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What will our new house and senate mean for us?

edited November 2010
I anticipate more bullshit but also more inability for repubs to hide behind their own bullshit.
Much like the demos in the past 2 years, when it was like "DO SOMETHING. YOU HAVE A MAJORITY."
Now it will be like that for the repubs, right?
Will we have to vote on English being our national language? Wouldn't it be great if we did, and IT LOST?

Playing the Glad Game:
- Senator Reid!
- Governor Brown!
- 21 ordinance stays in Iowa City
- Christine O'Donnell humiliated!

bummer about weed in Cali

bummer about a lot of things

but my prevailing feeling these days is "SIGH"

kind of a charlie brown thing going on here. "GOOD GRIEF."


  • I'm no longer voting in Cali, but I'm so immensely relieved that Whitman isn't governor. GOD. Right?
  • edited November 2010
    Seriously. I can't believe she got as high a percentage as she did. I really thought she was universally loathed.

    She makes Schwarzenegger look so mellow. He's all "fuck you, Big Oil! We're passing this bad-ass green legislation and there's nothing you can do about it! Yeah I know I'm a republican, FUCK YOU"

  • I'm really bummed about how the local election turned out.
  • edited November 2010
    I love the stat about how Whitman paid $58 per vote.

    And politicization of nuclear disarmament is just the beginning, get ready for investigations into birth certificates and ACORN in the house of reps. It's gonna be a fun couple of years...
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