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Coffee and Food Tour

edited March 2012
A friend of Evan George is coming into town this weekend and I'm trying to help guide him and his friend through the Coffee and Food world. And I feel like I could use some help.

Coffee stops (based on our coffee thread):
1. Coava
2. Heart
3. Courier

Food Stops:
1. Pok Pok (on their list already)
2. ???

I dunno, what are the 'essentials' to get an overview? I feel like I'm overly biased by my favorites like Tasty N' Sons.

Also, their plan is to explore by bike. Recommendations on a bike rental place? (Is this a good weekend for that?)


  • I have a spare bike, but the tires might need to get pumped up.
  • Do they eat meat
  • Montage, RonToms, Dutch Bros
    Classic, delicious, and classy

    Dots, I don't know

    Shouldn't they go to the original Stumptown just for tourism's sake?

    Papa Haydn (just kidding)
  • Navarre is a good call. Some of those others do not seem serious.
  • Pizza: Dove Vivi, Oven + Shaker, Lovely 50-50, Sizzle Pie
    Breakfast: Tasty 'N Suns, Cricket, Meat Cheese Bread Breakfast Burrito, Juniors
    Burgers N Shit: Killer Burger, Little Big Burger, Slow Bar, Observatory
    Other hotspots: Beast, Ned Ludd, Grain & Gristle, "Jake's Famous Crawfish"
    Japanese/Chinese: Biwa, Miho, Lucky Strike
    Sandwiches: Bunk, Brass Tacks, East Side
  • Still a fan of Flavour Spot
  • Flavour Spot!!
    also all (most) of Alex's. Dove Vivi!

    You guys I feel like I am the only person who doesn't love Little Big Burger! Can we discuss? The veggie burger is only okay, and the truffle fries actively gross me out. They're too intense! And I don't like the homemade ketchup. Everyone now knows that Heinz ketchup is the perfect food and literally can't be improved upon (Malcolm Gladwell article on ketchup).

    I also find the all-disposable serving method gross, and it's always freezing in there.

  • I really love that LBB veggie burger. Perfect mix of crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. With that bleu cheese! You can get 2! I also really love the truffle fries, and the fry sauce which is mayonnaise mixed with ketchup.

    Also, all of the packaging is compostable. There are no trash cans in LBB - only COMPOST cans. So there's that.
  • edited March 2012
    dude you guys:
    this place rules
    all you can eat make your own soup. veggie or meaty. spicy or not as. your own personal boiling cauldron of soup to cook stuff in
    funny staff
    weird SW psu/business park minimall vibes
    pretty rad
  • I really like the veggie burger there, but I find it's more money than Iwant to spend on a tin bit of food that is probably killing me. There are always better options nearby. Perhaps it's better for the meaters?
  • Gruners, Clyde Common, and Kask are also my favorites.
  • I always enjoy breakfast at J&M
  • Also, that ketchup with sriracha is indeed killah.
  • Hot Pot City is so crunk and weird and awesome. I used to skate in Lovejoy Park near there all the time in high school and go to the Plaid Pantry to get Snickers bars and an old guy used to throw water balloons at us from his apartment in the condo towers.
  • Tasty, Podnah's, Olympic Provisions, Apizza Scholls (haven't been there in years but it is/was so good), Kenny & Zuke's, Lincoln/Sunshine Tavern, Ned Ludd.

    Winter Farmer's Market.
  • a cupping at the Stumptown Annex is a pretty cool experience for out of town serious coffee people. I also think the 5-total-blocks of food carts around SW 10th and Alder is impressive. both sort of hit home the whole "we take coffee/food carts very very seriously in Portland" thing.

    how about Gravey's for breakfast?

    happy hour oysters and Dan and Louis?

    the Slow Fast Food place in Director's Square?

    Queen of Sheeba!
  • Again, guys, Violetta's in Director Park is closed.

    Steve's Cheese Bar for cheese.
  • that's sad they closed, they had a good turkey pot pie. which reminds me:
  • Lots of good places mentioned. Another good place for breakfast is Broder. If you want some really satisfying food: Country Cat. If you guys haven't been to Country Cat yet, it's SO GOOD.
  • where is Country Cat? I like that name!
  • He's staying up on the 28th and Overton in NW.

    Isn't there an Olympic Provisions in NW now?
  • Yes there is.
    1632 NW Thurman

    Had a nice lunch there once.

    Nedd Ludd is great for brunch or dinner!
    I second Broder.
  • (i miss this man)
  • I'm here with you(digitally).
  • ST. JACK, doggies. This place is my JAM. Happy hour!
  • Country Cat is around SE Stark and 77th area... pretty close to the Academy Theater. 2 lazy 2 google (i am).
  • Nedd Ludd is a good rec because for some reason it never seems too busy there even though it's great food.
  • Oh yeah! And of course Mi Mero Mole!
  • I went to Hot Pot City last weekend. Awesome 4 veget... lunch comes with soda fountain!

    When we went in they joked "No more, go away"
  • I think the mt bike place on Thurman rents. They can completely bike it. Many good suggestions. Anyone can bike the Springwater trail to eats in Sellwood and the 82nd food pod, even from NW on non heavy auto routes. Get em the Portland bike map.
  • Buncha places rent. Portland Bike tours ( might be a good option, since they're centrally located.

    Oh, it turns out there's a big list of places to rent from on a City of Portland page:
  • edited March 2012
    Order bike maps for free from the City!

    Also key:
    - PDX public art app
    - I have heard good things about this bike map app, but it's iPhone only so I haven't tried it myself.
    - If using transit, get an app. I believe PDX Bus is the preferred app for iPhone, and I like Portland Transit for Android.
    - Do the 4 T Trail!!!
  • I'm so obsessed with Hot Pot City you guys. I love the food! I love the weird fish balls. I love the smart-ass/sweet owner. He's got some good jokes. Get the petrified duck egg!

    Have you all tried Beijing Hot Pot on 82nd? Similar vibe/style -- different execution.
  • also they rotated the stuff... so you get to put different stuff while you are there
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