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Rally to restore sanity

edited October 2010
was actually not all that funny.

Funnier than the actual rally: I participated in a conspiracy to politicize this event a little bit. I made a design for some stickers and some co-conspirators passed out 50,000 of them. It got on TV in the middle of this Sheryl Crow song. (skip to 3:05) and in a lot of the news articles and photos of the rally.

Here is one on a cute dog that Reuters ran.


I think it is rad just to sneak some more images of young people who are STOKED ON VOTING into the MSM. Studies indicates that when people expect turnout to be high, they are more likely to vote. That is why narratives about people being lazy and bummed are self-fullfilling.

Me, i'm stoked! i spent an hour this afternoon phonebanking from home and it was fun! is a good resource if you have weirdo initiatives you don't know about.



  • I gotta vote tomorrow! First time in Ioway. Gonna use my cool Iowan right to register to vote ON ELECTION DAY. Gotta find my rental lease.

    Checking those boxes! Sure, I'll do it
  • p.s. why wasn't it funny, the rally?

  • It had its moments.

    Ozzy Osbourne/Cat Stevens battle of the bands
    The Law and Order sound at the end of Sam Waterson's thing
    Father Guido Sarducci...

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    the cat stevens / ozzy thing was pretty good but i think the staging of a rally is kind of not ideal for the kind of comedic pacing/timing these dudes usually use.

    That is cool of Iowa to let you register today!

    so guys if you have a few spare hours they make it SO EASY for you!
  • Rad sticker, kdawg!

    Good job!

    I found the rally pretty crappy.
    I liked Colbert, but the comedy was mostly bad, the music was bad. It just had a real flat tone to it. I think Jon Stewart is pretty unfunny. He has like 3 funny faces he reverts to. Also, it really undercuts everything he does when anyone criticizes anything he does and he says "I'M JUST A COMEDIAN" but then will deliver serious speeches. If you want to be important, don't cop out to the comedian thing.
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    I understand this perspective, but he doesn't really shy away from the fact that things he is a part of and organizes are important. He does show a pretty good portion of humility I guess, but I think that's great and a lot of successful people could learn something from that. Comedians have made and do make comments about politics all the time. He just doesn't want to be a part of the traditional politics game. Outside of this rally, I think everything he has done is totally within the bounds of comedy. I don't see how it undercuts his message. Especially when his message seems to be that he wishes everybody would take things a little less seriously. In the spirit of that though, I think it's totally great that you have a different perspective on it.
  • I find him very funny.

    remember when he went on hannity and colmes and almost started crying he was so upset? his hands were shaking, he was begging them to just talk like real people, please please, don't go to commercial, PLEASE LISTEN TO ME!!!

    it was amazing. Such a heavy moment on broadcast television--NOBODY DOES THAT! It was so real.

  • That does sound funny, TeenWolf.
  • edited November 2010
    It makes me like Jon Stewart even more but it's also a little infuriating to watch:

    That dude in the bowtie needs to shut up.
  • edited November 2010
    I have a few problems with Stewart--first, that power doesn't seem to figure into his analysis at all. This is where all the false equivalencies come into it.

    I also don't think his "i'm just a comedian" thing makes any sense. It's an evasion, and it also lets other people off the hook.
  • This was a troubling article-- don't agree with it all, but parts of it make me wince
  • Yeah, I really really dislike that version of Jon Stewart (in the Crossfire video).
    He represents exactly what he is claiming they are: dishonest. He is cloying and refusing to be a comedian (when they asked him why he wasn't being funny) but wants to shame them while evading responsibility for his content. It's really off-putting and treats the viewer as if they were stupid.

    The pleading was not about getting them to talk, because he didn't let them talk either, it just seemed about coming on their show and taking over.

    If someone came on his show and and pulled this they would be considered and asshole blowhard loon and be mocked mercilessly.

    kdawg, is totally right about the power thing as well. In the Rally to Restory Sanity and/or Fear there wasn't a single mention of corporate influence.

    I'm all for taking things less seriously, but I don't think Jon Stewart actually does that (specifically as show in the Crossfire video) and I think he uses that when its convenient to him.

    On the other hand, I thought Colbert's Congressional hearing appearance this year was an incredible combination of subversive truthfulness and comedic art.

  • Also, please feel free to share videos of Jon Stewart being funny!
    I'm open, I swear!

