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Home Ownership

edited April 2013
Now even I'm considering this weird thing. Feels crazy/way-too-grown-up, but probably the right thing to do because I want to stay in Portland and interest rates are still low.

If y'all hear of any cool deals, let me know! My area of interest includes:


  • Not to put pressure on you, Alex (because seriously - you should go at your own pace with this stuff and do everything when you feel ready) but FYI:

    I got my home (closed last week) at 3.75% interest rate. As such, it cost $55k less than it would have cost (monthly payment-wise) if rates were at 5%. $55k is a lot!

    But, according to this, rates are gonna rise slowly. 4.6% forecasted for end of 2014.
  • A ton depends on the market, too. As recently as December 2012, my friend bought a house for 380k (he's a software entrepreneur). By February 2013, because of how things were working in the Portland market, my realtor told me his house would be worth at least $30k MORE (and I think she was being conservative). In 1.5 months.

    It's all so weird.
  • Flossy, we should have drinks and talk shop. Ian and I would probably be ready to buy next summer (2014) but hearing about your process and just now your tips for A**x makes me think that by then we'll have to pay one million dollars for a house! School teachers do not have one million dollars!! I need you to tell me what to do.
  • I am in the same boat... I have a good chunk saved for a down payment, but with a new business things are risky. I feel like if I wait a year I will be screwed...
  • Homeowners club! For homeowners and would-be homeowners! I will be president of the club and invite guest speakers (realtor friends) to come tell you what to do!

    Wanda and abe - just shoot me an email. I'd be happy to have drinks with you. Alex called me last night to talk shop and I don't know how helpful I was, but I tried! Please note: my knowledge of the whole "loan" process is slim-to-none. That part of the deal was a mystery to me, and I think I could have done a lot better in terms of "shopping" for a different lender or a better deal or whatever. But I could share some things other people told me after I'd already gone through with the loan process!

  • @flossy_logs I am abelovesfun at the hemails.. I don't think I have your email. Or maybe I do but I can never keep track of who is who on this jam : )
  • abe! I don't know who you are, either! But I will send you an email and we'll figure it out. :)
  • owning a house is weird.

    this week we are calling an exterminator because our damn cat is a slacker.
  • Do not recommend: moving into a new house on your own while trying to take care of a big doofy dog. Just saying. I want to wring his poop-covered neck today.
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    I got this email from redfin today:

    Before you buy a home...
    Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or you just want to boost your buying knowledge, we’d love to see you at our free Home Buying Class.
    Join Redfin Agent and local expert Brigitte Jones to learn about the home-buying process in a friendly, laid-back environment. Bring your questions, and your appetite — food and drinks are on us!
    We’ll Cover:
    • Local home prices & market conditions
    • The best tools for your home search
    • Pre-approval & financing options
    Class Details:
    Thursday, May 9 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    Heathman Lodge
    7801 NE Greenwood Drive
    Vancouver, WA 98662
    Food and drinks will be provided.

    Update: you can register here -
  • Also: I have invited a local trusted real estate agent to attend our first homeowners club meeting (date/time still TBD). She's the mom of a good friend, and she will probably be able to answer the questions I can't. I'll keep you posted.

    Would it be helpful for me to invite my broker dude? I have no idea if he would come, but he's the one to ask about all the financial/loan stuff...
  • Wow, this is awesome. Thanks, flossy!

    I think I'm gonna show up at that Redfin thing. Do I need to RSVP?

    I got pre-approval through a recommended mortgage broker but I'm also applying for a loan through First Tech...need to figure out which is going to be the better option.
  • UPDATE: The real estate agent is totally game! AND, if we have enough folks, she will bring along the mortgage broker she works with.

    We're thinking an evening next week. I know abe (and myself) are available Wednesday evening. Would that work for others? Let me know!
  • Wednesday works for me! Thanks for organizing this, Flossy!
  • Me too. Amazing. Thanks!
  • Does 6pm on Wednesday work for people? It's on the early side, but that's what works best for my realtor consultant.
  • Works for me too!
  • Great!

