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Secret Song of the Day

edited October 2010
So, there is the new UrHo and one exciting thing is that the new SSOTD player is on every UrHo page with navigation and it should work for all browsers now so I don't think I will be posting the mp3 here every time I update because the new UHX doesn't have automatic mp3 player in it.
Also, I will be doing a little wrap up SSOTD post for the front page of UrHo every week (where if I do the little write up for the songs if I want to do a little write up). Hmm...but then you won't be able to hear the old ones. I wonder what the best way to do this is.

Hmm. Maybe I will do the little write up still here so people can listen that day and then compile them for the less hardcore UrHo visitors on the frontpage weekly. Thanks for being there for me while I talk myself through this.

Anyway, the ones for this week so far have been:
Nudge - My New Youth
White Williams - New Violence



  • Friday October 22, 2010

    Herb Alpert - Rise

    So smooth you might think I'm crazy, but just ride the groove and about midway through it gets so funky and you will recognize something from another song you know. Glide into the weekend.
  • Tuesday October 26 2010

    Daniel Collings - Doing Something

    He’s Daniel Collings! He’s 14 years old! He’s from Australia. He wrote two songs and sings them acapella in his backyard in front of a drum set. Clearly inspired by the deepest of underground house musics.

    This is a beautiful thing.

    I really like both songs. The SSOTD is the second one he sings.
  • Did he say "I'm eating a billabong"? Like, the surf apparel brand? What is this mysterious slang?
  • I've actually been trying to figure that out as well.
    Billabong is an australian term for a specific kinda lake/body of water. It's where the brand got its name, but that doesn't make "i'm eating a billabong" any less mysterious but at least he does rhyme it with ping pong.
  • About a week ago, this became super popular on another forum I frequent.

    True fans should check out:

  • Thursday October 28

    Arp - Pastoral Symphony: I.Dominoes II.Eternal Room
  • I've been listening to a lot of Arp.
  • Friday October 29

    Righeira - Vamos a la Playa (Dub Version)

    This is a song from 1983 by two Italian guys named Stefano sung in Spanish. It's about atomic war and also going to the beach. This is the dub version for the dancefloor. It was a minor hit in UK/Europe.
  • Sunday October 31

    New England Roses - Blood Blood Blood

    This is a group that features JD Samson from Le Tigre + MEN, Brendan Fowler from BARR, and Sarah Shapiro. They made 1 album and 1 7".
  • Friday November 5

    Ollie & Jerry - Breakin'...There's No Stoppin' Us

    What a great band name! What a great song! Ollie & Jerry consists of drummer Ollie E. Brown & singer Jerry Knight.

    I'm definitely naming a child Ollie E.

    This was the theme to the breakdancing movie "Breakin'."

    This is a slightly different mix than I posted but the vid is pretty great!
  • Sunday November 7

    Radar Bros. - Camplight
  • Tuesday November 9

    Hype Williams - Rescue Dawn II

    Mysterious shrouded band from Europe that makes hazy re-appropriated weed screwed synth jams. Is this witch house? Not exactly, but shares some similar influences.
  • I love the filmmaker/video dudes movie Belly. I own it on DVD!

    Here is another page about the band Hype Williams

    I put together UrHo Secret Song of the Day Volume 11, the zipped up folder file!!!

    GRAB IT!

    all over volumes still available

    398 songs in all the volumes. Pretty sweet!
  • Thursday November 11

    Privacy - Goodnight Fox
  • Friday November 12

    Positive K - I Got a Man

    Top 10 underrated party starters.

    From 1992.

