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Parents Are Online

edited April 2013
People my mom follows on Twitter

Michelle Obama
Jessica Alba
Jennifer Hudson ‏
Alicia Keys ‏
Lady Gaga ‏
Queen Latifah ‏
Ellen DeGeneres ‏
Jennifer Lopez ‏
Tom Hanks ‏
Leonardo DiCaprio ‏
Twitter TV ‏
John Cleese ‏
Oprah Winfrey
Tom Cruise
Neil Patrick Harris ‏
Craig Ferguson
Bill Cosby ‏
Samuel L. Jackson ‏
Jim Carrey
Michael J. Fox ‏
Kevin Spacey ‏
Edward Norton ‏


  • My mom does a show on KBOO, under a fake name, and I have friends who are fans and call in. It's a bit odd.
  • edited April 2013
    Wow! What type of show?

    If my mother had a show, it would clearly be about the best stars (though to be sure there are many missing from this list)
  • It is a music / call in show, and is on late. I have to be kind of cryptic... she doesn't want her secret identity to be exposed...
  • My mom asks me questions about her AOL account on a weekly basis.
    Username: Nixma
  • NO
    Is that really her username?!
    That is heartbreaking and amazing. Parenthood encapsulated.

    My dad sends me emails like "can you email this person for me? I can't get on my email right now" and "bet I can see Lady Gaga on youtube, huh?"

  • omg my mom wrote her first tweet

    Have been waiting for "Atlas Shrugged part 2" to make it's way on the shelf. Well it's here and I can finally watch both parts tonight.
  • agh, I love her
  • oh my god she just texted me "What does URL mean?"
  • edited April 2013
    then I told her Uniform Resource Locator and she wrote back "What the hell?"

  • YT has he ever explained his thinking on emailing you to say he can't email?
  • LT, confuse your mom more by telling her there are URLs and URIs.
  • Tell her about IRL
  • My dad is on Pinterest. He still has an AOL email address.
  • This is one of my favorite threads ever. More please.
  • my mom set up a blog for my dad and her to use to document their adventures, and she did such a good job figuring stuff out and everything. Then she asked me to check it to see if I thought it all looked cool, which I did. She'd even set up those links at the top of the page, like "older entries" and "about" and stuff. I noticed one of the links was called "directions," and I was about to tell her not to put directions to their house on the internet, but when I clicked on it, it was actually "directions for how to use this blog." Meaning, like, how to leave a comment, how to read the blog, how to know which entry was new and which old, how to click on links, like "if you see a word that is a different color, it means it is a link and you can click on it." I roared and roared with laughter and she was like "WHAT? My friends don't know how to use a BLOG"
  • Good stuff, YT! I love their blog.
  • oh another time my dad asked me to explain what a "podcast" was, and I did. This got us talking about iPods--he wanted to know how people listen to podcasts. I kept telling him you can listen to them on your computer, or you can put them on an iPod (basically). He said "if I want to listen to a podcast while I'm walking around, do I have to have an iPod?" I said "yes" and he said "but we have this, can't I put it on this?" and held up my Sony walkman from high school. I laughed and laughed and he was so surprised and crestfallen.

    I feel like most of the time I ABSOLUTELY understand what the root of the confusion is. It's like a fundamental lack of understanding about different format concepts and all that. Furthermore, they come from the time before planned obsolescence, you know, why CAN'T you put stuff on a Sony walkman??? etc. And I know I'm going to be that way eventually--and am that way about a lot of things even now. I asked Steve literally the dumbest questions. So my laughter at my parents' expense is very loving.

    Except for "can you email these people for me? I can't get on my email right now." I don't understand that one.
  • some of those college humor ones are so funny

    My mother FREQUENTLY describes checking her emails as "googling my Internet"
  • my mom calls everything "the DVD." She calls DVDs "DVDs" but she also calls the DVD player "the DVD." It took me forever to figure this out, during many insane phone conversations featuring my mom being furious because the DVD was broken. "What do you mean? Do you mean it's scratched?" etc. Finally realizing she means the DVD PLAYER is broken, and that by "broken" she means "won't play scratched DVDs."
  • omg!

    "I'm so dissatisfied with what ur turning out to be"

  • I just started to use this gmail. How does one know when goggle sends mail to me? On my other email, I got a notifier, a barking dog. Does goggle have sound when I have mail on here?
    I am still going to use my other account, as soon as Incredimail fixes it.

  • I was thinking about this thread when I had lunchers with my moms on Monday (double dragon - she had never heard of Bánh mì). I take for granted how plugged in she is. We can talk about the interesting business plans of Podcast Empires like Max Fun and she totally gets it. Right now she is trying to figure out monetizing her radio show outside of the 'Boo. Maybe that means I will be plugged in and ok!*

    *JK - I will be old when Global Warming hits the fan and I will be robbing pharmacies for asthma inhalers.
  • arijkem REALLY?????
  • Poor grams. How will she know when goggle sends her mail without the dog bark? I wish I could remote into her PC to show her how to do things; she lives in a mining town outside Yosemite and the computer is her only tool for keeping up with the world.
  • ooh what town does she live in?
    (I used to live down the Tioga Pass from the eastern gate to Yosemite, outside of Lee Vining)
  • edited May 2013
    She's on the West side of the park. Greeley Hill, off 120 via Smith Station. Near Coulterville.

    I don't know the East side well... that park is so big!
  • edited May 2013

  • that's amazing
  • I ruined a couple of phones before I figured out that squeezing them really hard doesn't do anything
  • I get happy every time I see a new post on this thread. Keep up the good work!
  • Whenever my mom post birthday messages to people on Facebook she signs them "Love Mira." She also used to sign her texts "Love Mom" but she doesn't do that anymore.
  • edited May 2013
    Did I tell you my dad when he first started texting decided that normal text abbreviating just meant dropping all vowels? And thus one time I received this text from him, apropos of nothing:

    "Grt sng, evrbdy hrts. Who?"

  • rm
  • My mom does that, signs her texts love mom, also gchat.
  • On the show Pretty Little Liars, everyone signs their texts.
  • @Abe's Mama should get a prize for being 'Boo-ish. (Maybe in a different thread.)
  • Mother called three times insisting that I watch Amanda Palmer's TED talk, "Because it would be a great help to you."

    Also, she is very concerned that Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azakaban (our current bedtime read) is too dark for J-Dawg. I just looked at a lot of comments on various parent-y sites (I haven't pre-read this HP) and I'm gonna ignore Mom and let J-Dawg's future psychiatrist straighten out any damage from my poor judgement.
  • I watched Psycho when I was 8, and read almost nothing but Stephen King, which, if you think Harry Potter is dark, gimme a break
    ain't done me no harm
  • edited May 2013
    I know. I should have said, but Mom, what about that time you took us to Vortex and ate peyote for three days?

    I'm slow on the uptake.
  • Can I use this thread to copy/paste the special e-mails from my mother, who works for the oil industry?
  • Yes please
  • Just got the following no subject e-mail from my mom:

    "Holy shit...what the fuck is a portal??"
  • ha hah a
    my dad just joined facebook and posted something. when one of his friends responded, he said "what??" and then she clarified her comment, and he said "what are you referring to?" and she said "your status update" and he said "Are u tweeting?" and then he said "oh, my post from a couple days ago."
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