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Workin' Out: Real Talk



  • When did I become the only nerd I know who doesn't work out........ and why did no one peer pressure me into it years ago >8- E
  • what's it like to feel your body alive
  • Workin' out is cool.
  • I'm getting into the idea of doing destination races. For example, in 32 days I'm going to Providence to run a marathon. But I'd like them to be more grand. Vacay destination running in like Japan or something.
  • you don't work out becko?? Working out is great.

    I will peer pressure you right now. WORK OUT!!!

  • I always thought it was one of those things that rich people did
  • I know, it's kind of bonkers how more and more people go to the gym as you get older. I'm definitely glad I started and also wish I'd started about 5 years sooner.
  • well when you're in your 20s it doesn't matter because you look and feel awesome. Then you get a bit older and you're like "UGHHHHH." Like getting out of bed in the morning starts hurting. That's when you know you need some yoga so you don't end up with a hunchback and atrophied hamstrings or whatever.

    I also think early indoctrination plays a big role. My parents are infamous body nazis and I grew up being forced to exercise almost constantly. I then joined the track team in high school, etc. So by the time I was actually on my own, the habit of working out had been pretty ingrained as just One Of Many Things One Must Do Fairly Regularly.
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    Also, in terms of it being something only rich people do, I put it to you that in this regard we are ALL "rich people." This kind of criticism of working out is really just about how rich people don't do real work or have to do physical labor, because they are rich, so they must exercise artificially, to alleviate the effects of sitting down for 22 hours a day, which is pathetic. I put it to you that this describes literally every person on this message board.
  • I know, and then "studies" say that even if you work out, if you are sitting down for 8 hours a day your heart will still explode. I propose that we put an end to "studies" by rounding up the researchers and burning them at the stake.

    I hit my knee hard on the shower door this morning and now I'm worried about making it worse at the gym. Sometimes it seems like there's always something in the way of getting your pump on.
  • Sitting is my new curse. I just do not see any way around it. My job literally entails sitting, full stop. I mean, I guess there is stand-up desk option, but surely just "standing" for 8 hours a day is also not great, for different reasons.

    I try to stretch, get up, move around, use different chairs, but there are just no two ways about it: I'm sitting all day, every day. I can feel it really starting to hurt, too. FUCK!
  • yeah, there was an article recently that said standing still for 8 hours was pretty much the same as sitting. But if you can alternate between the two, that's supposed to be good. The benefits are in the changing of position, eg. motion. I got this little app called "break time" on my computer at work that interrupts me every hour to remind me to stand up and walk around for a couple minutes. I haven't been using it for long, so I don't have any "OMG MY LIFE HAS TOTALLY CHANGED -- I'M MAKING MORE MONEY AND BETTER LOOKING" anecdotes, but it's got to be a step in the right direction.
  • Sitting destroys my hammies. Maybe I will try this app for stretch breaks.
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    But when you're standing, you can still wiggle and bop and jog in place. Flex those ham sandwiches all over the springy mat.

    What about sitting exercises? Like flexing your g.max. or "Kegels?" Monitor lifts?
    My jokes reflect a deep insecurity and envy of all you respectable folk. I'll tell you when I start doing jumping jacks and it will be like an inspirational montage from The Biggest Loser.

    That means if you use it and anything goes wrong I can turn around and say, 'Garrett, my friend says Breaktime isn't working. You are an asshole.'

    That's a good reason to buy it right?

    He does pushups EVERY time his breaktime goes off.

    Do it. Push 'em up. Save yourself and get buff at the SAME TIME.

    Hard sell.

    Next person to type "Mike Rules" gets a free copy on me.
  • Also, I did dead lifts this morning w/ Brandon. THE INETERNETTIES FAVORIETE exercise.
  • Mike Droolz!

    I mean

    Mike Rules!
  • I saw him doing push ups when I was last there. Didn't realize that he created it -- I just thought it was a cool habit to get into.
  • Appropriate choice of exercise, Mike, considering the news this morning.
  • Wanda wins.

    Send me your AppleID.
  • I win!

    My apple ID is my gmail address!
  • Does he have wicked pecs?

    Swam a bunch last night.
  • I forfeit my prize- the app won't work on my stupid Dell classroom computer. The Mike Rulz competition is back on!!
  • Mike Rules!

    (I immediately forfeit my prize because I don't need it.)
  • I went to the gym 2 nights in a row! Plus I walked about 4 miles today - from my work to YU, then from YU to my house.

