Valentine's Day
  • We all know it is a dumb manufactured holiday
    that it is heteronormative and materialistic
    that its color scheme is obnoxious
    and that St. Valentine was shot with arrows til he died

    every year my old man gives me a rant about compulsory heteronormative monogamy and its enforcement by the greeting card industry, which then devolves into a general discourse on capitalism. I look forward to this rant because it's how I mark the passage of time, and I like watching my old man's mouth move while he yells about corporate america. This year, though, he's in France! I'M NOT GETTING ANYTHING FOR VALENTINES DAY!!!!!

    What are your thoughts on this stupidest of holidays?

    Remember V Day in grade school when everyone had to give everyone else a valentine so nobody got their feelings hurt? And remember spending hours poring over the valentine your crush gave you, trying to see if there was any hidden information about how secretly he really did love you even though he showed no signs of this in real life? The one I particularly remember was from my decade-long crush, Patrick, and it was a Pizza Hut brand valentine that showed a piece of pizza being lifted from out of a Pizza Hut brand pizza pan, and the legend read: "You're a slice above the rest!" on the back he had written "PAT." I clutched this valentine for days, obsessing over it, trying to read clues in his handwriting, trying to figure out which other girl(s) in class had received the same valentine (you know they were just sheets of perforated cards you ripped off, there would be like 4 or 5 designs repeated again and again) and what that meant.

    It turned out it didn't mean anything. Remember designing your valentine box that you hung on your desk? And then some people's crazy mothers had baked cupcakes for every student with hearts on them or whatever? And you thought "WHAT A WEIRDO" even as you stuffed cupcake in your mouth

    Hey people with grade school aged children, is this still a thing? compulsory valentines? I remember it was like homework, your mom would nag you to do your valentines and you'd be like "UGHHHHH." Spending hours on the ones to your friends and then just writing your name on the ones to the lame-os. I remember it was so humiliating to have to give valentines to the girls in class who were mean to me

  • I'm going to take Sasha to MONTAGE for an ironic Valentines Dinner. Get her alligator bites wrapped in a foil rose.
  • I'm really glad I only spent 1 year in American grade school. It just all seemed so TACKY. Although I guess Jr high and high school also sucked. College was cool, though.
  • Anyway, I don't mind Valentines Day that much. I'm actually doing the $10,010 Pizza Hut Engagement Special: image
  • once i made cupcakes... we left them on the table to cool while visiting grandmama's house
    when we came back home... the cat took one lick off the top of each strawberry cake!!
    those babies got frosted and served to mine friends and enemies
  • Gonna go see Journey 2 3D and then hit the Red Lobster.
  • I'm literally going to spend the entire day and evening grading papers.
  • I was going to give Josh this card, but I didn't get my act together. Sorry, honey!

    Also, we decided this morning to opt out of any perhaps-extant compulsory Valentine's action for Calvin. For gods sake, he's two. Those kids couldn't care less. But I'll probably feel like a shit if everyone else then gives him a Valentine and he doesn't. Am I supposed to get his teachers something? Ugh.
  • Jenn is coming down from SeaTac and I'm taking her to the Nite Hawk.

  • Valentine's Day in primary school is still just as you describe, YT. I present my class blog entry on the topic as evidence:

    I'd love to skip it but my students would hate me and I'd get a Grinch teacher rep. I don't want to be the Grinch!
  • Any of you ladies celebrating Galentine's Day?
  • I am going to a V-Day screening of some Love-related vids I made for the local experimental cable access TV program. My vids each focus on a theme of love: Sex, Love (general), and Loss.

    No, ex-boyfriend, I do not want to take you up on your offer to go together. it would be too confusing
  • I aspire to be almost - but not quite - as heteronormative as Mikey. At Ping.

    Most holidays make me anxious about not doing them right. VD is no exception.

    I still like the part about candy hearts with phrases printed on them.

    I also love YTruly's story about a Valentine's Day ruined by Paris.

  • O. Yes! -

    Josie was asked to make 20 Valentines for her first grade homework this weekend.

    I came to endorse this exercise.

    She was assigned to compose Valentine acrostics from the names of kids in her class. Acrostics are when you put a word vertically and then use each of its letters to start across, like Scrabble. (I don't think I knew that.)

    It pushed spelling, sociality, observation and vocabulary.

    I was down and Josie seemed into it.

    She likes to sort and rank her buddies.
    (Maybe a little too much. Maybe?)

    First grade.
  • Mikey isn't that heteronormative. We did things last night during "An Enchanting Evening" that most of you will only dream about! DON'T TELL JEN!
  • Acrostics, so sweet and personal!

    I made a chocolate-avocado-nougat pie for the division meeting ^_^
  • If you need a last-minute valentine, try printing out one of these, featuring famous dictators, or these, featuring famous philosophers!
  • By the way, thanks YT for introducing me to the term 'heteronormative'.

    Found it again on the Twitter profile of neo-Nazi, excuse me, 'White Nationalist" Hunter Wallace.

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