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Need a Place to Live? (June 1st)

edited April 2013
Friends! My special lady will have a room open in her house on June 1st. Her name is Maya and she's great. It's just her that lives there. Here's what she wrote:

Lovely historic duplex near Lloyd center. You get the big room, which means you get the closet! Lucky you! You also get high ceilings, a tall window and pretty light in your room. What the house lacks in closets, it makes up for in a cute kitchen, wood floors, lovely light, a tiny backyard with an apple tree, and access to so much public transportation. Washer and dryer in the huge basement, landlord tended lawn, art on the walls, books on the shelves.
Room open June 1st.
I am a busy lady (I work full time) and enjoy sewing and drawing projects (I hope you like quilts!). I like cooking, having a beer on the porch and funny jokes. I am looking for a roommate to share this home with as my sister/roommate is moving to be closer to her school. Do you have a good sense of humor, get along well with others, enjoy fun, and wash your dishes? COOL, lets chat.
Rent is 435.00, and usually roughly 100.00 in utilities, (less in the Summer, possibly more in Winter if you like to crank it).
Sorry, no pets (I like them, but the landlord does not).

email me:


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