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UHX Proper Young Lady's Book Club

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This is for the journey and the good of the order. A place to record readers' progress and engage dialogue.


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    Well. Day One has been splendid. @Jdawg received her PYLBC edition of REDWALL and was quite pleased. She read the first chapter aloud to me before retiring. The language is a bit ahead of her vocabulary but not terribly so. We aren't much of a jousty-type family so many of the archaic words (clad, garbed, Abbott, alas) are new to her, but I have a feeling that she'll be gaining ground on the vocabulary rapidly as we move into the book. An eager, somewhat awkward little mouse pining for swordplay is a perfect protagonist. Thank you, Ladies and Founders!
  • Wow, she looks so grown up now!
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    It's crazy. I pick her up from school every thursday and we hang 'til sunday. Every week she is a new, more mature person. Different mannerisms, interests, vocabulary. This transition into proto-adulthood, or at least this initial personality-frame for the rest of life, seems impossibly fleeting.

    I figure if I get 8 good hours a week with her, like one-on-one talking and just going around, not jumbled up with all the necessary and the elective distractions, I've got about 1,000 hours over the next two-and-a-half years before she's pretty much on her way.

    That's just coming from my own experience. I feel like my personality was pretty much baked-in by age 10. Puberty shakes everything up, of course, and lovers and friends and relationships with parents (when she's grown and when we croak), the content of her experiences and how those register as memories, these will all shape the rest of her life, but I feel like the basic frame, the rhythm and ride of what it is to have her particular life and consciousness blowing through her body, is all coming together right now. It's like paint getting tacky, not yet dry. It seems so delicate and indelible. This feels like the moment where whatever human grace has come into my karma might have the possibility of informing sublime qualities in her trajectory. With luck, if that's the right word, she'll get some of the good stuff and leave my dreck behind.

    I don't mean to over-dramatize. I'm alright with how it's all going down. It's just really quite something to see, something to be.
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    Ha! Didn't mean to get so deep in the fatherly prose. Thought maybe a thread like this would be the glide path for @Jdawg to interact with her reading friends.

    It's cool. We'll make it work. Sparkle sparkle.
  • it's amazing!!!

    Also what I was thinking about while I read your post is how trippy/incredible it is that right now all of us are brainstorming these books for her to read, all based on OUR OWN experiences at that age. To think that some of these books will go on to imprint indelibly on HER mind, such that when SHE'S 34 (and you are an ancient old man grandpa) she'll be saying to her friends-with-kids, "oh my god, you HAVE to read the Redwall series, my dad got it for me when I was little and it made such a huge impression on me" etc.

    I agree these years seem super formative. And it's really crazy when you boil it down to 1,000 hours over the next 2 years, that you'll have to influence her. WOW. Also puberty: YUCK

    Fingers crossed she avoids mean girls, shitty boys (although no one can avoid that completely, lets get real), being a mean girl herself, and cigarettes.

  • Oh my G, it's so deep.

    You go, Dad!

    She'll be a good one. Part of the Solution.
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    Having come from two families (mama/dada) myself, I gotta say... it can be kind of awesome, especially at this age.
    Your weekends can be a refuge from her day-to-day. If one parent/life version is giving her a hard time, she can escape to the other. That has to be managed, of course, but in the short term--it can be very refreshing!
    I feel like my own development was accelerated by this back-and-forth. There was always something different to compare my life to. So I did a lot of comparing, took in a lot of different perspectives across my families and the types of lives they led.
    I was an only child who had a more one-on-one parenting experience. While they were and are in the parental role, we also just straight up became friends, which is awesome. When you're just two people, you have to find ways to cooperate outside of the authority and power that a typical nuclear family delineates.
  • this sounds really cool. I've been thinking a lot about how I've always seen my parents as monolithically united. There are very few individual mom/dad feelings or memories for me.....they've always been so tight and in love and such a united front and always together that they are just PARENTS, a single entity.

    What you describe is actually kind of cool. Seems like it encourages the child to actually comprehend that the parents are individual humans, which I think I even still have trouble doing.

    lemons out of lemonade, right?! Legit
  • ha ha! You guys are the best. Yep, trippy as shit. Also, everyday ordinary. It's a tender world we stomp around in. Fingers crossed. beamzzzzz....... little mice and robots
  • That picture!
    It gives my heart a little flutter, to see a small happy person holding a large book- especially Redwall.

    Also, your deep dad moment was beautiful. Thanks for sharing that.
  • Any updates? Since I don't have time to read anymore as a boring adult, I am vicariously reading through your charming daughter...
  • We finished chapter 5. Redwall is our night time jam. I'll give you an update Thursday... ;).
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    I just caught up on my synopsis.... CLUNY THE SCOURGE!!!! That book is so good. Ugh, Cluny is so scary but so awesome, the way his long rat tail is actually also a horrible whip. I am definitely going to be reading some Redwall this year. Other favs: Martin the Warrior, Mattimeo, anything with the hares, anything with the badgers, anything with brave seafaring mice slaves

    The only bad thing about loving books is how sometimes you get so sad cuz they're not true : - /
  • I should have said Jdawg will give you an update this week....
  • How's it going? Updates!
  • Sorry friends. Our house move intervened in our book club work last week.