    Just read this: 1 in 4 houses in Portland (or Oregon?) have radon. Just FYI!
  • Oh my god... I should have my little hut tested, because it has a slab floor.
  • The house next door got tested. I wonder what the results were.

    I might come to this meeting out of curiosity.
  • I think we want to come, can we come?
  • YT and MZ - by all means, please come! The more the merrier! My friend's realtor-mom has even offered to host us in her cool office space in SE and bring wine! More details coming soon but save the date.
  • Don't worry, L_T- we're radon-free!

    Ian is coming with me too. It's gonna be a p-a-r-t-y!
  • I have STD (Saved The Date).
  • Which would you guys prefer: meet at a bar (I'm thinking Sauvage, on SE 6th, since it's close to realtor's office) OR meet at Realtor's office on SE 6th and Main (it's kind of a cool space). If the latter, we will be in charge of drinks.

    This doesn't matter at all, but I cannot make decisions.
  • Maybe the bar so we can order snacks?
  • Ok, bar it is.


    SO CUTE!
  • Oh, and another friend from work is probably going to come and she has a cute house she is thinking of SELLING. Perfect opportunity to get in on something before it gets listed!
  • That house IS so cute!! I've been looking at Cully houses a bit because of the bigger lot sizes but Cully is FAR! How do you find a house with a big lot that's not a billion dollars and out in the boonies? I don't think you can.
  • It's pretty hard. How do you define "big lot"?

    Hey, this one's cute, too, and it has a cottage in the back!
  • I was in Beaumont the other day and I don't think I've ever been there before in my life, and it was SO CUTE. Totally old-school. I kept calling it "vintage" which Gary said was dumb but I think it is a good word. Seems like such a nice little neighborhood, but seriously, SO FAR AWAY!!!!!!! I guess that's why it's still so cute and vintage


  • Wait, what? Beaumont is far? I mean, maybe the eastern most part of it... If we're talking about the same beamont (from, like, 33rd to 47th, between Alberta and Knott) we have very different definitions of "far"!!

    I mean, I'll admit, I really wanted something west of 20th on the east side. But 33rd - 47th is still relatively close-in, right?
  • Cully is kind of far, esp. if you're a biker. However, if you're a driver, you can just hop onto Lombard, zip to I-5 and be anywhere pretty quickly.

    (I'm worried I will get the wrath of Jessica for even mentioning driving as a viable option!)
  • y'all are killin me with these houses
  • edited May 2013
    The one on SE 23rd is owned by my quondam personal trainer, James Dubberly, and his wife Tammie. They put a lot of work into fixing it up!

    n/m it's their neighbors'
  • I'm a distant cousin of UH though some know me in real life. As a homeowner, as 3D person and because I'm cheap I have figured out house stuff by necessity which I'm glad to pass on free. Stuff - how to do a home inspection, and after you own it, plumbing, electrical, native plants/landscaping, sprinklers, concrete pavers, concrete contractors, drainage, retaining walls, surveyors, getting wires through walls, sustainable wood, energy efficiency, appliance deals, carpet deals, lighting, wood finishing, permitting strategy and city records.
  • I would not be wrathful, but I would be sad to think of someone having no other good options than driving. That just doesn't seem like a way to live.
  • Don't forget! We are meeting at Sauvage tomorrow (wednesday) at 6pm! Realtor lady is being real nice to meet with us, so I'm hoping you all show up!
  • Ian and I will be there too!
  • we come!
  • I'm in.
  • YES! This will be fun. You will also get to meet my friend/colleague, Alex (female), who loves real estate almost as much as I do.

  • I love that your house lust is insatiable, even when you finally got one :)

    Owning a house was never really on my list of things I wanted to do, but seeing all these beautiful houses and thinking about how lame the rental market is here now, it kind of feels like I will have to do it at some point if I want to live somewhere decent.
  • edited May 2013
    I have been looking at houses since 2004. I will continue to look until I die, most likely. It helps when I have friends who might actually buy one of the ones I find. It's dangerous now, though, because occasionally I see one and think, "Doh! Shoulda bought that one!" But it only lasts a second and then I'm happy with my cute little yellow house again.
  • Just realized I never posted a picture for y'all! Here's one:


    Note: truck is not mine, man is mine.
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