    The Daily Show has amazing moments but mostly I've enjoyed the correspondents (Carrell, Colbert, Rob Riggle, John Oliver, Hodgman, Kristen Schaal, Rob Corddry, Ed Helms, Mo Rocca, Nancy Walls, Matt Walsh, etc.)
  • I guess I disagree with you guys , kdawg and BaronsBeard_StevieP.
    I am not even that big of a fan of Jon Stewart. I don't think he is THAT funny and his show pretty much always follows the same template. But I also find him to have at least a little bit more cred than the rest of the people I see on TV. Jon Stewart is an entertainer and he is not pretending to be something else. It is true that he has often blurred the lines between teasing and interviewing, but the way he presents himself going into a conversation tells us he might interrupt to make a joke and stop interviewing at any time. I see entertainers as people who manipulate my emotions so I expect nothing less from them.
  • I like him okay in the crossfire bit--it was a cool stunt, and it did result in crossfire getting canceled!

    Has anyone seen Parker & Spitzer? It's kind of dumb but light years better than Crossfire.
  • edited November 2010
    I feel like this could be a really good debate/conversation with surprising depth, but that it might get semi-heated, and I am not really willing to go there on a message board. A lot of points I could make might be considered insulting without the influence of inflection.

    I do think that Jon Stewart has developed his ideas a lot since that crossfire thing. It was almost 6 years ago! Not to say that he doesn't still do some incredible insult humor on his show. In the past couple of years he has gotten pretty good at being disagreeable, but still maintaining a level of fun and respect.
  • Colbert is the real deal though!

    He just signed off telling everyone to vote! stewart would never do that!

    and he showed our stickers again!

    then also did a funny thing where he mocked disenchanted progressives for being lazy whiners and threatening not to vote. i love the way his character allows him to tell the truth in a way that is neither sappy nor cynical.
  • Colbert is my hero.
    The press correspondents dinner.....there is nothing like it in global history
  • C-zoner,
    I would say: this forum would be the IDEAL place for this discussion. UHX has a proud history of being reasonable on being FLAME WAR free. This conversation might not find the time to happen IRL but we have the time in our down moments to make points that we believe in.

    Thanks for the links!
  • What about THIS as a humorous political act?

    Maher's saying it wasn't actually a joint but Margaret Hoover says it smelled like a joint to her. HMMM.
  • edited November 2010
    I couldn't get very far in that Exiled article kdawg posted because it seemed so ridiculous to me. This was, at its core, an entertainment event, put on by folks from the TV. To get so bummed out that it wasn't a major, meaningful political upheaval sort of thing seems to be blaming a chicken for not making milk to me.
  • > the false equivalencies come into it.
    YES!! Stewart is constantly holding up Maddow and Schultz next to Limbaugh and Beck and tarring them with the same brush when there just is no comparison. To pretend there is just so you can come off as a moderate whitewashes how fact-challenged and "truthy" the political right has become.

    Yes, the left goes overboard too but it's more like "we didn't take the climate-gate emails seriously enough", or "y'know this whole 'green' thing is mostly a way for giant corps to seem like they give a shit" not "grab your guns n' gold and head to your basement cuz the brown people are coming to KILL YOU!"

    However, Colbert is pure 100% un-adulterated genius. I've heard story-after-story about right wingers who loved the show for months before they figured out the joke. And sometimes you don't realize how much you've learned from a Colbert Report until days afterward when you read a news article and spot the slant.
  • But you're blaming a chicken for not making milk after years of it dressing up like a cow, mooing, and claiming to be able to make milk. Sure, it's still a chicken and silly to expect milk, but then ACT LIKE A GODDAMN CHICKEN!
  • I like Stewart when I watch him. But I dislike him when I think about him.
  • edited November 2010
    I think uhx is the perfect place to debate stuff since it's very hard to take disagreements personally. I know most of the people here and most of them know me enough to know my personality.
    I guess Mikey as a point. Jon Stewart acts like an interviewer or comedian when it suits him. Mainly the way I feel is that I trust none of those TV people. They hardly ever say what I want to hear and if they do they never go all the way. I do see the giant gap between how far the right reaches and how far the left goes. It irritates the shit out of me when neutrality turns into basically withholding important information that should be communicated to the people. The 2004 election was my first real exposure to american media and I was baffled that NPR felt as tough they had to balance every news piece about a nasty trick the Republican party had done with something that may or may not be wrong with the Democrats.
    It's nice to be able to say everything you want on the internet. I recently watched Obama's video for Dan Savage's "It Gets Better" project and the comments underneath it were nothing but a never-ending stream of aggression against gay people, african americans, socialists and the usual. If more people read uhx there could be so many jerkwads calling us name and interfering in our legitimate exchanges that it would discourage us from having them.
  • 2010 life slogan is : "Never Read The Comments."

    It is strange that it's a truism of the internet that un-moderated comments will almost always be insanely offensive. What are some exceptions to this rule?

