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Priceline, name your price assistance

edited November 2010
Hello dear travelers.

I just tried to do the "name your ticket price" on Priceline and put in $1.00 per ticket to fly from PDX --> DFW on Dec 22. It let me get away with that price and will let me purchase it...

How does this EVEN WORK?? Is this a joke? What happens if I buy this plane ticket for $1 and have my total be $40.55 including taxes and fees?? Will I end up burned by this?

Any prior knowledge would be appreciated.


  • basically priceline takes your "bid" to all airlines and tries to get them to accept it.
    if they do (if you were to make an actual offer) they will automatically purchase the ticket and you will be charged the amount you agreed to. You have no choice of airline, seats, class, stops, etc. But they won't do anything with a dollar bid. I don't use it, myself. I prefer to use the flexible dates (put in your rough dates and destination and it brings up a handy calendar with all the prices for each day).
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    but she's saying it WILL let her purchase it!

    I have never heard of such a thing. Did you buy it???

    keep us posted.

  • I feel so blushy right now.

    I put in my $1.00 and my credit card info and decided to go for it. I didn't realize one has to give credit card info before seeing a big ol' NO WAY YOU CAN'T BUY A TICKET FOR $1.00, HOW ABOUT $477.00 INSTEAD?

    Someone sink this shit.
  • I think this is a useful thread! Any other cool travel / flight tips?
    I also like Bing (they bought the former Farecast service) -- they will predict whether you should buy tickets now or wait for a cheaper price, based historically on past prices. Handy!
  • I wish Farecast/Bing would work even better. Like, "Hey, I want to go to Atlanta between now and March for about a week. When is cheapest?"
  • I wish I would have bought my plane ticket 11 months ago.
  • Plane tickets are so fucking expensive. Almost couldn't afford going home to Chicago for Christmas for a DAY. So not worth it.

    I wish Jeeves would just make all of my decisions for me and tell me where cheap things are.
  • Cheaper to fly on Saturday. And Christmas and holidays are always more expensive. Isn't there a weekday that is supposed to be cheap? Like Tuesday?
  • Actually flying ON holidays (Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day) is cheaper, but the dates around the actual days are more expensive. I think Tuesdays and Wednesdays are generally the cheapest days to fly. I'm guessing Friday and Sunday are more expensive.
  • Mike, kayak will pretty much do this for you. Just enter some rough dates and it will give you a calendar of when is the cheapest for your location!
  • We got burned on plane tix recently. I wanted to buy them on a Sunday, from here to Ft. Lauderdale, and it was around $380. SOMEONE told me to wait till Wednesday cause apparently tickets are cheaper, but nope, they were almost $100 more. I HATE PLANE TICKETS! Do ticket prices drop based on the day you buy them, or just the day you fly?
  • I hate that plane tickets are so much. It's the same as driving!!
    I can't wait for teleporting.
  • donuts, the price differences I was referring to are not when you purchase the tickets, but the days you actually fly.

    Which is not to say that when you purchase doesn't matter, as you unfortunately found out. That's what's cool about Farecast: It will tell you when is likely the best time to buy the tickets for given travel dates.
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    It is cheapest to fly on Tuesdays & Wednesdays.
    I think sometimes it is cheaper to buy on specific days, but I don't think its consistent enough to rely on.

    You can get some good deals with Priceline Name Your Own Price but it is a crapshoot and SCARY!

    The key I think is to start shopping for tickets a week before you really want to buy them. Check a bunch of sites. Then spend like 5 minutes a day checking the prices every day. I know this sounds like a pain in the ass, but I think its worth it. Travel is important. You want to feel like you are getting a good deal, and that what you are doing is worth it.

    Plane tickets have gone up in price the last couple years because the airlines weren't making money and also they have drastically reduced the number of flights to improve efficiency so the seats that are available are worth more because demand has remained the same.

    lolo, I was interested in your prospect of the cost of flying vs. driving. You might be right around Christmas time because Christmas tickets are generally a couple hundred dollars more than non Christmas tickets.
    I rudimentally did the math to find cost for driving:
    Portland ---> Dallas = 2100 miles
    if a tank a gas lasts 300 miles and costs 40 dollars.
    7 tanks a gas each direction.
    280$ dollars each direction.
    560$ for gas for the trip.
    Add 1 or 2 nights in a hotel. So $60-$120 dollars.
    So probably $700 bucks for driving travel.
    This doesn't include the time = money concept where we would probably add in the cost of what you get paid for a day of work for every extra day it takes to travel by car vs. plane.

    It looks like plane travel is slightly less expensive around Christmas $$$ wise and a time saver. It is true that airports are downright hellish around Christmas.

    Planes basically are teleportation compared to car travel. Teleportation will be cool, but it will also probably be much more expensive than plane travel due to technology, energy costs.

  • I did hear on the radio a like 3 weeks ago that airline tickets were going to be especially high this holiday season.

    We should all set iCal alarms to go off next September 1st to buy Christmas tickets. Earlier is cheaper!
  • Additional driving costs include food and the wear on your car. I like renting a car for long trips. It can still be cheaper than flying, you get a new car to be in, and then you have a car at your destination.
  • we bought our xmas tix already and they were relatively cheap considering
  • I also prefer driving whenever possible.
    you also have to factor in wear and tear on your FUCKING MENTAL WELL BEING
    for which airports are terrible
    my two cents
    love a drive in a car
    music blasting
    stopping for chips and conceptual snickers
    seeing an old deer hopping along
    seeing weird road signs
    dog sleeping in the back
    talking on the cell phone
    being in charge of your own destiny
    pulling up into the driveway and getting out and stretching
  • Avoid American Airlines if possible. I've had good times on JetBlue and Virgin.
  • Driving is the American dream.
  • I have to use a dumb corporate version of Expedia when I book business travel and I'm only allowed to use Continental and United. Continental is A HORRIBLE AIRLINE. United is not too bad. They are merging and I wonder if good or evil will win.
  • I just used priceline to get a dirt cheap ticket to Los Angeles!
    I think it helps especially if you are bidding on heavily trafficked routes that are more likely to not be full. I'll report any issues, but thusfar it has been smooth sailing.
  • I ended up using to choose my NEW travel dates and then bought my tickets with priceline. I was able to get a ticket and rental car for <$500. Whew. Traveling Tuesday - Tuesday helped me.

  • How cheap is dirt cheap?
  • not as cheap as dirt. but certainly much cheaper than the lowest fares I was finding.
    195 Clams.
  • man buying tix is hard. the boyfriend just gave up and called a travel agent.
  • Priceline and Kayak until I get a flying car.

    Did the travel agent look and smell like 1975?
  • we gave up on the travel agent, she quoted us something $300 high.

    Oh well! Vacation in Ireland that I can't actually afford! Woo!
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    According to an analyst interviewed in the Economist. The best time to buy a plane ticket is on Tuesday at 3 p.m. ET (noon PT), 8 weeks before your flight.

    I'm guessing that this rule is for U.S.-based airlines (the article doesn't specify).
  • I'm really happy to know this fact. Even if it is not true 100% of the time, it is nice to have some sort of idea of when to get the best airfare.
  • edited February 2011
    Priceline experience: I have had three or four non-sucky hotel experiences (and one or two semi-luxurious) at two-star pricelines in places like PDX, SEA and Tacoma for about $45+tax/per night.
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