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dReAmS thReaD

edited November 2010
i dunno know if one of these has already been started, i remember one from the old uhx. but i thought i'd start a new one.

last night i dreamt it was my birthday and I was skateboarding and looking at my friend. I thought to myself, 'this is going to be one of those nice memories, later on"


  • Last night I had a vivid dream. My brother bought a house on the river in southeast Portland. I knew it was SE because I could see the I-5 brigde and from that angle it was twisted at a crazy angle. The new house had so many weird rooms and the room I was in was built into the river so the water lapped up on the glass and the bed was right up to the window.
  • I want to wake up in that water room!

    I, too, had crazy vivid dreams last night. I was in my parent's (my childhood) house and there was an old rickety wire shelf thing just brimming with little trinkets from my childhood. My high school boyfriend and I were trying to move it without the whole thing crumbling/breaking/falling down.
  • New dream experience for me: A shuttle bus driver was being a jerk to me, so I looked up at his name tag hanging off the rearview mirror. It said his name was "Naqiq Bab," which had to be wrong, because he was a white dude with a mohawk.

    The weird part was that after reading his name, everything he said was text. Like I switched from the normal "movie" mode of experiencing a dream into "book" mode.
  • I recorded two parent orca whales rescuing their child orca whale on my photo booth.
  • edited December 2010
    Last night I had a dream I was playing baseball in my church summer league that I played in when I was a kid. I went to bat and I swung at the first pitch and totally wiffed, but then the second pitch I creamed and was about to run when the sand by the plate turned to quicksand and I sunk in and freaked out and woke up.
  • I had a dream I crashed my car and impact caused my new MacBook Air to shatter!!! I felt terrible about losing my computer.
  • I just had a dream that I was walking around at 8:30 at night in the middle of December in nothing heavier than a sweater and I was totally comfortable. It was so vivid.
  • I had a dream about Mike last night! Right before I woke up. There was a nice little elephant behind him and some chirping birds -- like out of a children's book illustration. Mike said... Oh DAMN I forgot! I know it will come to me. It was something about how to be tricky so you won't get caught lying. This was related to earlier in the dream when Matt trashed a lighthouse and then tried to pretend like the cops "had the wrong matt."
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