    Male/Female Dialectic
  • Monday November 15

    Landing - Coming Down

    It's totally Landing time of year. This song comes from their first official LP, Circuit. Fall Fall Fall Fall Fall Fall.
  • what a lovely song. can't believe the ride cymbal.
  • edited November 2010
    Thursday November 18

    Men at Work - Overkill

  • edited November 2010
    Friday November 19

    Ghost Town DJs - My Boo

    This group only released this one song. It was on a compliation on Jermaine Dupri's So So Def label called "So So Def Bass All Stars." Great song.
  • This is one of my favorite songs.
  • Wednesday November 24

    Kurt Vile - In My Time

    Modern dude. He does solo stuff and has a band called The War on Drugs.
    This song is the perfect combo of like mellow Dino Jr./Meat Pups and like Petty for me.
  • Monday November 29

    Ray Lynch - The Oh of Pleasure

    from the album Deep Breakfast (1984)
  • Tuesday November 30

    Maze - Joy and Pain (Beltway 8 C&S Mix)

  • edited December 2010
    Friday December 3

    Orange Juice - Rip It Up

    Been meaning to delve into this Scottish early 80s act for a long time as many people I know think they are great. Edwyn Collins who went onto a solo career was in this band. Feeling it.

  • I love this song so much. Thanks AFTSP!
  • edited December 2010
    Tuesday December 7

    Ô Paon - Aéroport/Évolution

    Really enjoying this album "Courses" in this season that it fits so well.
    GO JO(EY).

    2 songs from this collection were calling out to me today. The other one was short and perfect. The one I chose is 9 minutes long and presents a struggle. Sometimes that is needed.
  • edited December 2010
    Thursday December 9

    Teddy Riley & Tammy Lucas - Is It Good To You?

    DJing tonight at Valentines and I've been just swimming in New Jack Swing songs. I didn't know this one before a couple days ago but its pretty slamming and a pretty perfect representation of the genre.
    (Teddy was premier producer of New Jack Swing, made a lot of the big hits, was a member of the group Guy which had a bunch of jams, and later he was in Blackstreet)
  • Friday December 10

    Chic - Everybody Dance

    This disco song makes me feel good. Also Nile Rodgers makes me feel good.
    This is the 8 minute 12" version! VINYL RIP!

  • Sunday December 12

    Yume Bitsu - Wabi Morning Side A

    I dare you to wake up on a Sunday morning and put this on and it not be the most refreshing beautiful accepting damn way to start a day ever.

    Side A of an improvised minimal 2 piece Yume Bitsu vinyl release. Side A feature trumpet and electric guitar. Side B is acoustic guitar and voice and bells I believe.
  • Monday December 13

    Isan - Cutlery Favours
  • Wednesday December 15

    The Superions - Fruitcake

    This is a current Fred Schneider side project. This is the only holiday song I'm really feeling right now. It's boss. It's dumb and so fun.
  • Friday December 17

    Ze Malibu Kids - I Won't Forget You

    A weird project by the McDonald brothers from the great punk--->power pop group Redd Kross, and Anna Waronker from that dog, and a 7 year old drummer. This song hits a perfect sad love note for me.
  • Sunday December 18

    Beck - Super Golden Black Sunchild
  • Wednesday December 22

    Teenage Fanclub - Mad Dog 20/20

    That wine was the best girl I ever had.
  • Friday December 24

    The Three Suns - Skaters Waltz

    From the album A Ding Dong Dandy Christmas. I got this from James Voges!
  • Monday December 27

    R. Kelly - Lost in Your Love

    This is from Kelly's brand new Love Letter album that is SOOO GOOD. It isn't the ridiculous dumb sex analogy Kelly of recent years. It's his attempt at being super classic r&b. There are songs that are reminiscent of Sam Cooke. There is sultry 70s style soul. It's like the unofficial sequel to his Happy People album. I love it.
    Good call, Steve.
  • Yes, I also enjoy all iterations of Robert Kelly, but maybe I especially I enjoy when he blows up the irony bridge that often people use to approach his music and also makes a music that I could play for my parents.
    Where he says that he just wants people to know the momma's boy side of him!
    That he wants to be able to be "Robert," not "Kells," not "The Pied Piper," not "the Weatherman!"
    "I hate hate. I love love."
    It both broke my heart and blew my mind. Hats off to you, Robert Kelly.
  • Friday December 31

    I made a tiny weird NYE micromix (10 minutes)

    Auld Dang Sine (Amps for Mariah)
  • I love this.

    Saturday January 1

    Little Dragon - A New (Tropics Remix)
  • Monday January 3

    Heart - Never

    Nothing to get you through the first Monday of TwentyElevey than some midtempo syncopated 80s rock synths and STRONG lady vox.
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