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credit cards that are not evil?

edited October 2010
hey all. got lost on my way to the new uhx. i see you've spruced the place up!

i need to get me a new credit card. i have managed to avoid them for some time because i think they are evil and wrong and i hate paying any money to those people. but i need to rebuild my credit, and it seems like i have no choice but to play the game. (don't hate the player...)

anyone have any recommendations on this front? my top desires are to not line the pockets of rich greedy people and to pay as little of start up and monthly/annual fees as possible. other perks would be nice too.

please let me know if you have any ideas.

(this is matt m)


  • I also am interested in this question. Right now I have a largely never-used B of A card that I've had forever. I'd love to switch.

  • I just signed up for a checking account and a savings account with First Tech, which is a pretty rad Oregon-based credit union. They also offer a credit card, with something like a 6% - 14% interest rate, which is actually really good.

    I myself have an REI credit card, which is good if you buy a lot of outdoor-related stuff there, but it's backed by US Bank so it's not that local or whatever.
  • I have a United Platinum card that I really like for miles. I usually get at least a flight or two a year off it. Keep in mind that you have to qualify for interest rates, a qualification that is of course determined by your credit score. If you have a crummy rating it's probably unlikely you'll get anything in the 6-14% range. If you have a hard time qualifying for a good card I'm pretty sure most banks have starter cards that are good to start out on (usually you put 500 bucks into a checking account that is attached to the card as a safety). There are other types of credit building programs (you should talk to sarah about this) that you can do that don't require getting a credit card at all.
    ugh. I hate credit ratings so much.
    I have five credit cards and don't carry a balance and they still have hardly improved my score.
  • I second the First Tech shout out- K. Michelle and I both have cards with them and they are great.
  • I will third the First Tech! The best!
  • Credit Unions! Such a great idea!
  • If you have military family, try to get a USAA credit card. They're similar to credit unions in the not just being heartless money vampires department.
  • I contacted First Tech to see if Urban Honking can be a sponsor company.
  • I love First Tech! Member since 1999!
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