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Smoothie Combos

edited March 2012
I remember in the primordial days of UHX someone recommended adding peanut butter to your Berry Blast smoothie at Jamba Juice, I followed these directions and it blew my mind. Although I still enjoy the occasional all-fruit smoothie at Jamba, these days I'm mostly making my own. It seems you all are too! So what are you assholes putting in yr smoothie today?


  • 1 tangelo (juiced)
    frozen mango chunks
    whole milk yogurt
    calamansi juice
  • edited March 2012
    One of my jobs for the lady visitor is to prepare her morning smoothie.

    We put old bananas in the freezer, like when they are brown. They get even browner in there, but just on the outside.

    I take a frozed banana and cut it in half and then scrape the peel off. Chop that up. Add some other frozen stuff, a couple strawberries, maybe a few Trader Joes pineapple chunks. And two ice cubes (they make it light). Then some Kefir if we have it, or a little fruit juice (grape, apple, POG, whatever) and a bit of milk (need liquids or the cheap blender gets stuck). Big scoop of Protein, little scoop of Vitamin C. Grind it!

    Peanut butter sounds very interesting!
  • Frozen strawberries
    Frozen blueberries
    Hemp protein powder
    Flax oil
    Non frozen banana

    In that order, every morning, for several years now. I'd try different ones, but it's easier to just have a routine and stock up.
  • Kale or Collards
    Frozen banana
    Water (or, if possible, coconut water)
  • Gary and I were on a great smoothie routine but have fallen off the wagon. I think it's easier in summertime:

    plain yogurt
    ground flaxseed
    peanut butter
  • I put everything in. EVERYTHING.

  • This was my first KmikeyM SuperSmoothie™ and I was relieved at how good it was. Not good like french fries or grilled cheese, but more like spinach salad or crispy kale.
  • Your breakfast has great production values, Mikey. Nice smoothie sound-bed.
  • I did the KmikeyM SuperSmoothie™ again this morning. It's not as a tasty as the smoothies i used to make, but I think I'm already learning to enjoy the taste of hemp protein and brewer's yeast.
  • for the hardest of hardcore:

    Kale and/or spinach
    2-3 carrots
    2 cloves raw garlic
    half teaspoon cayenne pepper
    all-one vitamin powder

    *do not drink this before going on a date

  • 4 years ago I made a smoothie video as well.

  • Today's version got ginger chunks. +1
  • I made the Kmikeym SuperSmoothie™ for Curt this morning. He liked it. Or he pretended to in order to spare my delicate feelings.
  • Why not put more fruit in it for flavor and for good nutrients?
  • oh yeah, we used to put garlic in ours too! It's not so bad if you don't overdo it. Goes good with ginger.

    MORE FRUIT, I agree with Boaty

    I bought a bag of clemmies at Trader Joes and have been eating like 8 a day and there are still so many left! I think the giant bag or box of clemmies or satsumas at Trader Joes is easily the best buy in the history of consumer products
  • edited March 2012
    classic forkner super green spinach and nut butter blender special

    1 to 2 cups baby spinach, like a big wad of it. maybe two wads. fuck it.
    1 banana
    around 5 frozen mango chunks
    maybe 10 frozen blueberries
    1 plop of yogurt
    1 hearty splash/glug glug of almond, oat or hemp milk
    1 tablespoon peanut or almond butter (trader joes has ones w flax seeds in em already!)
    1 good dusting of green powder with all them green stuffs (i go easier on this than i used to 'cause the stuff tends to make me a bit speedy)
    2 ice cubes

    optional fiber boosts:
    any cereal in the cupboard (whole grain cheerios or shredded wheats...mmm)
    flax seeds
    for rotorooter fiber power

    fuckin a.

    all them oils mike puts in his seem pimp as fuck tho

    kale is trendy and stringy and gets stuck in yr teeth
    spinach rules
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