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edited February 2013
Killed it.

It was beautiful how there were no men on stage for her whole performance (band, dancers, guests)


  • Is it online yet?
  • Nice HD video on!

    the only time I will ever visit that website...
  • Plus Destiny's Child!!!
    I tuned in just in time. LOVED it!!
  • It was a great performance! The Busby Berkeley references were pretty bizarre!

    I always love her band.

    I am still mad about the inauguration.
  • She is clearly an alien, I don't even understand.

    So many pieces of her dress came off?
  • God, gleeful lady band! I LOVE YOU
  • oh, and then she's going to sing Halo right at the end? OK
  • (sorry for live-bloggin my day after Beyonce viewing)
  • ok last thought- she does a weird kind of head banging during Halo that is basically just bathing some front row fans with her luxurious hair?!

    I'm pretty into that.
  • I love her tumblr
    It has honestly made me think of her as straight up an indie artist
  • what is her tumblr???

    she is the greatest

    today in class one of my students said "Beyonce" when I asked them for examples of modern artists we all think of as geniuses.

  • edited February 2013
    That's funny. I think of her as a really badass lady, but not really a musical genius.

    I think what I actually love about her is just everyone else's love for her. Like, just seeing how she injects strength and confidence into so many people, and how one of her jams comes on and it will just make a lot of people super happy.

    I like it in a "girl power" way, but also lots of men get the same feeling from her.
  • her genius transcends the merely musical
  • Ohh ! Thanks for sharing that link owls. I haven't seen her Super Bowl show yet but as I mentioned I follow her tumblr. Recently she posted all of these lovely black and white photographs of a band, who were all women, and since it is tumblr I just figured she was like showing shots of, you know, an average band practice.
  • Kevin, you aren't REALLY mad at Beyonce for that inauguration lip-sync stuff are you?
    That was the biggest NON story EVER.

  • I wish I could get slapped in the face with Beyonce's hair.
  • edited February 2013
    I am actually way madder at people saying it is a non-story than I am mad at Beyonce! I think that people don't like being lied to by millionaires, and that's TOTALLY okay. Pop music operates on a symbolic/semiotic level, and a move like that represents a whole lot of ugliness.

    I stood out in the cold to see her sing, and I got something else instead.

    I still like her though!
  • omg i finally watched it
    it's %1000 awesome
    everything about it is superlative
    the set design... her profile in symmetry (neon, natch)
    the costumes. black leather jumpsuits with a personal flair
  • You're mad at ME!

    You did not stand out in the cold to hear her sing! You stood out in the cold to watch the inauguration. Beyonce has a great voice. There are so many reasons that we don't know why a lead track could've been used. It might not have been her choice at all.

    Non story.

    I have some news for you, Kevin, movies aren't real either.
  • edited February 2013
    I am mad at anyone who tells people their feelings of disgust and disappointment about being lied to by the wealthy and powerful are invalid.

    If we believe Beyonce (and I guess maybe we shouldn't?) she didn't sing live because she didn't have time to practice because she was practicing for the Super Bowl. She did a great job at the super bowl, but don't those priorities seem a little weird?

    People know what they're getting from a movie!
  • You are giving so much more power to millionaire Beyonce by making this an issue.
    This event was not about who was singing the national anthem. Such a tiny part of the event, yet to focus all attention on that trivializes the Presidency, politics, the government, and the country as a whole while putting celebrity on a pedestal.
    Some crazy number (like 85%) of live televised musical performances in the last 20 years (HELL, since television has been around) have been lipsynced or performed with tracks or not live in any way.
    That is the expectation!
    For me.
    And it should be for anyone.

    What if it wasn't a millionaire? What if it was some small town poor girl that was chosen to do it and they had her lip sync? Would you be outraged? Why not? Would you assume it was the small town poor girl's decision not to sing live or would you assume it was forced upon her. We wouldn't know the story and we don't know the story with Beyonce.

    I'm sorry you didn't get what you wanted from that event. But I hate to say that you weren't OWED a live performance of that song.

    You can feel however you want. Your feelings are valid to your own journey, but I argue that they are counter-intuitive and actually work to further things you say you are disgusted by (money, power)
  • Also by NON STORY, I mean that it is NOT NEWS. You can care as much or as little about it as you want, but it shouldn't be the lead story on CNN.
  • edited February 2013
    Rjyan Kidwell:
    The idea that lip-syncing represents a deception is in NO WAY invalidated by the fact that “everyone” does it (once again, that’s “every professional, major-label-backed recording artist who wants to shill for the oligarchy at their theatrical demonstrations of how important & awe-inspiring they are.”) The idea that “everyone knows” (that everyone being, I assume, every modern, savvy citizen of the Web 2.0 or whatever fucking .0 we’re on now) that you can’t actually sing live at these events because it might sound imperfect is actually a concept worth unpacking, not dismissing with a condescending smirk.
    (I'm not disgusted by money or power, but by people with money and power lying to people who have neither.)
  • I kinda think there should be a law that singing the nations anthem at the inauguration should be live. Boat shoes is ignoring context of the event. Not sure what inauguration singers in the past have done.
  • I don't understand that quote.

