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  • blessings freddy! you can do it!
  • I've always wanted to be a consultant.
  • Well, Flossy, if you become a consultant, I can't recommend being the kind who has to fly all over the damn place for work. It's exhausting and weighs on my ecological conscience.
  • Coming back home now. It was profoundly depressing to see how full the freeways were at 5 am. Where are all those people going?!
  • Driving 2 hours to work! LA freeways are some of the most depressing things in the world. I like the neighborhoods though, generally.
  • The freeways in LA are easily without question the worst I have ever felt in my life, existentially. Total actual example of almost everything wrong and horrifying about modern life. Oppressive, unavoidable, living metaphor, dude next to you in a Hummer

    also one time I saw an ancient Mexican lady trying to cross Fairfax with her walker and as soon as the light changed and she wasn't out of the street yet a young fancy blonde woman in a Porsche SUV just leaned on the horn and didn't let go until the old lady had limped as fast as she could up onto the curb and then the SUV ROARED past like "FUCK YOU" and basically if I'd had a gun at that moment I would be in prison now
  • great tacos though, also the co-op on Broadway is without question the greatest co-op in the world and I miss it every day
  • my important trip today!
    and guess what, my flight is THE ONLY DELAYED FLIGHT at the portland airport.

    Don't know what will happen next on this great day!

  • update: now all set for a 5 hour layover in Dallas. Fingers crossed nothing else goes wrong!

    Dallas, huh, maybe I should go visit the hospital where I was born, and the book depository from which Lee Harvey Oswald murdered the president
  • Oh no!! Fingers crossed for you, YT!
  • Eek. I don't really know about this trip but I have a feeling it has something to do with your career - GOOD LUCK! Tell those pilots to FLY.

    But ma'am this flight doesn't land until 11:30

  • YT, from your instagram pics it looks like YOU MADE IT!

    You know what's REALLY gonna suck? When I fly to Denver tomorrow at the crack of dawn to meet my beloved for a valentine's weekend / CU Boulder Job Interview and then his flight gets cancelled because of all this crazy snowy weather and then I'll just be sitting in the Denver airport for three days all by myself.

    Pilots, please don't let this happen!
  • NO, don't say it! It won't happen!!!

    I pray for you and your valentine and the job interview!!!!!
  • !!! What a nightmare scenario!! My people in Denver will take care of you if you get stuck there but I'm hoping you won't!!
  • I made it! Matt did not. :(

    At first we thought I really was going to be kicking it by myself all weekend, but now it looks like he's going to make it in tonight.

    I have a day to explore Denver solo. What should I do??
  • Go on a legal weed bender! Try all the strains.
  • Go to the Botanical Gardens! Then check out the Denver Mint and see some pennies get made! Eat at City oh City or Karma Cafe! Get a drink at the Cruise Room! Check out the Tattered Cover book store- either location! I wish I could show you around!
  • Get smoked out at Botanical Gardens, the chillest new weed cafe!
  • Update! I am still in CO, at a hotel in Boulder. Matt was indeed delayed 10 hours getting here, but he finally made it and I had a lovely solo day in Denver - went to Museum of Natural History (or "Nature and Science") and saw some dioramas that blew my mind. Walked around city park. Had hot cocoa in Tattered Cover. Explored the botanical gardens (sans weed). Then Matt got to town and we had Valentine's dinner at Casa Bonita. Mind blown again.

    Everyone send him good vibes for his big interview tomorrow! Sorry to have usurped the airport thread. Peace out.
    You can do it!
    Be confident and cool!
    You've got this son
  • I am in Atlanta! Got picked up by James S and have been perusing cool places via Prius. #ATL
  • omg I thought Casa Bonita was just a thing South Park made up.
  • Glad you had a good Denver day! Good luck, Matt!
  • MZ we have talked about Casa Bonita so many times on uhx I feel like!
    I grew up going there
    you put a little flag up when you're ready for sopapillas!

    there is also an indoor water park in Denver, what is it called Matt??

    I associate the two because on our 8th grade trip to Denver to see the famous mummy we went to both places and it was basically the best weekend ever

    which mummy was that??

    god I'm losing all my memories

  • Losing my memories too, I guess, if we already talked about it :)
  • It was King Tut! And the indoor water slide place is gone now but it was the best pace ever in its day- Celebrity Sports Center. Had an arcade and bowling alley up in there too. And bumper cars I think.

    This is so true. I told Matt on our way out - I feel like Casa Bonita is a little like the Grand Canyon. People can try to describe it to you and tell you how amazing it is, but you really just have no idea until you're THERE. Matt's been talking this place up since we first started dating and I was kind of expecting it to not live up to the hype. I was wrong. It was so much better than I imagined. I think Matt and I feel a shared childhood bond in that Casa Bonita was his childhood magical place and Enchanted Forest was my childhood magical place and they are similar in so many important ways.
  • was it really king tut?? I thought it was like King Ra or something.
    Tut is so old-school!!!!

    Celebrity Sports, THANK YOU! Tip of my tongue!

    One time when I was there we were riding the bumper cars and there was no line, so every time the ride stopped the kid running it would just press the button and we'd go again, and he'd jump in a car too. We went like 4 times. It was the best day of my life
  • It was definitely Tut if you're thinking like, 1991 Natural History Museum. I remember it was a BIG deal in Denver.
  • i am just now reading this thread!

    thanks for the good luck vibes, and for guiding my sweetie through the rough streets of Denver while I was wrestling with US Airways customer service representatives.

    Celebrity Sports Center is gone? My only real memory of that place was a bunch of mean boys spitting on me while I waited in line for the slide, so I guess I'm not really sad about its demise, but still...

    and yes, KING TUT 1991 (actually it was RAMESSES, that I think coincided with a big museum expansion. it's all coming back to me.)
  • RAMSES!!!! That's the one I'm thinking of!!!!!!!!!!!
  • WE WERE ALL THERE!!!!!!!!!
  • edited February 2014
    and it looks like we weren't the only ones there!!!!!!!!!!

  • I had a great time in Atlanta and this happened outside the bar I was at:
  • Airport thread post excitement tempered by missing the wedding of our Uncleboats. Have a cool party!
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