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Is anyone using CenturyLink?

edited March 2012
Another ISP thread.

Taken at face value, it seems like a decent service for less than Comcast. Anyone have real experience?


  • YU uses it. Their web is slow as shee, even when there's no torrenting going on, but maybe that's just because there's always 10 computers connected to it. DSL is generally slower than cable, though.
  • Century Link is just Qwest with a new name, right?

    we get DSL through them and it's terrible.
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    I find CenturyLink/Qwest just a little bit better than terrible, maybe "OK-not great". Streaming Hulus and Netflix stick for a second or two every 20 minutes or so.

    The local comcast has a new account special: I think it's 20MB/s for the first 6 mos = $29.99 (+$35 install). I'm signing up for that at the new house. Currently paying like $35/mo for what seems to be about 10MB/s.
  • Quantitative: says 9.04Mbps Download / 0.75Mbps upload

    CenturyLink right now.
  • Thanks, guess I'll stick with Comcast, but $70 / month hurts :(
  • That's for cable and movies too, right?
  • What are we going to do about how Comcast constantly climbs the bill up?

    Wtf up with that?

    Me and Wanda just got anew account. They do that introductory rate...

    I think our current strategy is to cancel then switch the utility back and forth between our names.
    Anyone have experience with that?

    We just want net... do not want HBO packages.
  • Switching names/vendors every six months outghta work. Go get'em!
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    FUCK all of these companies. I really wish there was a viable independent ISP option. Comcast is fast but a terrible company and they always jack up rates and don't understand that people just want Internet. Qwest is slow *and* a terrible company. Clear is slow and super inconsistent. The way that it's currently set up is super monopolistic and anti-competitive. How can it be that these are our only options in the year 2012?

    You should be able to get fast, reliable web access from a company with good customer service that doesn't do anything else but broadband for like $40 a month.
  • For sure! I was happy with my free Personal Telco for the longest time because it's no b-s. Sometimes it's on, sometimes it's off, but you are never locked in to anything. Obviously having reliable internet is better, but there should just be some middle way. You pay a certain rate, maybe it increases a few bucks every couple of years, like a phone. It's like, these cable guys just must have a stranglehold on the whole utility to the point where they drive out independent competitors. Not very long ago, you could open a phonebook and find a dozen local internet providers. What up with it??
  • A few small companies are doing well, but only operate in narrow, local areas:

    let's all move to California for reasonably priced, simple internet plans:
  • I would gladly take Comcast over Time Warner which is the only option for where I live.
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    Flint's buddy from Billings started a fiber to the home company in Montana. They're doing well, and I think plans start at $30 a month. Thing is, they were/are actually laying physical fiber in new developments. That shit is EXPENSIVE, which is probably why there aren't more small companies doing broadband.

    Sonic's fiber service looks AWESOME.

  • We are the 99%
  • want them fibres.

    I pay 60/month for 36mb/s on comcast. I downloaded a file the other day at 6M/s. It's the best I've had for awhile. I've had good luck calling my company and complaining that the service is not fast enough for the amount I'm paying. Generally your inquiry will start the haggling process of other options and special deals they can give you or extend.
  • set me straight if i'm wrong, but with Century Link you need to have a land-line telephone account as well, so your bill will probably not be any cheaper than $60. and with Comcast you have to have some basic cable TV package. is there really no major carrier that does just internet???
  • I think CenturyLink now does phoneless deals.
  • I have Clear with a little square mobile box that powers up to 10 devices, instead of a dongle or a regs modem (it runs off the sprint network I guess, somehow Clear is no longer wimax maybe? Also the guy at the store did some fancy form finessing so I got the box for free whereas Sprint charges you 200 bones to get their branded version), and it's under $50 on a month-to-month plan. I very rarely have problems watching videos/having a billion tabs open/uploading or downloading hi res stuff.

    I like not having to pay $$$ for bs required cable packages or get a landline installed, plus I can use it for mobile internet (theoretically) anywhere in the US.
  • Actually the fibers are cheap, it's the installation that kills. With today's cable, you can get 1-5 or 20 so megabits/sec, but with fiber you get 1-10 gigabits/second. That's what a lot of Asian cities have. Google is installing it in Kansas City and the public power co in Chattanooga put that in. Typical number is $1-2000 to install, hanging on poles is no problem, but digging up people's yards and tunneling into downtown buildings and the like is expensive.