    I'm not smirking.

    I'm being sincere.

    How many independent artist concerts have you been to in the last 10 years or so where backing tracks have been used?

    I really don't understand how lip syncing has anything to do with power.

  • Electronic musicians are lying to all of us because they are not performing their compositions live.
  • Cool! The likes on the posts tell me that I'm wrong.

    UHX is like reddit now!

  • Don't dox me bro
  • The point of the quote is that just because "everyone" (obvs not really "everyone" since James Taylor & Kelly Clarkson were all capable of singing live) is doing it doesn't mean there isn't something fundamentally deceptive about the practice, or that it's not worth getting worked up over. The practice exists to make us believe our pop heroes embody superhuman "perfection"--preserving mythic ideas about the essential goodness and rightness of existing hegemonic structures. That is where power comes in. If "everyone" is doing it, that is a reason to apply MORE thoughtful scrutiny, not less! Think about the symbolism.

    (Of course I do know smirking is not in your nature, BoatShoes. Rjyan is reacting a little more to music journos whose attitude towards disappointed middle american housewives or whoever was more than a little mean.)

    I think LT is right that the context of the event heightens the symbolic importance of the gesture.

    I agree that it shouldn't be the lead story on CNN, but it should be as prominent as any other story on pop music. (Or the current lead story, which is an opinion piece arguing that Richard III, whose skeleton was just found, stole the crown and should be regarded as a criminal!)

  • Is it always WRONG to lip sync?
    Is it morally wrong?
    Should there be laws against it?

    Why should pop music be "honest"?
    So much of art has nothing today with representation reality or being honest.

    I don't understand why it's different than movie making? Movies consistently portray fake realities. Things that remind of us the real world and are supposed to look real but under the surface are wildly different.
  • Yeah, I don't know why you would expect pop music to be honest. It's commercialism. The friendly staff at Disneyland do not actually like you, you know?
  • The national anthem is not "pop music".

    You should be honest when singing the national anthem at the inauguration or you shouldn't do it.
  • Then don't ask pop stars to do it.
    Only bring in church choirs.
  • The nation is a corporation.
  • "We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union ... do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

    The people of "the United States" established a company named "the United States of America."
  • edited February 2013
    There are many things that make sense in one context but not another.

    You could wear horrific zombie makeup in a zombie movie. But if you wore horrific zombie makeup at the inauguration, that would be foolish!

    An actor might use a goofy cockney accent if he was playing a chimney sweep in a production of Mary Poppins. But if he used that accent while giving a eulogy, that would make people angry!
  • Zombies are very popular these days! Experts are predicting that by 2016 78% of all media will be zombie based so zombie inauguration is not that far fetched!
  • Yeah, and maybe if we took ourselves less seriously we would stop dropping bombs on each other for dumb reasons?
  • Or maybe if we didn't tolerate lying by the wealthy and powerful, it'd be harder to do stuff like lie about the reasons for going to war?
  • Kdawg, you are great at staying "on message." You should be a DC lobbyist!
  • But in both cases the lies are fairly obvious. It doesn't seem like the problem is the lying. It seems like the problem is the people not realizing they're being lied to? I'm never like "There's no chance this famous singer is lip syncing." and I'm never like "I'm sure these leaders are being 100% transparent about why this war is such a great idea."
  • edited February 2013
    We live in a post-SNL world where major performances are presentations and not expected to be live.

    As a person who is largely ignorant about music (and the industry) I think I speak for the majority of Americans when I say that we don't find lip-syncing the national anthem to be a moral issue.

    To add some context that lends credibility to my assumption when I was on the funeral detail* in the Army and we would go and fire our rifles during the playing of Taps it was often the case that the bugle player was either prepping for a performance with the Army band or on a trip with the army band and we'd just use a boombox. There was no difference in the emotional reaction to the playing of Taps and gunfire if it was a live bugler or a boombox.

    *Saw my first dead body at a weird under-attended funeral.
  • acceptance of lying as standard practice--> decline of public trust in public institutions --> dysfunctional government --> substantive reform becomes impossible.

    OTOH Halo is a great song!
  • edited February 2013
    I wish the zombie craze would merge with street protests in creative ways. Like, Occupy Wall Street meets Thriller Zombie Dance Flash Mob? With Beyonce Singing?

  • Also, Mike, the story about the boombox is crushingly sad!
  • @kdawg We didn't shoot real bullets during the 21 gun salute.

    They were blanks. I guess I was part of the lie.
  • I don't think even if substantive reform happened I would trust public institutions. I don't trust any institution. I don't believe that we should wipe out government, Libertarian style, but I do think it's highly unlikely humans will ever get their shit together enough that I wouldn't view every institution with a high degree of skepticism.
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