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Training Your Dog To Be A Foot Warmer

edited October 2010
Today Franklin is working on being my foot warmer.
Our desks are in his area, so when we are trying to work he gets antsy and thinks we should be playing with him. We decided to try to trick him into being my foot warmer when I'm at my desk, so that he will think we are playing with him but really he will be keeping quiet AND keeping my feet warm on these cold November days.

So far I have done nothing to train him, because he came and lay on my feet of his own volition. However I did praise him when he did this. After awhile, he got up, went and got his rawhide bone, and brought it back and lay back down! I praised him more. Now he's asleep and twitching. My feet are toasty and as a special bonus now I get to smell him real good while I'm working.

Is this my master-stroke? time will tell


  • God, what happens when you guys have an ACTUAL BABY?

    KIDDING! I'm genuinely enjoying all of the Internet content surrounding your new canine companion. I can't wait to get a dog. Maybe I will be ready in a few years? What do people with jobs do?
  • they leave their dog in a crate or in a baby-gated part of the house for 8 hours a day! I can't believe dogs in that situation grow up to be normal and happy, but I think tons of them do. Which also makes me realize I shouldn't be obsessing so much over my dog.

    However I do think a lot of dogs in those situations end up hysterical all-day barkers.

  • But did he poop?

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