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That snoopy is TOO MUCH!

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Show us more SNOOPY!!!!!!


    Whoever invented the Kong is a fucking genius. Oh wait now he's chewing on an old bone.

    He's nice. Just in one hour he has bloomed so much. He was real hesitating and emo on our first walk. Then we crated him for an hour and he took a chill pill. Then we took him out again and he was like a whole new guy. Tail up and wagging, saying hi to a neighbor dog and to our housemate (stuck his tongue in housemate's coffee: BAD), then he even went pee in an appropriate location and received a chicken treat. Now he's chewing and Gary is laying on the couch staring at him.

    This feels really weird. I can't believe it is happening. He almost knows sit, it's amazing. We've had him for one hour and he almost knows "sit" and can almost fetch (he can sit, wait for you to throw, go get it, bring it back, but then not relinquish. So close!). Dogs belong with people! It's so weird!

    Also: scared of fire hydrants. What??

    We are awaiting the first household accident, hopefully involving pee and not poop.

    In honor of MIke, we have decided to make his bathroom phrase "Make it Happen." You are supposed to get them to associate a certain phrase with pooping so that later they can poop on command, like if you are pressed for time. "MAKE IT HAPPEN BUDDY"

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    What a sweetheart!

    My poop command for Greta is "Be the decider!"
  • I'd like to pat him on the head.
  • he's snoozing so hard. We can't get him to poop.
    "That's life in the funny pages"
  • Did he poop on your pillow?
  • no poops, no crying! Slept all night. Woke us up at 6:30. Pretty harsh, but I am told as time passes we can manipulate this a bit.

    Went pee outside then but did not poop. I emailed my dog friend (good with dogs, not literally a dog) and she said it's normal for a new dog to go on a poop strike for awhile so I'm not stressing.

    Apparently if you feed them canned pumpkin it will make them poop and also soothe them if they are barfing.

    Now he's sleeping again propped on Gary's leg making hilarious snoring sounds.
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    (in solidarity with the French workers)
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    top 10
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    thank you notes
  • ???!!!!!! That old cat???

  • His legs are so long!
    Are you sure he isn't part gazelle?
  • I know, I tell him that every day.
    Gary calls him a "doe deer."

    He is a leggy little potato chip. We just went on our first-ever semi-successful walk! He overcame his fear of shadows and got a treat. He revealed a weird obsession with well-lit public concrete areas, possibly weird memories of the shelter? Then we worked on "sit" and "down" until he suddenly freaked out and bit my foot. Now he is chewing a bone.

  • God spoke to Franklin today:

  • What a looker!

    Stuff I wish I did with my dog while he was young and impressionable: On a regular basis give him a fake vet checkup, grab something weird and stick it in his ear, open his mouth (brush his teeth!), pick at his feet... generally get him used to being poked and prodded so he doesn't freak at the vet. (TREATS!) Nothing is more depressing than the vet having to muzzle your dog to look in his ears.

    Get a doggie dremel tool for his claws (so much less traumatic than the plier style cutters) and use it a lot, even if its just touching it to his claws to get him used to the vibration. (MORE TREATS!)

    Don't EVER let him walk in front of you. If he does, suddenly change direction and make your "heel" sound so he ends up getting yanked a bit in the new direction. Pretty soon he will figure out he doesn't know where he is going and you do, and will be conditioned to look at you every time you make that sound. Very helpful for breaking attention away from dogs, squirrels, piles of poop, discarded food, homeless people laying on the sidewalk, small children running to pet him, etc. when on walks.
  • He lets us prod and inspect him all over. while he is sleeping I hold his paws in my hand and squish them and feel between them. Not to get him ready for the vet! Just because I like it! I will dig around in his ears and mouth next, though, that's good advice. As is the nail cutting tool--I've been worrying about that.

    He's not a great walker yet but he's definitely getting better. He's learning not to pull and I notice he's looking up at me more now. At first he just pulled as hard as he could straight ahead, but after some mild yanking, firm constant pulling on a short leash, and tedious implementation of "NO" and "good dog" at appropriate times, he SEEMS better although he's not great yet.

    He has his first class tonight and I'm hoping we will learn a lot about walking.

    Also today we tried to leave him alone in the house, in his crate. I'd done it this morning for 10 minutes and recorded him while I was gone, and no peep! but then we did it later for 30 minutes, got home and checked garage band, and he barked and howled for THE ENTIRE 30 MINUTES. Holy shit. This is the last problem I would want to have with a dog--me having been so tormented in los angeles by the literally countless shitty neglected dogs living in apartments in that city (or possibly all living together in the apartments directly next to whatever apartment I currently lived in). WHAT TO DO???

    It is karma biting my asshole???
  • Is he sleeping in his crate? That's a good way to get them used to it, make them think of it as their "safe spot". Giving treats for kenneling up (my command, "kennel up!") also good for pos associations.
  • Yes! He sleeps in his crate and does fine. He also takes crate time-outs periodically through the day and does fine. He doesn't hate his crate at all. We reward him for being quiet in there.

