent ever-increasing "sigs" for our posts detailing who-all we once were?

    Time is like a great ship on the sea. You can't stop that ship, but you can get on board the ship and yell "ALL ABOARD THE TRAIN"
  • @KmikeyM: No Batum love for the new theme?
  • BATUM is the only consideration I made r.e. name change!

    Also, would like to honor the man that is slipping away... Patty.
    Patty is such a chill bro, I wish he would be ours.
  • Hello I am Teen Wolf née Leland née J. Walter Weatherman
  • I'm staying Ed Chigliak, Northern Exposure 4LYFE.
    Till I change it.
    Perhaps my personal theme will be favorite tv sitcom characters?
    (I don't know very much about basketball)
  • Hasselbeck I don't know who you are but you better watch it (your butt)
  • I'm Wanda by the way.
  • You can tell by my hood rat ways that I am dalas ;)
  • Remember how Pau is cool?

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