    The big cable phone co's are trying to pass laws outlawing city-owned fiber to the home. You can follow the news at

    Being a regulated monopoly, Century is required to publish this: but not tell you about phoneless Internet in the sales landing page.

  • Also, it should be noted that you can have an internet only account with Comcast.
    They just push the packages.
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    I spoke too soon about my plans for post-move internet valhalla.

    Fricky fracky Comcast claims to not have our new address in their database and therefore can't give us interwebs on a cable. Wha'? "But there are addresses in your database a block east of us and a block west of us." Wha'?

    And when I went crawling back to CenturyLink to see about rolling our service into the new place after all , they said the best they could offer was 1Mb/s for $24.99/mo. (or maybe they said $29.99) When I said, "But how is that possible when we are currently getting 10Mb/s for $35/mo.?" I was met with the telephone equivalent of a blank stare. I think they knew I had talked to Comcast.

    I guess I should have treated the dish satellite thing on the roof as an evil omen of my future.

    Apparently they sell something called "high speed internet service" but I don't understand how that could be true. How do you run a cable from a satellite? How do they know it's me? Do they chose the websites I get to visit? Do I send my email up to space? Wha'?

    So now I am relegated to my web commune via Cell Phone hot spot.



    (PS. We were assigned a century link account number/phone number but I never got around to plugging it into a phone to see if it carried a dial tone. It has been the 21st Century for such a long time now. Why bother?)
  • My mom had satellite internet out in the boondocks once. It was not great.
  • They claim, I think 10 - 20Mbs for $40/mo.

    I still don't understand it. I need to look at a picture of how it makes webs from space.
  • Occupy ComCast : - (
  • Will someone please give me an update on the best option for ISP in 2013? I need to get hooked up.
  • I use a local ISP called Spire Tech. You have to pay for Century Link's copper, but everything goes through Spire Tech. It isn't as fast as comcast, but these are guys in PDX who pick up the phone when you call and they are super cool and it ends up being cheaper than Comcast. I work from home and the speed is fine for me.
  • On Spire Tech's website:
    "Trust is not a commodity." with a picture of hands shaking.

    On VTac's website:
    "Trust is not a technology." with a picture of hands shaking.

    I'd never heard of Spire Tech! Very generic/stock website and they don't really push their consumer DSL, but I'm glad they exist nonetheless.
  • Yeah, the Spire Tech site is pretty bad, they're just a tiny crew of dudes on SW Jefferson. But you know, they charge like $100 a year for internet. I've used them for four or five years, and they're great. They even deal with Century Link for you.
    You know how when people get caught DLing something they shouldn't, and Comcast sends you a nasty note from Warner Bros? Once *someone* was caught DLing a Harry Potter movie, and instead of getting a nasty letter from Warner Bros, they got a nice note from Spire Tech saying - hey, it looks like somebody was downloading something they shouldn't have. WB sent us a nasty letter, but we handled it, and you don't have to worry - but you might want to prevent it from happening again.

    Amazing service. I know speed is important, but I'd rather have slightly slower, local internet by awesome dudes then 6-strikes Comcast.
  • I pay $0 a month and steal from my neighbors. No password. Two years running.
  • The wifi at the place where I worked yesterday was CenturyLink and it sucked.
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    More like century dink
  • I have hired Spiretech for consulting. Very smart ex Reed sysadmin. Comcast has a low tier service they don't advertise "economy plus" $40/mo 3M download and 750K up. Comcast overseas support is very, very, very bad. Century Link generally comes into a new market with good support, then cuts, cuts, cuts to make their money.
  • I don't know what we use and when the comcast people regularly come and KNOCK ON MY DOOR trying to get me to switch to comcast (WTF?) I get to say "oh my husband handles all of that, sorry." I can tell they think I'm a loser but I don't care

    what is up with how many people knock on our door?? We get tweekers asking to mow the lawn for a dollar; dudes offering to put a new roof on the house; comcast, over and over again; petitioners; homeless people; Jehovah's Witnesses; all gamely standing there giving me their fucking spiel while trying to ignore the hysterically barking dog. I'm like, why do you think I got a dog in the first place, you maniacs
  • TL;DR - Another SpireTech endorsement...

    I used SpireTech for years for both consumer DSL and co-located servers back in the old days before cheap cloud servers. They are very sharp and have some of the best rates in town. They are down with shared bandwidth scenarios (community wi-fi) if you are interested in legally sharing internet with neighbors.