    The onion film review comments are sometimes a bit dude-y but always smart and engaged and balanced

    I can't think of any other un-moderated high-traffic websites. All the feminist blogs I read are heavily moderated because otherwise they'd be nothing but "BITCHES BE HOS AND SHIT"

    I like Stewart but I confess I don't watch his show very much. Also I confess to being much more inspired by/drawn to Colbert. Colbert is a genius of the century, a huge hero to me, on so many levels, not just political but comedical.

    I like to argue on uhx but unfortunately I mostly agree with people, except on issues like "cookies: are they boring or not?" and "nobody hates Anna Paquin as much as I do"

  • I do watch Stewart a lot and I find credibility with his arguments about media outlets and their general fear mongering. His show is a comedy program that includes a great deal of political discourse, but I agree with his statements that the show itself is not being sold as a news program.
    I don't think his "but I'm just a comedian" rhetoric is really even about himself inasmuch as it's about shows like crossfire that exist just to stir up hateful, ignorant bullshit attempting to pass themselves off as legitimate news sources.

    UHX is a great forum to have heated discussions about debated subjects. Everyone is very respectful here!
  • Bobby Briggs is a fucking moron! How can you say shit like that? You have your head so far up your ass! WHAT A LOAD OF HORSE SHIT.
  • Sheesh, I was just kidding. Now I'm sad.
  • UHX is cool. Sometimes I get more bored watching Colbert than Stewart.
  • edited November 2010

    Comment moderated.
  • I agree, Pau. I think Stewart is a funnier comedian but Colbert is a more interesting politician.
  • edited November 2010
    Yeah see...
    It would be easier for me to be more honest and straightforward and loose on this board if I knew you guys and knew how to read you, and also if I felt you knew how to read me. I think I only learn how to get loose around people in real life. Message boarding and internetting are good compliments to real life for me, but no substitute. Plus I kinda suck at internet communication. The area between my brain and my fingers seems to create all sorts of grammar mistakes, and weird phrasings. Also I am not the smartest of dudes. I pretty much only keep posting here on occasion in long shot hopes of making friends my own age who are into similar things again someday.

    I am getting laid on the reg now though so it's not as big of a worry.

    ^You see! This is a comment that totally depends on inflection and knowing me to be at all funny.

    also Mike

    why don't you go cry into your pipe and smoke your tears? :)

    Jon Stewart appeals to me more than Colbert I think because his thought process is a much better and funnier version of my own. Also I like that he and Colbert are powerfully smart and funny, but also uncomfortable with that power. You can tell power makes them nervous in all the right ways and it seems hard to believe it would ever corrupt them.
  • did you know that jon stewart's older brother is the chief operating officer of the new york stock exchange? Ugh.
  • I dunno, that fact alone is not enough to bother me. It's not like Jon Stewart plotted to make that happen.
  • He has talked about it on the show.
  • yeah I'm failing to see the significance of this familial connection.
  • my grandmother applauded the Tiananmen Square massacre
  • He wouldn't go after his brother.

    That's the significance.
  • did his brother do something wrong that he should be going after him for?
  • Jesus' brother was Satan.
  • His brother is in a position of power in financial world.

    Jon Stewart does news jokes about people in positions of power.

    Could be a conflict of interest.

    Could not be one.

    Stewart does "razz" corporations less than politicians.



    Or don't.

    (I don't actually believe this connection. OR DO I.)

    (I do know that Jesus' brother was not named Satan. His brothers name was Todd Christ. He ran a baseball card store that closed down a couple years ago. I think he actually died down in Cabo. Parasailing accident. :( )
  • Jesus and Todd Christ grew up with a dog named Chris
    When Todd died in the parasailing accident Chris was inconsolable
    he howled outside the door to Todd's wood-shop for seven days and seven nights
    Until finally
    Jesus had to take Chris back to the pound
  • this guy?

  • edited November 2010
    i'm not thinking in conspiratorial ways. I'm just thinking the primary flaw in Stewart's critique of american politics is that the dude is insufficiently critical of corporate capitalism and big business and the finance sector, as people who are close to these institutions tend to be. It is frustrating that even when we get smart, critical thinkers with mainstream media exposure, the topic that it is still hard to really address is corporate power (which is the structural issue underlying income inequality, deregulation, military industrial complex etc).

    Remember when Stewart had to basically apologize to Jeremy Scahill for his interview re: Blackwater? Same thing. (though good for him for apologizing).

    This is sort of what Hedges means when he says the liberal class has kind of let everyone down.
  • edited November 2010
    I just watched Michael Moore's series The Awful Truth, which i got for 2.99. Interesting comparison.

    By and large it was way less funny than The Daily Show. But at least it went after the actual bad guys.
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