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How about that new Dark Tower book?


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    Fans of the Dark Tower series, I implore you to view this film "Motorama" (1991):

    It's about this smart-aleck 10-year-old who steals a cherry red Mustang and drives it across an alternate America in search of sweepstakes cards. Like Dark Tower, it approaches sci-fi in its strangeness without fully committing to the genre. Less funny than surreal and surprising. The 10-year-old is a total force of nature, not a movie for kids at all. He's like a miniature adult and he is not treated sentimentally at all. The casting is wild, Flea from the Peps, Meatloaf, Mary Woronov, other weirdos. Plus it has this theme of the karmic cycle as it relates to the obsession of attaining the quest item. You will totally get the DT connection...
  • Roland loves to twirl his bullets hypnotically between his fingers as he hunkers down to spin a yarn
  • If there is a movie version Nicolas Cage would be Roland Deschain
  • If Nicolas Cage ever plays Roland Deschain I will literally go on a murder rampage.

    I love NC but that shit's just not right, that's a fucked-up vibe for that movie. Roland's not a screamer.

    The kid from Hugo will play Jake and it will be annoying because of his British accent

    Oy will be CGI and it will suck

    I've got this thing all planned out

    Why couldn't they just get their S together while clint eastwood was still young enough?2??????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!???

    But anyway

    I didn't know this new DT book was out so soon!!!!!!!! Finally something to do while waiting for GRRM to get off his duff!

    Should we all read it and discuss it in a thread? I would obviously like to do this but last time we tried this everybody wussed out to the max and "got behind" or whatever, fuck all y'all
  • p.s. I will watch Motorama
  • Last I heard Javier Bardem was cast as Roland. Like, OK. I don't see it. I imagine Roland as a lean clint dude, and Javier Bardem is too big and broad! His face is too wide.

    Where does the new book fit into the canon? Does it come between some of the other books, or is it a part of Roland's story on his new journey toward the Dark Tower?
  • What do you mean was cast.... they are making a movie? Gunslinger?

    I love Javier Bardem and would french his face all the way off but NO.

    The new book is another Wizard/Glass flashback type deal to some adventure baby Roland had in between his mom dying and becoming old Man In Black Chaser Guy. I anticipate many moody Susan nightmares. Or maybe it's been so long (for SK, not for fictional Roland) that he's forgotten about Susan, even though within the context of the narrative it just happened, like, 2 months ago

  • who should play Susan... maybe Dakota Fanning huh
  • yeah
    Cameron Diaz
  • Don't forget to watch Motorama

    It's amazing
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    From an interview with Stephen King:
    "Stephen King is a character in the fifth and sixth Dark Tower books, and Stephen King the non-fictional author is wondering whether to take him out on the next draft."

    I don't know if he means changing the 5th and 6th books, or the new DT book. I assume he means the old ones, because I can't understand how he would insert himself into the new one. Also, he has a history of editing old DT books, right? Didn't he rewrite or severely edit the first one?

    I don't know how I feel about this. Stephen King as a character was dumb, but also fascinating. It would mean altering a large portion of the series.
  • WHAT?!
    It would mean a whole different story! Jake's death is completely bound up in Stephen King! I hate shit like this. I LOVED how SK was a part of the story. I thought it was legitimately brilliant.

    Yes, he severely edited/rewrote the old books. It's fucked up. He went back into the Gunslinger and added all this shit about "19" and whatever, to make it seem like there's continuity. When I think we can all agree that part of what makes the series great is how at first we have no idea what's happening and then slowly we find coherence bit by bit.
  • George Lucas
  • Luke Gorgeous
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    According to this list, the new DT book is "set in between the events of Wizard and Glass and Wolves of the Calla."

    Also, that list ranks all of his books, and there are some seriously messed up decisions. There's no way Thinner is the best Bachman book.
  • My favorite is the short story "The Long Walk." Where the men are walking to the death.
  • agree strongly with LT

    also "set in between the events of W&G and WotC"????? Doesn't that time period include literally the entire span of Roland's life

    unless they mean the present-day events of W&G--rather than the much more extensive Young Roland flashbacks??

  • I think they mean the present day stuff, right? Maybe he told them one more story right afterwards.
  • "The majority would rather douse their d***s with lighter fluid, strike a match, and dance around singing “Disco Inferno” than pay one more cent in taxes to Uncle Sugar."

    The Stephen King we know and love!
  • edited May 2012
    More of the good stuff:

    "The U.S. senators and representatives... squall like scalded babies... They simply idolize the rich [who are] are as boring as old, dead dog s**t."

    What's it mean? The leftover intestinal contents of a deceased dog? Or fossilized dung? See what I mean about this Stephen King.... it may not be very specific language, but it's very colorful language.

    He's an awesome dude, even considering all his bullshit magical negroes.
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