    If I felt like re-running copper wire in my house to replace ancient twisted pair I would still be with them. Unless you are far, far away from a wire center I think the bandwidth will meet your needs, and at $10-20/mo and no contracts you can't really go wrong.

    Do keep in mind there are telco line charges that may or may not be baked into their posted rates. Still, much cheaper than the $60+/mo I'm paying Comcast. Maybe I should look into re-wiring after all...
  • @YoursTruly Have you tried a small, tasteful "No Soliciting" sign? They aren't all loud stickers, and door to door types do (usually) look out for them, as their bosses don't like getting complaints.
  • Yeah my 'No Soliciting' sign works wonders, we have had maybe one guy pretend not to see it in the month or so since it's been posted. I also have a 'Beware of Dog' sign sitting on my desk but I'm afraid it will freak out the neighbors and be bad marketing for my sweetheart of a 85 lb pitbull. Besides, his window-rattling bark is pretty intimidating and the way he pushes aside the blinds and stares at you through the window is icing on the cake. (He just wants to kiss you but is kinda intense about it)

    It's very helpful having him struggle to push his cow-sized head through the door crack to assist with speeding the solicitor on their merry way.
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    There is no way I would open the door to a stranger!*

    *warning: hyperbole
  • I no longer open the door for strangers, since it's one of these folks 100% of the time.

    For a while, I tried to perfect a polite dismissal, but it was pointless, and just not answering the door works much better.
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    In my neighborhood, it was always windows salesmen. Once one knocked on my door and told me his company was doing free window replacement estimates. He promised no pressure to buy, just a quick estimate. We needed to replace our windows eventually, so I figured, what the hell, let's find out how much it will cost, and I scheduled an appointment to get an estimate.

    On the day of the appointment, a glum salesman showed up at my door with window samples, prepared for a demonstration and clearly expecting someone who was ready to BUY windows. I told him I just wanted my windows measured and an estimate, and he said he didn't do that, and it became this really awkward moment where I apologized and explained I couldn't even afford new windows right now while he packed up all his samples and pamphlets and left.

    I was so mad because the original guy clearly got paid by how many appointments he could make, and got us to make an appointment by lying and telling us it was for an "estimate." The second guy clearly didn't know that, and I felt so bad for him. He was clearly down on his luck and ready to make a sale.
  • That's how they get ya.
  • They might just want to check out windows so they can brek in later
  • Just saw this about the CEO of Qwest (now CenturyLink):

    "His narrative matches with the warrantless surveillance program reported by USA Today in 2006 which noted Qwest as the lone holdout from the program, hounded by the agency with hints that their refusal "might affect its ability to get future classified work with the government." But Nacchio was prevented from bringing up any of this defense during his jury trial — the evidence needed to support it was deemed classified and the judge in his case refused his requests to use it. And he still believes his prosecution was retaliatory for refusing the NSA requests for bulk access to customers' phone records."

    Makes me want to switch to Qwest to support the homie! If they kept resisting that is...
  • Update:

    They're based in Beaverton. But laying fiber is expensive! I wonder how long it'll take to get better coverage than just "new apartment buildings".
  • Very cool. Jealous of apartment people for the first time.
  • I use a hippy ISP called Spire Tech. They are great, but it's *just* high speed DSL. I have to pay Century link for access to their copper. The nice thing about Spire Tech is:
    1. local
    2. they value my privacy and deal with hassles for me
    3. they pick up a phone when you call and talk to you
    4. cheaper than comcast, even after paying century link
  • I was thinking about switching but then I realized we literally ripped all the landline outlets out of our place when we bought it, pushed the wires back into the wall, and spackled over that shit :)

    Locked to Comcast 4 ever ;(
  • You're not going to miss out on anything — internet service has got to go wireless soon enough, right?
  • Clear's been trying to make a go of wireless internet for a long time, but my experience with it has always been slow and buggy.

    Some sort of insanely fast LTE home wifi network would be awesome, but it'd more than likely have to be provided by one of the cellular providers, who I don't trust much more than Comcast or CenturyLink. It'd also cost a shit-ton, coming from somebody like Verizon or AT&T. DATA CAPS!

    Anybody got any more info on this though? This is all just speculation.
  • When I was in LA, I just logged on to some public Time Warner hot spot and paid for access for a week. The connection wasn't super stable, but the speed was good and it did the trick. Definitely would be cool if that model expands and improves.
  • Anyone have any 2017 opinion on internet providers? Must choose one, not excited.
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