    (Um.... I hate to admit it, but I'm not sure where Redwall is right now. Maybe it is with the charger to my video camera or my gray sweater, none of which have surfaced yet.)

    I'll try to have the Proper Young Lady give you a Proper update after school today.

    Today was fun. I just got back from the school where I attended her class's "Family History" presentations. Hers featured a lovely hand drawn map of the state of Oregon and claims that she had ancestors on the ground in Oregon, "some of the first White people" in 1837 (mom's) and 1845 (dad's).

    Quite Proper!
  • BTW: REDWALL found in a box containing trivets, a sock, an aerosol can lid and dominoes.
  • Congratulations You are good at packing and unpacking
  • I love redwall where legends are born! It is so interesting, and I can not wait to read more. Thank you so much for recommending it.I am reading and writing books too!I am writing books at school, and reading at school and at home.I am reading two books, one is The White Giraffe,and I am also reading a book called Cherry the Cake fairy.

    yours truly
  • Dear J Dawg
    What are you writing

    Thank you
  • Dear LT I am on my 5th book called The Three Girls. It is about three girls named sally anna and quzzie.The girls find a magic crystal on the playground of their school.Quzzie makes a wish that all the boys in school are nice and gold falls on the boys heads and the boys start to be nice.In school we are going to publish a book. We have to pick a book that we have written and publish it.I want to publish The Three Girls.

    Thank you
  • Really glad you're writing. Keep going!
  • Thank you!

  • Dear JDawg,
    Your story about the three girls sounds really interesting! Will you publish an excerpt here for us to read?

    Happy reading!
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    Dear Wanda this is The Three Girls, chapter one.

    Once upon a time a girl named Anna lived in a house. It was her first day of the second grade. She was very nervous. When she got to school a woman in a bright blue dress was at the stairs.
    "Hi", said the woman, "I am Ms. Lily. I am your playground teacher."
    Anna went down the stairs and two girls were there. ''Hi," said one of the girls. "I am Quizzie and this is Sally. Do you want to play with us?" said Quizzie. "Sure," said Anna.

    And that is chapter one of The Three Girls. Hope you like it.
    Thank you
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    Quizzie is a really great name!

    Sometimes I refer to Quiznos as Quizzies, for example, when my friend Flint and I are like "Let's go to Quizzies for a toasted sandwich!"

    This is a good first chapter, JDawg. Thanks for posting.
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    [Readers may like to know that the manuscript for THE THREE GIRLS was left behind in Seattle. This version of Chapter One was prepared for you by the author from memory. -Ed.]
  • So she's a griot too!
  • Dear JDawg,
    Great chapter! I hope I get to read the rest someday!

  • Dear Wanda I will see if I can put chapter two up of The Three Girls.
    Thank you
  • Dear Alex what is your favorite sandwich at Quizzies?
    Thank you
  • Thank you DrJ! are a great dad.
    Thank you
  • I would name a real human girl "Quizzie," it's a good name!

    Can't wait to hear more about these three girls...

    good work JDawg!
  • I like that Quizzies tuna melt.
  • edited April 2012
    Dear YoursTruly Thank you! I know that nobody in school would pick a name like Quizzie.
  • Dear Alex tuna melt is my favorite sandwich too!
    Thank you
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    Dear LT I am chapter six of REDWELL WHERE LEGENDS ARE BORN Book one. And I was so happy I got to meet you. To night I will read a chapter of REDWELL WHERE LEGENDS ARE BORN.
    Thank you
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    Dear Wanda this chapter two of The Three Girls.

    The Three Girls went to the end of the playground. And started to play tag.Quizze was it first, anna was it second, and sally was it third. Then they got tired of playing tag and decided to play detective. They wear looking in the grass and they found a crystal
    wow! Lets show Ms.lily said Quizze. Oh wow said Ms.lily I have never seen anything like it said Ms. lily. Just then the bell rang, lets bring it inside said Anna. The next recess they made a huge discovery.

    And that is chapter two of The Three Girls hope you like it.
    Thank you
  • JDawg

    This story is great. More, more!
  • Cliffhanger!
  • Thank you!
  • Dear YoursTruly I will put chapter three of The Three Girls up as soon as I can.
    Thank you
  • I really like this story!

    Sometimes people call me "Sally", so I'm rooting for Sally, even though Quizzie seems like the main character.

    I'm also very glad that you like Redwall!
  • edited April 2012
    Dear The Owls Sally Quizzie and Anna are all the main characters Just so you know. Can I call you Sally on

    Thank you
  • Dear DrJ what is you favorite book?
  • I have finished The Three Girls in school! And I am now publishing it! I have two more chapters too go!
  • Excellent!

    JDawg, have you read A Wrinkle In Time, by Madeleine L'Engle?
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