    Any other ideas? Do you think we rushed things? We've only had him for 4 days, is that too soon to try leaving him? Or is there some other tactic we should us leaving separately instead of together, or using the backdoor, OR, should we put a blanket over his crate when we leave him so it's dark in there?

  • Does he bark at sounds outside or when people come to the door? If not, it might be that he doesn't yet consider it "his territory". But he will soon. It took Hoover a week to realize that he had a new house and then he started barking at the doorbell and doing normal dog stuff, another week or two to work out the separation anxiety issues.

    To help with constant pulling, make sure you are always the first out the door on walks and make him follow you out of the house. NEVER LET HIM LEAD. EVER. Don't let him sniff around and do whatever, walks --at least in the first few months-- should be all business. You decide when and where he can sniff or poop.

    Separation issues: Leave and come back very quietly and see what happens, is it just stress because he knows that when you grab your keys you will be gone for a long time? Mix up your habits (leave thru back door, etc) and work on leaving for small amounts of time (a few seconds to a minute at first) and gradually increase the time. (TREATS!) Try to make it so he has no idea if you'll be gone 30 seconds or 4 hours. Don't make any fanfare when you leave and come back, no big goodbyes or hellos.

    Doesn't work? Walk him to the point he's panting and tired and try again.
  • ok will do. This is really helpful.
    he doesn't bark (yet (hopefully never!!!)) and he's a thousand percent better on the leash now. We just took him on an epic hour-long walk and he didn't pull a single time. Then we let him off leash and threw the tennis ball and he did great. Now he's in his crate chewing a bone. We're going to give him awhile to chill out and then try leaving for a couple minutes, etc.

    So far he's never been left alone, so I don't know if he has trauma based on that. I think it's just separation, like he's still so new and maybe we will disappear at any moment? Hard to say. He's also still whining a little bit in the morning. We wait until he stops and then we go let him out, but it's still annoying. LEARN ABOUT LIFE DUDE!
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  • so, at first as we are doing this experiment, he will be barking/whining the whole time we are gone, right? But then the idea is that he gets better as he gets more confident that we will return? Because right now we've done it like 4 times and each time he has howled the entire time we were gone.

  • oh and no, I'm not in pdx. But we went to obedience school last night and he did great.
    He does mostly great on everything. It's really just the leaving him alone that is stressing me out right now.

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  • It makes me super anxious to think of being responsible for a critter who can't be left alone without howling. And then I realized that I have a critter who literally can't be left alone. Yikes! But I guess we all must think it's worth it.
  • ha ha ha! so true.
  • my critter poops outside, though.

    But yours probably doesn't smell like chicken livers.
  • You should tell your neighbors that he is new and being trained to not howl when you leave. If I was your neighbor I would be thinking about murdering you right now. If you took the time to apologize to me and let me know the game plan, I would feel a little better (but would still dream of murdering your dog).
  • they know. you can't hear him outside of the house, thank god, only inside, so our 3 housemate dudes know about it. After my terrible Life With Barking Dogs I would never not apologize to my neighbors and enlist their help ("if you ever hear him barking PLEASE TELL US" etc.)
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    good soup
  • like what????
  • Puzzles

    dog puzzles have one piece
  • solitaire

    Dog card sets only have one card that says "you can't read," suit of spades
  • dog tumblr account

  • we just bought him a dog puzzle. It's a hollow sphere with a compartment you fill with food and then an adjustable hole. He has to figure out how to get the food out. Franklin is going ABSOLUTELY BONKERS. It is amazing and frustrating to watch. But also incredible, to see him slowly figuring it out! So cat like!
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  • that looks wild
  • Don't think you're off the hook on posting more Franklin pics just because you posted some already.
  • i'm working on it.

    i'll take my camera on our walk right now.

    he's such a lazy bum, it's hard to capture him on film. He's either sleeping hard or leaping high in the air.
  • What a goof!

    Has he started barking yet? It took a couple weeks before Hoover started protecting his propertah.
  • He barks a bit.
    Mostly just when we try to leave him alone, he barks and howls.
    He has gruffed a couple times at someone coming in the door, but so far no insane barking. PLEASE LET IT REMAIN THUS. Also he didn't bark a single time at puppy school.

    He's a dumb baby gorilla who puts his arms around your neck. He slept real good last night. I bought him herbal anxiety medicine but I'm going to wait a few more weeks to see if he chills out about being alone. He's such a baby! He's getting better at meeting people. Way more curious / allowing himself to be touched. Although today we were almost killed by a huge bevy of 4 year olds at recess who encroached and surrounded us like a herd of zombies and the pup was freaking out and the kids had that crazy look in their eye and I was saying "Stop--STOP! STOP!!!" and backing away and the kids wouldn't stop and so finally I LITERALLY TURNED AND RAN AWAY.

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