    Also, SALADS, amirite?
  • MZ, you want to burn me at the stake!? Maybe I deserve it.
  • Just tell me everything I'm doing will make me live to 200 and you'll get a pass.
  • You guys my hammies are all jacked and I'm worried because I have a race in a month and I don't feel prepared because of my hammies and now I'm thinking about going to all the doctors to fix me since I have insurance now but I don't entirely trust them. Hippie shit.
  • what's wrong with your hammies?
  • I don't know! :(
  • i mean, they hurt? they are tight? did you rip one? or what?

    do you stretch?? seems like hot baths and stretches will cure most anything. Although not my weird groin injury, but still.
  • Go to the doctor, Matthew! That's what health insurance is for! My guess is they will refer you to a PT who will give you some surprising stretches to do that will really help (if you actually do them.) I've been to a PT for foot cramps and she had me strengthen and stretch my gluts and thighs and it worked! No more foot cramps. Weird and cool.

    Go to the doctor!
  • If I had health insurance I'd be at the doctor RIGHT NOW.
  • My doctor helped fix my ranch cramps - my ranch levels were dangerously high, so we evened it out with a bucket of scampi and a box of white wine.
  • I went to the doctor the other day. Podiatrist. Said maybe it was my tendons. I'm taking ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation. I stretch a ton. Before and after. The back of my hamstring is really tight. I have a follow up in three weeks but I just worry about stuff too much because of the race and because stuff hurts. And I have never been injured from running stuff before so I don't really have experience.
  • I'm sure it will all be fine. I'm just complainin.
  • I have been enjoying shrimps lately as well.
  • Also it is probably sitting at a desk all day.
  • One time I read a thing that said stretching is actually bad for you.
  • Oh great.
  • "doesn't make a difference either way" is not the same thing as "is actually bad for you"!!!

    stretching feels good, and makes my body feel better/more open/etc. Promotes better posture, generally just better physical feeling. I don't really do it in order to not get injured when working out--it's its own goal.

    the hammies thing is a mystery though. Don't know what it could be! I also recommend chiropractor---seems like lots of stuff that hurts in our bodies can be attributable to crazy long-term crooked bone issues, at least in my experience. Like, I had a weird pain in my mid-back and after 3 chiro visits she determined it was the result of a torqued rib, which was in turn the result of hunching my left side; itself a result of my left leg being shorter than my right, which had caused the whole huge psoaz (sp?) muscle tying my left groin/thigh to my left-side back to be all tight and twisted

    ?? maybe some weird shit going on with somewhere else in your body is making your hammies tight??
  • I couldn't find the original one I read that said it actually increased injuries.
  • I also don't think yoga factors into this. Yoga is its own thing.
  • I'm just going to keep doing what I've always done and hope for the best. I never got injured or whatever is going on until I started listening to everyone's advice. Running is supposed to be my place where I get away from all the junk and enjoy myself.
  • Maybe I'm unscientific, but I have to believe it is a good idea to stretch tendons before exerting them. I just think of like, silly putty. Stretch it slow so it doesn't snap.

    I have been loving my workouts lately. Lawn mow, lawn rake (Man, there's a lot of lawn at this new place!) box move, box unpack. And today at hippie ranch its wrassling doug fir limbs. Grrrrrraaaggh!

    Watch out! Hulk smash puny world down... funny computer people GRAAGH!
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    Today I am sore as hell. This weekend I have really been of my bod. I spent it with a homie who is ballerina-style, just stretchin' and flexin,' which I am copying. I took some moto rides as a passenger, which engaged my legs, abdomen, and arms in ways heretofore unknown. It's crazy, there is no strapping-in, you just gotta stay on top of that fast thing. Then I did yard work, which involved some squatting and rake-wielding.

    UHX, I never even checked ye. I shall be thonder Hulk!!!!!!
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    Also: I am trying to do a new style of walking, which is that I walk from the hips. In the past, I have mainly walked from the thighs, knees, or even feet. But I am trying to keep my stomach in and my hips squared.

    From the web: An athletic walker should not attempt to increase stride length by reaching out too far in front of their body using their foot, this will cause over striding. An athletic walker should visualize their hips leading their legs and feet. Increasing the speed of their hips will directly increase the speed of their legs. "

    Where do you "walk from????"
  • my armpits
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