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I mailed my ballot today, just sayin.

YES ON 74!


  • We should talk shop. Any advice on the measures from our resident experts?
  • I voted NO for private casinos. I voted YES on a lot of things. I voted against minimal sentencing... I voted for a lot of DEM on the front page.

    I should have memorized my ballot better. I already sealed and made the drop. Not that I'm an expert... by ANY means. Just voted my opinions.
  • Here's the Willamette Week picks, and their more in depth coverage.

    What I want to know: what does our resident Republican think?
  • What I want to know is what our resident expert who works in politics thinks: ZIN.

    I heard that Defend Oregon released their Ballot Measure guide. In fact here it is:
  • I want to know why Defend Oregon didn't come out against the casino. That sounds like some weak sauce right there.
  • I think I'm voting for the casino. There are so many around + video poker, lottery, and keno everywhere, I don't really see why it would matter to block it.
  • As much as casinos gross me out, if old people are going to gamble away their retirement we might as well get some jobs and school assistance out of it. I don't know much on the matter though. If they are clearcutting an old growth forest I'll oppose it.
  • hm. yeah looks more complicated than my surface assessment. A study (suspiciously commissioned by the Oregon Tribal Gaming Alliance) predicts that school and local government assistance may take a hit from the measure, since the casino revenue will affect the Oregon Lottery (Oregon Lottery donates 65 cents on the dollar to schools vs. the proposed 25 cents via Casinos).
  • I'm not against casinos, but it does seem like a non-tribal casino very close to Portland (at the old Greyhound track) would really hurt business at the tribal casinos which I think is kinda a bummer. Tribal casinos are complex and weird but I think hurting their business is in general a bad thing for those areas/tribes.
  • That's my feeling, Baron Davis.
  • US law doesn't "allow" tribal casinos. US law is that states lack the authority to tax or regulate Indian activities on Indian reservations (in '88 a law was passed to give the federal government power to regulate gaming on Indian reservations). While this doesn't change the likelihood of a Portland area casino being bad for tribal casino business, I think it's important to point out that the government isn't condoning or allowing tribal casinos.

    Furthermore the state already encourages gambling with the lottery and video poker machines and scratch-its. And further-futhermore there is a flood of unregulated poker games being played all around the city.

    I hate the lotto, scratch-its, and video poker machines, but I like a casino. It's my understanding that this measure has no chance of actually passing so I plan on voting YES without thinking too much about the implementation.
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  • "Please let us have some fun before we pass into eternal darkness. Vote YES on our casino. There's some hard candy in it for you."

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  • I just dropped off my ballot at the 'brary!

    Feels good. Felt good.

    HEY DUDES, make a vote happen, if you haven't yet. We need you! Remember life will be incrementally shittier if you don't vote.

    Also, if you don't vote 'Zin will look you up in his database and shame you.

  • I got stuck in the "BALLOT LANE" the other day on accident. Behind the YU building.


    FYI: There's a ballot lane behind the YU building for dropsies.
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