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TODAY: Calling all Timbers Fans

edited October 2010
Really last minute thing that could be pretty awesome: send a note to for the address if you can make it down there today!

We're seeking great faces of Timbers fans, and we'd like to invite you to participate in a casting session on Thursday or Friday. You are welcome to stop by at any time during the dates and times listed below. The casting will only take a few minutes of your time.

Friday October 29th 9:00-4:00

The job pays 250.00 and we are looking for 18 talent - EACH TALENT WILL BE NEEDED FOR APPROX. 2 HOURS


We are looking for:

  • All Ages

  • True PDXer

  • Authentic/Confident

  • Sense of personal fashion

People who are CRAZY about Soccer and especially the Timbers.

Each talent will be photographed with a chainsaw or an ax and will be feature individually on a widespread Portland billboard campaign.
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