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  • 1234 November 2010


edited November 2010

we are looking to sublet our home from the 9th of December to the 3rd of January.
we live in the golden triangle between mississippi, alberta, and killingsworth.

you are: financially responsible, clean, cool attitude.

the deets:

2 bedroom 1 bath cottage in nopo
utilities covered
appliances: w/d, vintage fridge & gas range, freezer chest
open broadband wifi
wireless airtunes speaker network
working fireplace
many fine tomes and a small but lethal collection of LP's.
natural yard
basement for storage
very close to: Albina Press, 50/50, Cherry Sprout Grocery, Red Fox, Mississippi Carts, etc.

Our landlords live next door and are awesome, nice people.
Our rent is 1200 / month but we are open to partial month leases and are somewhat flexible on dates and price.





  • I will vouch for the kindness of this place. Feels like a cabin (in a good way).
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